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BI'' ^ . , fourth, booth was the one and. only but also ever smiling, Dan Gold. Ok Dan isn't a traditional tattooist but he draws quite a crowd at tattoo shows these days so to avoid a bottle neck in the aisles, he was given a plinth of his own to work from.

Within minutes of the first public walking through the doors, the tattoo machines started their merry song and that noise pretty much set, the tone tor the rest of the weekend. I find it really odd that a sound that anyone who has been tattooed, will associate that noise with pain of varying degrees, yet it seems so comforting at the same time. I dare say there is a Freudian explanation to this feeling but I do like the sound of a coil tattoo machine humming away; it's kind comforting and homely in a strange way.

As I wandered about the booths, pretty much all of the attending artists were either heads down, working or waiting for their clients to arrive and I started to see some really nice tattoos taking shape. As I mentioned earlier, the Manchester organisers had brought over some incredibly talented Greek artists. Sake and Akis are gaining quite a reputation in the UK for their delicious colour realism work, but I'd not seen any tattoo work from the Tattooligans until this weekend and boy, did they have some work to see. Each time I shot a tattoo that literally made my jaw drop, it was by either Dimitis or George Mavridis from Tattooligans. Cast your eye over their work in this show report to see for yourself. George quite rightly, took best of Saturday for one of his creations. Talking of winners, another chap that caught my eye was a very humble Scott Mu staple from Ink Vs Steel in Leeds with an incredible old school deer's head and antler tattoo along the ribs of a very sore client. Scott picked up best old school tattoo award in recognition of his fine tattooing skills.

The competitions seemed a little quiet with not too many people entering but the quality of work on stage more than made up for the numbers and the camera relayed the images on big screens, giving those a O

[Kau«lEH 13

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