Step To Make Tatoos From Sketchpens

In the coverage of Tattoo freeze we inadvertently credited a photo to Adam Dutton @ Lifetime tattoo. Adam does not work al Lifetime but owns and works at Tradition 180 in Derby, My bad!

Tequila Bottles


To celebrate Tattoo Jam 2010, we've teamed up with authentic Mexican tequila HORNITOS to bring you, the tattoo community of artists, aficionados and body art enthusiasts, an exclusive competition to design a limited edition tequila bottle, plus win a whopping £3,000! Tequila is the national drink of Mexico and, a bit like the tattoo community, is surrounded by misconceptions - the most common being that tequila is the last thing you remember downing before the night becomes a blur! However, unlike many other brands, HORNITOS is a premium quality tequila that delivers the purest expression of 100% agave flavour, making it easy to enjoy, with a fresh and modern twist. Best enjoyed in a cocktail or as along mixed drink, HORNITOS delivers a super smooth taste that's bursting with character and freshness.

To be in with a chance of bringing this character to life with your very own limited edition bottle design - and bag yourself a few igrand in the making - simply follow these three short steps: ■ Visit tile drlNX HORNITOS competition page on Big ^ Tattoo Planet k ■ Register your interest and get clued up on the competition guidelines I ■ The first 150 readers to register will be sent an empty bottle of HORNITOS within five working days along with four glass-friendly tattoo sketch pens to ink your design 011 the bottle. In the meantime, get sketching!

The wiiming artist will bag a feature interview in the August issue of Skin Deep to showcase their tattoo talenLs as well as £3,000 cash to spend as they wish. The first twenty entries will also receive a complimentary bottle of delicious HORNITOS Tequila to enjoy.

The winning design will be produced as a limited edition bottle destined for some of the coolest tequila bars in the UK. as well as being showcased alongside works from the industry's leading tattoo artists as part of the HORNITOS eodiibition at tlie exclusive ARTIST IriDAY party at Tattoo Jam Good luck! J

Take a picture of both your sketch and the tattooed bottle, and upload them to the drINK HORNITOS competition page 011 along with 50 words describing the inspiration behind your design

The dosing date for tliis competition is midnight 011 Friday 30 April 2010. The first 20 readers to upload their finished entries will receive a complimentary battle of HORNITOS Tequila.

Entries will be judged by some of the world's most respected tattoo and body artists as well as j the readers of Skin Deep. To bump up your votes, / and give you the best chance of winning, we'll I post lots of useful tips on Big Tattoo Planet to help you spread the word about your entry, I

To stay up to date on the competition's N progress, make sure you read the next few issues oi Skin Deep!

joy HORMITOS responsibly


) "T^lowi gCIUsjuc

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