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This documentary explores the sociological (and sometimes psychological) reasoning behind society's seemingly newfound fascination with permanent body art. At first glance, this production appears to represent tattooing as a dark, alternative subculture thai, more often than not, is associated with pain, torture, and other acts of mutilation. This appears to be a product of the presenter's own misconceptions about the tattooing community. At her lirst convention, she Is afraid to wear her 'normal, conservative' attire. Instead opting for a slightly more 'gothic' appearance, for fear that she will stand out.

However, as the documentary goes on, these preconceptions are eroded by the people and stories she encounters; such as a breast cancer survivor Meg Gaffney's quest for 'artistic' nipples, and John's 'Puff the magic dragon'.

Topics explored include religion, fashion and the need for individuality. Through interviews with celebrity, 'tattooees', artists, sociological professionals, and even our fair editor; Neil, this production is able to portray a balanced picture of the sociology behind tattoos. Tattoos: A scarred history is an interesting look at the reasons behind the rising popularity of tattoos in today's society, through the eyes of a self-confessed tattoo unenthusiast... con verted.

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