The booths were open plan with of room for all those working the show to lean on the fence as it were and have a natter with their companions.

outside the main doors. By the time I had. managed to get outside there was about an hour and half before the doors were due to open but an orderly queue had already started to form. I took this to be a good sign for the two days ahead.

One of the things I like the most about the Manchester Show is that the organisers manage to attract artists that may not, for one reason or another, attend other tattoo conventions in this country. Looking down the extensive list of artists I noticed a few familiar faces like Joe Myler from Ireland, Sista Sammy, from Fallen Angel, Steve Potton, Mick Tomo, Rob Ratcliffe, Saz and Paul Saunders and others but there were names that I'd not heard of like the guys from Prague Ink, Inner Sin in Germany, Simply Tattoo, Finland and very healthy selection of Greece's finest like Sake, Akis and a large contingent from Tattooligans, again from Greece. I was really looking forward to

The booths were


meeting and seeing some work from these guys and they did not disappoint that's for sure.

As the time ticked on to eleven o'clock, the doors opened and the steady stream of punters entered the Centre then spread out into the vast tattooing area. If you read my write-up last year you may remember that the artists booths were a little claustrophobic. Not in size but in the fact, that the sides of each booth had full height panels, thus cutting the working artists off slightly from their neighbours.

Wot this year, the booths were open plan with plenty of room for all those working tire show to lean on the fence as it were and have a natter with their companions. I spoke to many who were working who said that the layout was vastly improved, giving the show a much more personable feel.

in the centre of the erm, Centre, there were four booths which housed the traditional artists like Lawrence Ah Clung from Samoa, Musahi from Japan, the ever smiling Mr Nu from Thailand and in tire I«\fe-134

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