Was Dorn In Lithuania But Relocated To London About S Years Ago When I Decided To Follow My Girlfriend Here

My training and interest in bodybuilding started when I was about nine and has basically continued ever since. I was 16 when I first won the Lithuanian Body Building championsliip and have won it numerous times since. I have also won the European Championship, came third in the World Championship a few years ago and won the UK title in 2009,

I got my first tattoo at the tender age of sixteen but it has since been covered as a fortune teller told me that the symbolism was evil and would bring me bad luck, I've had two other tattoos in the last couple of years; both of these have been done by Candice. Ilove tattoos and think that they can really enhance the body when they are well designed and placed appropriately. 1 do like to look different, maybe that's why I have worked so hard on my body and I think that tattoos help in creating a unique and individual appearance. I am seriously considering getting some facial tattoos as I really do love them, but 1 have to think very seriously before doing so.

Aside from bodybuilding and tattoos, I'm interested in cars and am currently involved in selling them both here and abroad. I also work as a personal trainer and my ambition is to become a millionaire in the not too distant future! "fa

There have been so many highlights in my modelling career and Ugly's certainly looked after me over the years.

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