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How To Be a Tattoo Artist

If you have ever wanted to give the same amazing ink that you have have seen other great artists give, you will be able to learn to do it in this easy-to-understand eBook from Timothy B. Miller. This book will teach you to separate the facts about tattoos from the fiction, and give you the foundation that you need to become a renown artist. This guide comes from real experience in the tattoo industry, and has no filler and no useless material. All of this guide comes from real experience in the tattoo shop. You will learn how to get started (which can be the hardest part) and gain experience from your first few tattoos that you give. This does not have to be mysterious world for you; you can get started right way and build your tattoo business from the ground up. No prior experience is needed, in either tattooing or business! More here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

Purchasing this book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

With Tattoos Ano Tattooing And When

Tattoos Mexico

Jl After travelling around Europe at the ageof H k * Cl '1 nineteen, I got back to London and decided that PFJ fc. X' W I wanted to get a tattoo done. I subsequently J Hf' * * i visited just about every tattoo studio in Camden I Ell US ABOUT THAT AND ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE IN TERMS OE YOUR ABILITIES AS A TATTOO I SI. I suppose getting an apprenticeship V with your boyfriend is very helpful, as it enabled me to learn at home as well as at the studio. I do tliink that when you are teaching your girlfriend, you take more care in instilling every last bit of invaluable knowledge. I am very happy with my progress and where I am with my tattooing now. 1 got a bit out of practice when we ASIDE EROM TATTOOING, WHILST YOU WERE IN LONDON YOU BECAME QUITE SUCCESSFUL AS A MODEL AND WERE REPRESENTED BY THE INFAMOUS UGLY AGENCY. WHAT WERE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THAT ASPECT Of YOUR CAREER AND IS MODELLING SOMETHING YOU WILL NOW CONTINUE TO DOT Modelling will always be a part of my life as it is something I...

Important Questions to Ask Your Tattoo Artist Before Getting Tattooed

Wear latex gloves during the tattooing procedure Tattoo needles will pierce the skin approximately. 1 16 of an inch, in the dermis. THE made up of layers. As a tattooist you must be concerned with the first five epidermal skin layers. The layer designations are Epidermis, Fibrosis, Dermis, Subcutaneous Fat, and Muscle. Once the stencil is in place, the skin is continually stretched taught, while the tattooing happens. If the skin is not stretched, the needles can actually bounce off the skin, and not penetrate, or the needles can catch the skin, tearing it, either case results in a poor tattoo.

All Aspects Of Tattooing Out Of Hur Appointments Free Design On Custom Artwork

Tattoo Dualit

I've always loved the art of tattooing. People like Paul Booth are really inspirational to me. They bring the horror into tattooing, demonic images and things like that. And I've always been interested in the Occult, so that really struck a chord with me. You think how long it has been around (tattooing) and it's still a bit taboo. I started working at Eve's Tattoos in Buckinghamshire a couple of years ago and I just enjoyed the environment so much I wanted to part of that on a long term basis. But I don't think people would like my style either. My artwork is far more Impressionistic. 3

Here is an overview of some of the more popular styles of tattoos and tattooing

Black and Gray work is thought to be the true test of a tattoo artist. Shading is heavy and the illusion of a 3D form is achieved without the use of color. This style is derived from prison tattoo, but mechanically far exceeds the expectations of a crude jailhouse 6. Color is a general term covering any style of tattooing involving color. Color can be subtle or vivid depending on the client and the piece. 14. Oriental.Yakuza is a Japanese style. It is usually colorful and detailed, and contrary to European and American tattooing styles, this style uses the whole body as a motif. No sticker tattoos here, the work is planned out to cover the whole body before the work begins. Tattooing in Japan was outlawed for the working class and the Yakuza (Japanese gangsters) took tattooing in as a secret symbol. 15. Portraits are some of the finest forms of modern fineline tattooing. The artist is extremely skilled in interpreting a photo to skin art. Some results are breathtaking and found in...

The Alliance of Professional Tattooists

If you are looking for an elite and exclusive organization that has compiled a comprehensive list of the cream of the crop when it comes to tattoo artists then the publishers of this book highly recommend that you go immediately to http is the official site of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. On this site you will find the latest updated information about safety issues, Tattoo parlors, tattoo shops, piercing, body piercing, artist, artists, Flash Sets, Flash Sheets, Custom tattoos, Professional Tattooists, information about autoclaving, HIV, Hepatitis in tattooing, and more. There is also a function on the site that allows you to access the artistic talents of the t APT member that is nearest to you. APT a nonprofit educational organization that was founded in 1992 to address the health and safety issues facing the tattoo industry. Up until that time, no organized effort had been made to educate artists or standardize infection...

Chapter Choosing A Tattoo Artist Reputation is Al

Tattoo artists fall into two different categories those who have had formal training or an apprenticeship and scratchers.' The scratcher is an untrained tattooist who may be artistically gifted but rarely bothers sterilizing his instruments. The scratcher may work out of a studio, but often works from his home, a basement or the back room of a bar. They may describe themselves as freelancer. A scratcher often purchases equipment through the Internet or email. The worst thing about a scratcher is their tendency to reuse needles which of course can lead to fatal diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS. In a category somewhere between the shoddy practices of the scratcher and the brightly lit sanitary studio of professional tattoo artists are the artists that just don't have any artistic talent. Their tattoos are badly executed, the outlines uneven, the colors unattractive and their drawing perspective is out of proportion. If a tattoo artist's works Unfortunately we live in a day and age...

Tattoo Artist Code

Bloodborne Traditional Art Tattoo

Be polite to everyone, answer questions no matter how childish they may seem. Help a stranger at least once a day. Respect your self. Dress well, not grungy. Clean clothes, well kept hair. You can still look like a tattoo artist but don't smell as bad as they expect you to. You are trying to be a medical professional. Never steal someone else's work. Tattoo artist, not tattoo copyist Never lie to your patron. If you've been tattooing for a year don't tell them ten. They will respect you more for the truth, and never come back for a lie.

Solid Color and Black

The first tattoos you will be doing when you are ready will be tribal and solid color work. For the most part, you're going to be lining with an eight or a five. The idea of solid color is like the sponge I explained earlier. The longer you hold the sponge in the water the more it will get wet. The only problem is a tattoo needle can damage the skin to the point of scarring if you're in the same spot too long. Scar tissue gets is characteristics from having a lack of elasticity like normal skin. If you scar a tattoo then the pigment will come out as the tattoo heals and touch ups will be more difficult because the scar tissue will cause you problems. If you are tattooing something about the size of a card deck then you will be able to shade and Solid color will be the exact same process. You should have one cup of water per color. When you change colors dip and run the machine in the cup of water up to the washout. Hold it running under the water until most of the pigment comes out....

Grey Wash and Color Shading Basics

The dark line is the darkest part of the area that will be shaded and the light line will be the lightest part. The dark line doesn't always have to be black, just like the light line won't always be white. You have to determine how dark the beginning area will be and how light the end is before you start and area. This is the measure of hues. A hue is the value of a color. If you take a line that fades form solid black to solid white then the black would be 100 , the white of the line would be 0 and the middle would be 50 . So if I said that your dark line need to be 35 and your light line needed to be 15 you would know that the line or area that needed to be shaded would be rather light. A good way to practice this theory on paper is to draw a number of lines each at a different length. At one side write a 100 and the other write 0 . At the 100 line make a solid black square as dark as you can get it. Then try to shade out the side of the box that goes toward the 0 until you...

Bugpin Needles For Tattoo Advantages

Tattooing With Flat Needles

In the tattooing industry, the individual needles are referred to as pins. There are a few different types of pins, and each configuration again, does something different. The needles used in tattoo originated from bug pins, sewing machine needles, and beading needles. Each of these of these types have different tips and sharpness. The most common metal used for tattooing is 304 stainless steel wire with a diameter of .33mm to .36mm and an average length of 30mm, each type can be polished or left course. 304 grade stainless steel is normally preferred due to its stronger resistance to corrosion. The polished pins are a little smoother so they don't over work the skin as bad. The course pins are fairly new the idea is that leaving the needles a little course will help put the pigment under the skin. I have not used this myself, but I have heard many good reports. You can also fine pins made from carbon, these I do not recommend. The carbon is hard to work with and almost impossible to...

Advanced Tattoo Technique

Color Blending Tattoo

This gives an otherwise flat looking image a little more definition. I know I said before not to tattoo the lighter pigment first, but this is another color technique. Once the magenta is filled in, the skin is now open. While you wash shade the purple it will dye the magenta darker. If you wipe upwards into the magenta it will smooth out the color blending. Sort of like rubbing a pencil drawing with you finger to blend the graphite. A few other good colors to do this with is light blue and dark blue, light green and dark green, yellow and red, light aqua blue and dark purple, white and light blue, and magenta with dark green. They can make for some strange color combination, but they look great. Yellow and orange make a gold metallic affect. Some other things to think about with color is to add more. If you are tattooing simple vine work, why just use green Try light neon green and shade the leaves and vines with a washed dark green for definition. The more colors you can...

Hands In Prayer Tattoo Designs Monster Tattoo Mansfield Notts

Prayer Hand Tattoos Designs

Ne exponent of this age-old craft is a chap who has spent his formative years under the tutelage oi one Xed LeHead. Now with a pedigree like that, who can fail to go wrong The talented work you see before you belongs to one Boff Konkerz from Divine Canvas bespoke tattooing in London, Boff had been designing tattoos for more than a decade before having an epiphany one evening and decided that tattooing was to be his destiny. From that evening on, Boif hasn't looked back and is now firmly ensconced at Divine Canvas passing on his hand-poked, traditional tattooing talents to all. LEI'S START WITH A SIT OF HISTORY. WHAT ARE YOUR EARLIEST MEMORIES OF TATTOOS WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START TATTOOING WHEN DIO YOU START AND WHERE Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattooing Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattooing WHIRI DO YOU THINK YOUR INTEREST IN TATTOOS AND TATTOOING COMES FROM IHO TATTOOING COME EASILY TO YOU FROM THE OFF I had a 15-year gap between starting to draw tattoo designs and actually tattooing, so I...

Amanda Ruby Squid

Squidink Tattoo Folkestone

Amanda Ruby first came to our attention at the Halloween Bash in Devon, last vear, with an exquisite black and grey leg piece that quite literally, stood out from the crowd. With parents who are both artistic and financial whizzes , Amanda's career could have been influenced in either direction. Fortunately for us ink collectors the world over, the art and tattoo industry came out on top ' aving been born in Zimbabwe and spending the first 21 years of her life there, Amanda Ruby felt it was time to flee a country that she states wrapped her up i in cotton wool , in search of something more. An adept artist but leaving behind her a trail of dissatisfying art-based jobs she finally found solace in the tattoo world when she joined the ranks at Squid Ink, in Folkestone, Kent. Two and a half years on, her experience in the art industry has undoubtedly helped her tattoo ability, and passion, leap from strength to strength at a rapid speed. Having already created her own distinct and...

Tattoo Aftercare and the Healing process

The first thing I want you to put on your tattoo is pure acetone and used engine oil. What, you don't like the sound of that That's what everyone has been doing for years. Maybe not those chemicals but they have been putting crap that pulls out the pigment causing fading, and seals bacteria in the skin, and you as an artist tell people to do this every day. Lets use our heads here a little. Tattoo pigments are a chemical housed in a carrier solution. For the exact nature look back at the pigment section, but the most used carrier solution is water, and glycerin. Tattoo artist are telling people to put chemicals like A+D Ointment , Neosporin Bacitracion, Vasoline , Petroleum Jelly, Triple Anti-Biotic Ointment , and Other chemicals like brand name Tattoo Goo . Every one of these chemicals are oil based. Have you ever mixed oil and water They don't mix. The oil base in these chemicals pull out the pigment of your tattoo. You say I've used that for years and mine are fine. , then good for...

Ancient Egypt It Was Probably Cleopatra

Cleopatra Tattoo

Loving it, but I've only done Newport since then. I absolutely loved it. And I think in some ways doing it on my own was definitely a better bet because I felt a lot more in control. Obviously it's nice to have someone with you, like I had Sam with me, she's not a tattooist. But she was there, she works in the shop and so she was dealing with customers for me and coming to me while I was tattooing. And it just worked out really, really well. I'VE ALWAYS SAID TATTOOING IS SUCH A MOVIABIE TRADE REALLY. IE YOU'VE GOT THE SKI IIS YOU NIED MINIMUM AMOUNT OE TOOLS SEAIIY THE MAIN THING IS YOURSEIE. IT'S THE TALENT THAT YOU CARRY WITH YOV. People will always come to you, of course they will if they like your work enough. It's interesting. The thing with conventions in particular is that it puts you under pressure. It is a good thing to be put under pressure, that's the game. And I don't think you should be taking customers with you all the time because there is no pressure then. I did a...

Tell Us A Bit About Your Tattoos And How You Started Collecting

I've been working in tattoo shops since I was 15 years old. My whole family have tattoos. None of them as extreme as I, but it's always been something that I've grown up seeing and I knew really young that I wanted to get tattoos. The first one I got was when my Grandpa took me to this shitty street shop on South Beach in Florida and I got this tribal sun on the back of my neck with my astrological sign in the middle of it. I would never get rid of it in a million years. Then I got the cliche nautical stars on my stomach. Then I started doing this Japanese stuff on my arm, which is my oldestO I worked at this street shop called Fun House for a year. From there I went to Hole Addiction and I apprenticed there to pierce. 1 pierced there for a year, then I went over to Bruce Bart which is a pretty well-known shop in Florida, pierced there. Then to Atlanta, Salt Lake City, moved to Mew York and the last tattoo shop I worked in was for Bert Krak. He still owns Top Shelf, and I worked there...

Chapter Eght Needle Making

This equipment is not stored outin the tattoo shop but 11 the back room or at homo. Keep it somewhere quit-t where you can concentrateon wbatyou are doing. Once you 8 rig, you mil most likely tattoo all week long, and on Sumfays urfrce nights, maite your needles for the upcoming week. You are going tube makingalut ofthem, abouta week's supply or more at one time. At this point, it is assumed that the tattooist has an intimate knowledge of using soldering equipment. This is not a chapter on how to solder, so a book on this subject should be read, and practice should be done on scraps of stainless steel or old needle bars to acquaint yourself with this process When it is determined that you can handle your equipment with confidence, then and only then commence with practicing needle making. The next preliminary step is to choose your needles. In front of you is a small package containing 1000 stainless steel 12 sharps needles. They will not all be perfect Up to twenty percent or more...

An Artist On The Road

German Tattoo Artist Volko

I first met Mark whilst he was working at the Brighton show this year and I was pleasantly surprised at his style of tattooing and artwork. OK, Fill US IN ON WHAT YOUR EARLIEST MEMORIES OE TATTOOS ARE WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START TATTOOING AND WHEN DID YOU START AND WHERE Already at the age of 4,1 started drawing it always inspired me to draw three-dimensional pictures. Tattooing is for me a high form of art, giving each piece a unique approach. It all started about a year and a half ago for me in a little studio in Belgium, close to the German Dutch boarder. A friend of mine taught me all I had to know in a relatively short time.

People Who Come To Our Studio

Tattoo Dragon Ball

WHERE DO VOU THINK YOUR INTEREST IN TATTOOS AND TATTOOING COMES FROM DO YOU THINK IT WAS SOMETHING THAT YOU MAY HAVE KEN BORN TOT My first tattoo I got quite late in life at the Bregenz-Tattoo Convention. Tommy Lee was the artist, and it brought tears to my mother's eyes, Guil Zekril introduced me to tire wonderful tattoos of Tommy Lee at the opening of his tattoo studio. The actual tattooing was easy for me but getting started wasn't that easy. I started studying graphic design but my heart wasn't in it. I spent all my spare time drawing abstract tattoos. My best friend gave me the money to get my first tattoo macliine etc. and then I took off from there. I gave up graphic gesign and started tattooing. I have not done an apprenticeship. A friend of mine put me in contact with a tattoo designer who runs a tattoo studio on the Isle of Sylt, a small German island. So I packed my suitcase and went to Sylt. In the coming weeks, he taught me so much and I designed my first tattoos there....

Skin Preparation and Pattern Placement

Skin preparation is the first step in tattooing that has interaction with the client. The first thing you will need to do is wash and dry your hands, then apply gloves. Always keep a small box of gloves other then latex because some clients will be allergic to latex. You tattoo supplies should have already set up properly, going by the guide above, before the client ever enters the room. Before you ever sit the client down you should have already found out what they wanted and where. You need to figure out how the client will be sitting for the course of the tattoo. I use a combination of a regular barbers chair and a folding padded massage table so I'm going to go by that. You can spend more and get a chair made for the use of tattooing and just apply what I suggest to the tattoo chair. Different locations on the body require different sitting positions. Let's look at the body position versus the sitting position as well as some tips. This area is by far one of the more simple places...

Chapter Seventeen Coloring

The actual process of coloring a tattoo is a relatively simple one if you always remember andapply a few key rules and regularly practice them The technique is the same for solid black tattooing as it is for solid coloring. Actually, black tatMing is a little easier as black ink seems more readily accepted by the skin than colored ink The motion is a circular one, and colorings tattoo is done in small circular steps alittleata time. If aconstant pace is maintained, a lot of area can be covered in a small amount of time. Each circle just barely overlapping the last circle until the areas are covered solid in just two sweeps. Never do an area more than once or twice over Just small constant, flowing circles covers an area smoothand efficiently, and always working off the tips of the needles, When applying color to a tattoo, puddles of ink will get all over the skin, sometimes totally obscuring the outline. It's not good to be in such a hurry as to not take the time to continually wipe...

Is It Ok To Mix Baby Oil With Tattoo

There are a few new types of pigments that I would also like to tell you about. Backlight pigments are rapidly becoming popular in the tattoo world. It first started by a few scratchers cracking open high-lighters and tattooing with the highly toxic gel, don't do this (hence the HIGHLY TOXIC part). Some pigment companies either got tired of reported infections or saw a chance for a profit and created black light pigment. I like to think it was the wanting to stop the infections but Probably not the case. Technically made pigment by some tattoo supply companies are the only tattoo pigments that are FDA approved. When purchasing this type of pigment you need to look for the FDA approval stamp. The reason black light or UV reactive pigment really works is because the FDA approved versions are made from very small acrylic beads. These beads glow under a black light giving the pigment its illuminated characteristics. They make some of the pigment in a clear which has to be

Chapter Twentythree Prices and Selling

What will you charge for a tattoo and what will it work out per hour Walk into any legitimate tattoo shop and you will notice that the price of a good tattoo is not generally cheap. That is. not inexpensive. When considering the price of equipment today's inflation, the skill involved, and the cost of overhead and floor space, tattoos are not exactly a had deal either. The fact is that they are a permanent artwork investment that will go everywhere the customer goes. Other than the free tattooson friends in the beginning in trade for advertisement, the prices of your work should be consistent. Don't start off underselling yourseir and then later raise your prices People will come back years later and expect the same low prices. Try toset a standard as soon as possible One way to do this is to visit the good tattooisLs in your area, and take a look at what they are charging. Compare different tattoo size* and try to get a pricing guide down pat in your head. This can be used as a...

History and Basic Information

Tattooing the skin is the oldest profession in the world. The Japanese, Aztecs, Mayans, Aborigines, and the Africans all had tattoos. The oldest recorded human to date is referred to as the ice man. He was found under what was left of an iceberg near the Austrian border in Italy. Carbon dating places the ice man around 5,300 years old. This was a cultural surprise because he had a few tattoos. Before his discovery, it was popular belief that the oldest culture to tattoo was Egyptians over 3,000 years ago. So the ice man out dates the Egyptians by 2,300 years The ice man had a small cross behind one knee and above his kidneys there were a few tattooed lines about 15 cm long. The first sign of tattooing in the west was brought to us from Tahiti by a man named Captain Cook in 1771. The Tahitian word for tattooing was Tatau which was adopted because it's the sound of the traditional tattooing. Initially the traditional tattoos were applied by a stick with a comb like head attached to the...

Clients and Competition

The next thing you need to know is about your clients. First, above all else, cover your ass. If you're tattooing then you need a good waiver sheet. If you go to your local health department, in the Environmental Services office you can request a copy of the body piercing and tattoo studio health regulations. Another thing I would like to add is keep good records. In the end, if something happens, it will save your ass. Also, be nice to your sanitarian. Keep your records filed in order by name or month. Nothing is more aggravating then having to look for a consent form. Don't be scared of the health department, they are good people trying to help everyone. The packet is totally free and it has lots of good information inside about sterilization. It also has a list of everything you need to open a studio, including all of the proper paper work. In this packet you will find a generic version of a liability form (consent form). Use this as a guide to make your own, don't just copy it....

The Shit Talking Game

This is the very reason you never want to talk bad about another shop or artist. Most clients go to the shop that happens to have an opening that day. To them it really does not matter who tattoos them. Since most client travel between shops a lot of them like to play games with the tattoo artists. Tattoo artist have a known history of trash talking the competition, every one knows and will play on this. Some will say that Such and such said he will do the same tattoo for less. Don't make any comment about there quality of work. Every artist thinks they are the best. The client is trying to get you all worked up so you give them a tattoo cheaper out of spite. I hate to tell you this but almost every time they never even talk to the other artist. If the other guy is willing to price cut then let them. Just tell the client that your price is whatever and direct them to your portfolio so they can make their own decision. If you don't like the other artist's...

Rite Of Passage Tattoo And Arts Convention

Trevor Mcstay Tattoo

The team have handpicked the world's finest tattoo artists to showcase their work in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The Rites of Passage Festival is your opportunity to see world-class masters at work and to experience it first-hand. With top-notch artists like Sean Herman, Paolo Acuna, Trevor McStay, Jo Harrison, Nick Baxter, Rachie Brains and many, many others, you'd be mad to miss this show. rOlih.jt ' Newbury are pleased to announce that Lin Carvilie has now joined the team as a full-time tattooist and body piercer, nblingers can be found at A Pound Street, Newbury, Berks. Tel 01635 841841 www.inkslrngef E mail inforg


Armature Bar Tattoo

Machine frames are made out of cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each weighs differently and each has a different level of electrical conductivity which affects the strength of your machine. The weight of your machine will come from the frame so you need to decide what kind of machine you will be running. Cast iron frames are molten metal poured into a cast for the shape. Cast iron machines are made of one piece while machines that the side arm is attached with screws are called bolt on frames. Most machines frames are made from a piece of metal cut into shape then welded together and ground smooth. Cast frames can be made of any type of metal but the most common cast are iron. Cast frames are very heavy. Heavy machines can be good because they make really smooth lines. The weight of the machine help to hold it steady, but your hand will tire out really fast. So they are great for little tattoos or for a lining session, but for the long haul you may want...

Other Supplies

Speed Stick For Tattoo Stencil

During a tattoo you will be using a few other supplies. Green soap is the most common chemical of tattooing. If you hear someone talk about the smell of a tattoo, that's it. You can order green soap from any tattoo supply company but I have never found it in a medical supply store. Green soap is an anti-bacterial soap that comes in a gallon jug and is very concentrated. Go down to your local buy everything store , in the back of the health and beauty section you will find hand sized plastic spray bottles. You need five or six of these. Your green soap, bleach and water mix, rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, glycerin, and water should all be in these bottles. Make sure to label them properly with a magic marker. When you fill the green soap you want a mix of 25 green soap, and 75 percent water. Make sure to shake it well so it's properly mixed. All of the other chemicals need to be full concentration. Another thing that will be used a lot is the sheets of carbon copy paper you will use to...

Lining and Shading

Fruit And Vegetable Tattoos Pictures

When you tattoo a line you will have extra pigment left on the skin, this is normal but a pain in the ass. While you tattoo you will constantly have to wipe the pigment away so you can see what has been put under the skin and what has not. The more the needle protrudes from the tube the less excess pigment will be expelled, but the shorter the line you can make before re-dipping. The black pigment is thinner than any other pigment. When you wipe it away you will smear black over everything you drag the paper towel across. If you think about it for a second then you will soon see that the pattern is a light purple line that can easily be wiped away. This leaves a difficult problem. When tattooing over a pattern you can't just start in the middle, because after two or three lines you will no longer be able to see the pattern or what you are doing. You have to start from the bottom and work up and away from your predominant hand. I'm left handed. This means that I would work up and to...

Thought Provoking

I have just finished flicking through my copy of Issue 186 and after reading Tattooing and Self Harm1 felt compelled to write in, which is very unlike me. I was absolutely horrified that there are people in the world that associate tattooing with self-harm. I know and understand that it's a personal choice whether to get tattooed or not, and there are people who will never understand why anyone would choose to mark themselves for life, or as some refer to it as 'scarring yourself for life'. I wonder if it is these people that associate tattooing with self-harm After reading the article I spoke to a few people about their opinions and none of them agreed with it, but then again, they were all tattooed


Tattoo Bold Lining

Blood Lining changed the way I think about tattooing for the rest of my life. Once you figure out the method behind it blood lining will open the doors of tattooing by kicking them down. The idea is this. When you blood line a tattoo the line you go over is without pigment at all. This means you are basically just making a scratch on the skin of your client. After a minute or so this scratch that used to be a part of your pattern becomes red and irritated. This line you made becomes red giving this method its name. The idea is to make an outline that you can see easily but no black. Ok, that's cool but what's it for Simple, say you're tattooing some realistic flames. You blood line everything instead of hard lining it then you use the blood line as your outline for the shading and color. The entire tattoo has no black outline. Once it heals the blood line disappears leaving the shading and color only. This is the key for realism. Years ago when I first heard about blood lining I...

The Tattoo Setup

The you take a wooden tongue depressor (popsicle stick) and get a healthy but controllable glob of petroleum jelly on the end if it. We use a depressor because it's long so it's easy to get what you need from the jar and its sterile cause it's new and disposable. Use the depressor to apply the jelly to the paper plate you want to sculpt it in shape using the depressor. If you look at the small paper plate you will notice that there is a ring in the center. It stops just before the edge starts to rise up to make the lip and outside edge of the plate. You want to apply the jelly in shape to that inside ring leaving the center of the plate clean. The reason for this is so while you are tattooing and dip your pigment you have a place to set your hand. If you are dipping for pigment and set your hand on the outside edge of the plate it will flip and throw pigment on you and your client. Place the ink caps on the paper plate in a curved line following the curve of the inside edge of the...

Machine Tuning

Setup Machine Tattoo With Nickel

I have already talked a little about the stroke but what exactly is it The stroke of your machine is the distance traveled by your armature bar while in motion. The duty cycle of the machine is the length of time that the front spring stays in contact with the contact screw. The duty cycle is measured in percentages. If your duty cycle is 50 then the time the front spring touches the contact screw and time it does not touch the contact screw while open is the same. If the duty cycle of the machine is 40 then the front spring is in contact with the contact screw 40 of the time and away from the contact screw 60 of the time. Studies have shown that optimum duty cycle is around 55 . This can be measured by using an electronic multimeter that has a duty cycle setting on it. You attach one lead to the clip cord post in the spring saddle and the other lead to the contact screw. Some newer power supplies come equipped with a duty cycle reader. The stroke strength is hand measured by taking...

Starting a Tattoo

Tattoo Machine Operation Guide

Now you put the tattoo needle in the tube. You want to feed the entire needle bar into the back of the tube, the side closest to the armature bar. Don't force it to go, sometimes it wants to stick. If you force it to go down the tube then you can push the sharp part of the needle into the tube. Metal is sharpened by removing metal, the sharp point of the needle head are very thin and bendable. If you bend these, then you have to get a new needle. If you tattoo with a needle that tips are bent you will scar up the client and the tattoo will bleed like crazy. Basically instead of tattooing you will just turn their skin into ground beef. I find that holding the machine so the tube is pointing at the ground then flipping or tapping on the side of the tube will almost always make it fall right into place. You can also place the needle in the tube before putting it in the tube vice, which many find easier. Now grab the needle loop and grommet. Put the needle and grommet on the nipple for...

Tattoo Sterilization

Sterilization means by definition, that you make any object, including surfaces, free of germs or bacteria. Technically this is impossible. There are so many germs out there that as soon as something touches the air it is contaminated. Something only remains sterile if you never remove it from a sterilized packaging even then it's only good for about three months. If you autoclave sterilize something and leave it alone, after a period of time it becomes un-sterile again. What this means for you as an aspiring tattoo artist is that you're going to have germs you just have to make sure the really bad ones are gone. The major germs and viruses that we have to guard against are Hepatitis, HIV, and MRSA. If you can kill these guys then the others are already dead. Let's start with where to find these bad guys. Your hands are the number one place to defend the most. No one realizes just how easy it is to infect yourself. How many times a day do you touch your face and not think about it Do...


Good tattoo shading requires experience and is an acquired skill. Diligent practice pays off here because sometimes tattoo artists are judged solely by their peers on the quality of black shading that they do. If done too light, it will not stand out. If not feathered right, it will appear blunt and the shading looks as if it ends abruptly. This is called dead-heading and is undesirable. Shading must be mastered because, not only does it really make a tattoo stand out, but many tattooing errors and tattoo cover-ups can be hidden and corrected by proper shading. Black shading is the next step in the tattoo process after outlining. All the black work must be done before any color can be put in. The tattooing spectrum goes from dark to light. That is black first, then the next darkest color, etc., and the lightest colors for last. If not done in this order, the dark colors mix with thelighter ones in the pores already made from the machine and a bad smudged mess will result So, all the...


Various kinds of lettering have always been an Integral part of tattooing. Many customers wan some type of lettering to enhance their tattoo and to make a definite statement. When actually tattooing names and letters, you will still need some sort of guidelines on the skin. Very few people tattoo without them and get satisfactory results. The guidelines are drawn on the skin with a skin type marker or a line line ink pen.

Tattoo Meanings

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Over the years tattoos have become little more than decaling the human skin. Most people get a tattoo and spent there whole life never knowing the true meaning. Others are confused on the meanings of tattoos and get something that might have a completely different definition. Tattooing has been a part of every culture known to date, and each culture has its own meanings for different images. Here is a list of tattoo images that have meanings you may be surprised of. There are so many images to choose from, I am forced to pick but a few of thousands. When you offer a tattoo to a client, or choosing one for yourself, you should always research the true meaning. The problem is that thanks to television and most tattoo magazines everyone thinks that being a tattoo artist is like being a rock star without the guitars. Sorry to tell you the truth, but here it is. There will always be the biker tattoo shops that give ink for blow jobs. It's sad but true. These guys are a joke to the...

Machine Coil

Rear Binding Post Tattoo Gun

One more type of machine should be mentioned. The very latest state-of-the-art in tattoo machines is the Spauiding & Rogers Revolution machine. Totally different in appearance and operation than the regular tattoo machine, it delivers more efficient needle movement, runs smoother and virtually noiseless and is considerably lighter in weight Also to note is the lack of a steel frame, the Revolution is made of indestructible high-impact nylon plastic and the workings are totally self-contained. A big advantage also is the lack of rubier bands, as this machine utilizes a patented action cam to not only supply movement, but also to securely hold the needle bar. This new machine is changing the tattoo industry and is worth checking out.

Needles and Tubes

Needles come in many shapes and sizes, and each does something different. Tattoo needles are really two pieces, a needle head and a needle bar. The needle head is the part that sits down at the end of your tube and punctures the skin, while the needle bar is a needle shaft that has a circle bent into it called a needle loop or eye loop. This is where the needle attaches to the machine. A common misconception of a tattoo needle is that they are hollow like a hypodermic needle from a shot. This is not true. Tattooing needles are solid, like a safety pin only smaller. A needle grouping is the number of needles in the head. So if I said that a needle is a three then it is three small needles soldered together to make one, in a triangle shape. There are many different groupings, each with a purpose. The more needles are attached to the head the bigger the dot is. So a five pattern needle is a bigger dot then a three pattern needle or a single Needle. How a tattoo really works is the needle...


Hooked Tattoo Needle Eye Loop

IF you happen to catch a needle by mistake, set it aside and look at the points through an eye loupe to make sure a tip hasn't been barbed. It's easy to do. If it's barbed, discard it and put a new set of needles on the bar As you scrub the needle, spin the needle bar in your hand so you can scrub both sides of the needle and bar. Learn this procedure well or you'll end up ruining more needles by scrubbing them than you will by tattooing. Already mixed store bought colors are the best bet for the starting tattooist. They are mixed perfectly and are a lot less messy to deal with. They can be sterilized in containers that don't melt. Since we have entered into an age of pestilence, local health boards will try to use tattooists as a scapegoat and consider their services dispensable. If you use common sense and follow the rules in this chapter, you can be among the survivors and the results will be very rewarding. In the beginning, you may have to tighten your belt to furnish a shop in...

Jobs Wanted

I am a 26 year-old male living in the west Yorkshire area. I have worked in a well-established tattoo studio, as an apprentice and now that I'm fully trained I'm looking for a more responsible role. I have a natural artistic ability, so I tend to do lots of free hand tattoos and original artwork, I specialise in realistic black and gray work but do enjoy colour work and the more traditional tattoos. I see myself as a very polite, responsible, friendly and hard working individual. I have no drug alcohol problems. I have a Full UK driving license and I am willing to travel for work. My Portfolio is available at request. Any interest inquiries please do not hesitate to contact. Luke Williamson 07394714653 Lukewilliamson_design hotmail. com (188) Hi my name is Glen Pollitt, I'm looking for a tattooing apprenticeship somewhere in the Manchester area I'm currently in my last year of the army and so would only be able to come into shop at weekends but I'm a keen artist and love tattooing and...

Pattern Application

How you apply the tattoo pattern will directly affect the over all outcome of your finished tattoo. If it's not dark enough you will loose most of it during the tattoo process and have to free hand the rest. The main thing to remember about your tattoo pattern is that where ever you place the pattern will be the location of the tattoo for the entire life of your client. Take time and consideration while placing the pattern. You have a location and you have a pattern by this point. Now you have to look a little closer at the location. Some one points to an area of their body and says, Put it here. There are a few things no one thinks about. Most just say ok, and stick it on. It's not that simple. You need to look at the area you are applying the pattern to and then look at the pattern it's self. It's very rare for the pattern to be the same shape as the body part. You need to line up the tattoo to the body. This means that you have to make sure it's straight and also pay attention to...


Best Needles For Black And Grey Shading

Always tattoo either forward or sideways with the machine. Outlines and shading bolh are done like this. In this direction, the needles have a slight backward pressure on them against theskin, which keeps the needles in the bottom orthe tube where Ihe ink is. Rubber hands keep this position in check, bui tattooing in this direction keeps the needles working where they belong and tines nm work against the natural function of lhe machine. It makes nice tattooing easier. Using a square tip tube is a plus. Tattooing must be done on tightskin. It will have to be stretched by the free hand of the tattoo st. It createsa tautand solid surface to work on. For all practical purposes, it is impossible to lattoo loose skin. No matter whatstyle of stretchingis used .just make sore the needles go into a tight akin surface. (Reier lt Skin Chapter for mvre this.) Keepa paper tissue wrapped around the two lesser Singer* of the tattooing hand for wiping As the work progresses, the working hand neatly...

Tattoo Designs

Big Tattoos Designs

One of the basic foundations of tattooing is the tattoo design. Without them, what is there to tattoo A great bonus to tattooing is the endless amount of nice artwork out there to use as designs and this in itself is a sort of job security. Printed design sheets, made readily available by tattoo suppliers, are called 'flash in the tattoo trade, The starting Uiirw isi, or any tattooist for that matter, should have a vast store of these on display for the customer to choose from. Flash sheets are an excellent value for your money and are a iiuick way to stock up on designs that may take ten years to draw yourself There are not that many great artists out there tattooing, and you don't have to be a fantastic designer to he a great tattooist. These sheets are drawn by designers for the tattooist to work from. They range from the traditional to the totally bizarre and you can findjust about anything you like. For starters, at the end ofeach chapter in this book is a good tattoo design to...

Monki Moves

Monki Hair

Andy Bowler and the rest of the Monki Do tattoo studio have finally outgrown their studio and as such, have moved lock stock and barrel to a new premises to 57 Chapel Street, Belper, Derbyshire. By the time you read this, the new studio will have had its official opening and hopefully the hangovers will have abated, offering you some superb tattoo work from both Andy and Mark. The contact details are still the same 01773 821666, email andy

Setting Tubes

Difficult Pictures Color

This chapter requires some careful study since it covers a simple but important process. This process is putting needle bars in tubes and adjusting the tube, bar and machine for proper tattooing- This will become second nature after awhile. Never, ever rush this process because if you're not paying close attention to what you are doing, the needie tips are going to get all damaged. You are going to have to do this every time the tubes and needles are sterilized and the machine has to be put back together. If business is good and proper sterilization is done, you could be assembling machines several times a day. This is very important and worth repeating. Open end of the needle bar loop is always away from you and is designed this way. Needles must always ride against bottom of the tube tip (the trough land this ensures this. Look into open end of tube in the manufecturer's set-up machine. Observe that the baritseirison lop of the needle groupand is soldered that way. The needle group...


Bands - Tension is important for proper tattooing. Feeler Gauge - For adjusting contact points. Rubbing Alcohol - Disinfectant for cleanups. Does not sterilize. Scissors - Stainless hospital quality. Hemostats - Stainless hospital quality. Gloves - Surgical latex gloves for tattooing-

The Stencil

Solid Core Door Section

When you and the customer have chosen the right design, there must be a way to transfer it to the body part getting tattooed. Even the best tattoo artists rarely work totally freehand that is, to just start tattooing with no guidelines at all on the body). Remember, there is no erasing a tattoo once it is on. The ways we are going to cover are among the most popular and it is a personal choice on the tattooist's part to see which ones work the best for him. The most commonly used methods aredrawingon the duplicating carbon, the use of hectograph ink, acetate stencils, the latest stencil creating machines and the simple skin type marker. deodorant on the skin and place the paper stencil right over it Hub it with your fingers for a few seconds and whisk away the paper. Behold, the design is on the skin. Check the alignment and let the customer check it also. It takes a certain knack to do this cleanly every time, so a great deal of practice is required on the tattooist's part to get it...

Innocence Lost

1 just thought Id get in touch and let you see the awesome piece of work that I've just had done by Dan Henk from Austin, Texas, who came over as a special guest invited to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Wine hours of pain under the needle was well worth it in the end, BUT the major complaint I had was that as Dan didn't get finished until 8pm and he hadn't entered for the Best Tattoo oi the Day as he wasn't sure it would be finished in time. Despite my efforts to talk to the judges and say that Dan was a featured guest artist from America they wouldn't let me enter, which seemed to also piss Dan off as in the States you can enter right up until the judging begins. As all the other tattoo artists commented on his work saying that it should have been a sure winner that day, I wanted to get in touch to give Dan the recognition he deserves for this piece of work, and also hear your views on it. Many thanks Andi Hodgetts (Wakefield) Receptionist are the first point of contact for most...

To Bunt Other People

Tattoo Positioning

At the end of the day, we draw pretty pictures on people. That's it. We haven't discovered a cure for cancer, that's all we do. We are tattooists says Mick. His stark and honest words sum up the ethos concisely at this no frills, all skills studio. The Blue Dragon has been a fixture of the Brighton tattoo scene for 21 years, and with a sister studio newly opened in the nearby town of Haywards Heath, it shows no sign of relenting.

Personal Adverts

Hey I'm Jess, I am a tattoo artist in Kent. 18. and I'm looking for a guy with piercings and tattoos who can make me laugh. Appearance doesn't matter, personality is key. Text 07779468988 (187) Male tattooists into trance, hardcore & techno, seeks like-minded lady - 30-40 for fun and maybe more. Based in S.London. Txt me on 07918190690 (186)

Holding Machines

Hand Holding Tattoo Machine

When first holding a tattoo machine, you will notice that there is a certain heft to it. Some say they are downright heavy. Don't let this disturb you because in due time they will feel quite natural. The muscles in the hand have to get used to working with the machine. Remember, you will be handling and using these machines for a living and tattoos can take time to put on. Large pieces can take many hours of handling a machine without much rest in between. All of this can be quite tiring at first and this is why you must build up muscles in your hand so you won't get cramps or muscle aches. Before even tattooing, practice holding the machine as much as possible. TVy to constantly hold the machine and air practice. This can be done while watching TV', talking or just about anything. Several hours a night of practice will have your hand muscled up in no time. Muscles build up fast and get used to a routine pretty quick. Still, it might take several weeks to properly break in the...

Business Practices

Before even starting in the tattooing business, the material in this chapter should be given some serious thought. For example, how will you ever start tattooing if perhaps it is against the law in your community Since it is a tattooing career that you wish to make it in, it would be smart to make sure no authorities will visit you and permanently shut you down. Whether doing business at home or at a shop (which will be the eventual goal), certain local and state ordinances should be looked into in depth. One more thought about insurance. Today is the day of the lawsuit. People are very excited about getting a tattoo and will brag about them and pay large sums of money for them. But if something ever goes wrong, these same people will not give it a second thought to turn around and sue you right out of business. Some type of thought should be given to protect yourself from this ever happening. This type of protection is called the trade form. This is a legally binding piece...

Cover Ups

Tattoo Cover Problem

Cover-up- is a lenu that refers to the technique of freshly tattooing a design right over an already existing tattoo. This is done in such a way that the new tattoo will totally cover over or completely hide the original tattoo. Thi . is usually done because the first design is no longer wanted and a new and better one can be placed over It Oftentimes, crude tattoos done hy onslaught tattooists eventually become uncomelv eyesores to the owners and they wish to change the situation. A good tatlooist that understands cuver up can change their whole outlook. Because covering up tattoos is an art in itself, it should be seriously studied because a goodly portion of incume can be made by doing this. Believe it. a good living can be made by covering up other tattooists' bad mistakes, and unfortunately, there is a lot of it around to do on lop olall this, the design should he pleasing and acceptable to the customer, have some sort of point of interest (like a head or claw) todraw the eve...

The bad Guys

Now that you have an idea of what it takes, let's start learning. The most important thing you have to know is sterilization. What kills germs, and what doesn't Tattooing is 90 sterilization and technical ability while only 10 art. The health department doesn't want you to know this but they really don't care if you can't draw a stick figure. As long as you're screwing up people and not spreading disease they could care less. These are the basic Diseases and Bacteria you have to guard against in the area of tattooing and piercing both. These are just the most common. If you can guard against these, then everything else will be taken care of as well. Something I would like to point out is that bacterial infections do not come from tattoo shops. You always hear about some chick saying her tattoo from such and such shop got infected so they suck. No They might suck, but they did not give you an infection. Bacteria grows on the skin naturally. Everyone has it. If you take a person and...

Ikttoo Review

Letra Corona Para Tatuajes White

Let us renew all the tattooing procedures you have learned up to this point. In at, organ,zed order, go over a mock tattoo schedule from start to finish, This will Ue in all of the techniquesin some sort of logical order soyoucan understand where they all fit Acustomer hasjust walked in. andjustforthe sake of this explanation, let's say they would like a tattoo on their upper arm. After briefiy Iking lo them about designs and w hkh one they will prefer, lei's assume one is chosen and agreed upon The price is


After finishing a tattoo, it is your responsibility to prevent it from getting infected, at least during the first few hours until the body can close up all the holes that were just putinto it. White tattooing, you have plenty of time to talk to the customer about after care and how they ought to treat the tattoo. Later, you can give them a care sheet to lake home with them. A big poster outlining the healing process and the care of a new tattoo, located near the work chair, also acts as a double reminder. This is a very important step because how good a tattoo looks afterwards depends upon the healing, and it can either make or break you.

Black Book

Tattoo Shading Techniques

I have decided to distribute this publication free of cost for the better learning of my fellow artists. I have worked on this book for two years with no monetary gain and ask that you may distribute this as much as you like as long as the information is not changed. This book is to help you and many others, please respect that idea and my hard work. Don't change the information. You may feel free to contact me for further information on tattooing via my email ( m hattertattoos ) or you may find me from time to time on my favorite tattoo forum, ( http ) For the record, I don't want to hear any crap about misspelled words, your getting this free and I don't care about grammar. edit and for all her hard work, because I can't spell at all. Airik Moore, my second artist, thanks bro for running the shop while I'm occupied or just plain beat. I want to thank the half of my family that supported my decision to be a tattoo artist, and thank the other half that...

About Needles

One of the most important aspects of all the various mechanics in tattooing, would be the tattoo needle. Sterilization is important, the machines are important and designs are important. But, the tattoo needle is the only link between you and the customer and it is there where all of the other factors meet with the skin. Needles actually puncture the skin and for this reason they must be perfect, absolutely flawless, sharp, straight and in perfect condition.

Japanese Clouds Tattoo

Tattoos Japanese Clouds

TABOO These men have been tattooed by Horikin on the left, and Horigoro II on the right. The prayer Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo (Hail to the Lotus Scripture of the Good Law) derives from the fanatical Nichiren sect of Buddhism founded in A.D. 1253, whose six million followers today are still much addicted to chanting and drumming. Their belief is that one perfect and sincere utterance of this single prayer will ensure rebirth in Nirvana, or Nothingness. The heavy leg tattooing on the man on the right

Do I He Colours Hoid Weil With Iebri

Jack Mosher Ink

Horiyoshi III, because of his psychology and philosophy towards tattoomg. What he feels it is to be a horishi. His motivation supersedes other horishi and he studies so much, and thinks about tattooing 24 7.1 really think he is most well read tattooist. And Horiyasu for his technique It's unbelievable. I learnt on my own, but there are two systems, live-in's and those that just turn up for the day. The live-ins' really do all the cleaning and other chores, or conversely there are some places that only teach tattooing. Some places are really lengthy, and others let you go after a year.

Rubber Band Tension On Tattoo

Fixing Wiring Inside Tattoo Power Supply

Even though this book does not cover aspects of safe tattooing, there are a few practices which not only will help protect the artists and clients from health risks, but will also help protect the machine from corrosion. Many artists spray their machines down with Madacide & many other types of disinfectants after tattooing, to clean the machine of any potential microorganisms. They SOAK the machine with these chemicals and let them dry on the machines. We discourage this practice because these chemicals can be corrosive to the steel screws, iron or steel coil posts, and springs. This rust and corrosion which develops, can weld the securing screws to the coils, weld the screws which secure the rear spring to the spring saddle onto steel or iron frames making the machine almost impossible to disassemble. These substances can get in between these steel or iron parts and will accelerate the oxidation, and leave a film on the rest of the machine. Prevention is better than cure, we...

Steve Souto Tattoo Machine

Steve Prizeman

Max Dolberg is the ill-house photographer at Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv. He has photographed 2 books on tattooing and written on the art form for several magazines. See Iiis work at Max Dolberg is the ill-house photographer at Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv. He has photographed 2 books on tattooing and written on the art form for several magazines. See Iiis work at 300 Tattoo Artists * Live Music * Seminars Workshops * Art Gallery * Tattoo Masters' Ball Awards * Art Fusion

Shop Tattoo Machine In Canada

Grinding Tattoo Machine Frame

This book is an invaluable resource for any tattoo aritst who considers himself professional, modern and self sufficcient. It is a definitive work which clarifies and demystifies the science of the tattoo machine. In time, the I'm sure that the information contained in this book will become an industry standard. Like the Godoys say, There is no room for lies, magic or superstition when it comes to tattoo machines, this is science, you either know it or you don't. That's exactly what this book is about. The information contained in this book, in the right hands, can become an incredibly powerful tool --Casey Altorf-Tattoo artist, machine authority and builder, from Funhouse Tattoo, Vancouver Canada.

And Tuning Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine Tuning

Welcome to the world of tattooing keep it clean and honest, honor the trade and if you are skilled enough the trade will repay you. That being said, I would like to give back to the trade one of the most frequently asked questions that I recieve is about how to tune and maintain tattoo machines. The problem is that many a tattooist apprentice buy their rigs already tuned (or so they think) and never bother to adjust more than the tubes and the contact screw, and are too hesitant to tear it all the way down for fear that they'll never get it back together. For many tattooists, maintenance means changing the rubber bands. So for those of you who do not know where to start here is my detailed tutorial-if you have any questions mail them to Luna_c666 with the subject line Re Tuning Guide . Good Luck

Ramon Tattoo Saltillo

Tatuador Ramon Perez Tigre

Juan Arreguin is one of Mexico's most recognized artists. He is has worked all over Mexico and the world. Look at this solid work. He is a specialist in every style of tattooing. No wonder they call him Super . He can be found tattooing Merida,Yucatan, Mexico. Jeff Tam works at his Vancouver studio (Monkey King Tattoo). His specialty is Japanese style tattooing. This world traveler understands that work of this size needs to be done precisely and solidly. His machines need to be well tuned for this application. Time is an important factor in the application of these pieces, not just to keep up with the appintment schedules but for the comfprt of the client. A well tuned machine will help to execute these pieces in a quick and less painfull manner. Mark Lankin's tattooing style has been compared to that of a comic book artist. Because of his background in painting (skull below), he doesn't depend on heavy outlines to make his tattoos, the way most artists do. This amazing...

Giant Tattoo Annual Poster

Heavy Metal Tattoos

Not all Rich's work is comic book-inspired, however. There are some tried-and-true ink designs as well skulls on his right shoulder, a vampire skull on his left shoulder and a skull-and-bone band on his right bicep. I've always loved tattoos I've been into them my whole life, Rich says. I got my first one at Tony's Tattooing in Stamford, Connecticut. Not surprisingly, Rich says he draws inspiration for new work from comic books and his own imagination. Besides moshing it up, we did manage to meet some of the local talent. We mingled with Miami tattoo artist and owner of Qcho Placas, Jose Carrera. Jose's shop definitely had the snazziest booth in the building displaying custom pieces painted and created by the artists in his shop and from around the Miami area. Be sure to check out his full feature in this issue. Who else made an impression Be sure to check out Pooch, Lome Morris, and Stefano Alcantara. Don't worry we didn't forget the piercers. Our new friend Jason Coale at Bulldog...

Horiyoshi Iii 100 Demons

Spiderweb is also the nickname of a famous American tattoo artist. There seems to be a universal respect for the TRANSCENDENCE Horikin designed this pattern for his head ( the seat of all senses ), which was then tattooed variously by Horigoro III, Horikin II (his brother and disciple), and Horiyoshi III. Here the art of tattooing joins that of calligraphy. The

Cartoon and Animated Characters

Cartoon Turtles

Stock cartoon images that are licensed for the express purposes of tattooing are now big business in North America. On the Internet one can now purchase images of Betty Boop, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, the Tasmanian Devil, Babar the Elephant, Nemo and just about any other animated character you can imagine. Anime action figures, which most of us are familiar with from manga cartoons are also big business in the tattoo industry and feature such popular characters as Hello Kitty, Emily and Sailor Moon. Of course, tons of individuals have bypassed the licensing procedure and gotten their own personalized versions of these cartoon characters. Cartoon characters in sinful positions is also a popular motif in tattooing and are often used as a creative way to express one's vices to the world. Caricatures and cartoons have always been an integral style in tattooing, beginning with the invention of animation itself in the 1920s when cartoons of Betty Boop and the...

How To Cut Out A Tattoo Machine Frame

Tattoo Machine Bent Front Spring

Always leave a space equal to 1 2 the diameter of the securing washer before the start of the bend. The bend should NEVER end up under the washer securing screw which holds the spring to the armature bar. The bend should ALWAYS be on or in front of the edge of the washer. A bend under the washer will affect the flex of the spring. It will make for an inconsistent performance which can be heard and felt when tattooing. This rear spring is now ready for bending. Always leave a space equal to 1 2 the diameter of the securing washer, in front of the rear slot before you start the bend. The bend should NEVER end up under the washer securing screw which holds the rear spring to the spring saddle. The bend should always be on or in front of the edge of the washer. A bend under the washer will affect the flex of the spring. It will make for an inconsistent performance which can be heard and felt when tattooing. The bend in the rear spring should be made a...

Sailor and Military Tattoos

Chatham Square New York Tattoo

When European explorers first arrived in the New World, they discovered that tattooing was a large part of the stone-age culture practiced by Native Americans. Common among most tribes were geometric patterns and dots that were applied to celebrate the individual's passage into puberty. Many tribes, including the Sioux Indians believed that a tatoo was necessary in order to gain passage into the other world. After an almost two thousand year absence from popular culture, the phenomena of tattooing re-emerged after explorers brought tales of it home after they had sighted examples of it in the North and South Americas. Tattooing was also very popular among sailors who, from the 1600's to the 1940's tattooed a chicken on one foot and a pig on the other to protect them from death by drowning. During World War II, the big symbol that protected sailors from drowning

Cleaning your work area

All surfaces must be disinfected with a cleaner before tattooing occurs. The floor should be kept clean, and spilled ink or blood should be cleaned and disinfected. The worktable should be cleaned between customers, and all equipment touched, i.e. power supply knobs, ultra sonic switches, light switches, should be cleaned. IF you are planning to start tattooing and can afford to buy a tattoo gun and power supply, but not the equipment for cleaning and sterilization. Keep saving because your doing no one any favors spreading disease. You risk transmitting disease, to your clients, yourself, and damaging the art of tattooing in general. The only sterilization that will be discussed here is autoclave and dry heat sterilization. Gas sterilization, glass bead sterilization. Boiling water, pressure cooker, and chemical sterilization are not commonplace in a tattoo studio, and in some cases unsafe for the operator and clients. A tattoo is nothing more than ink deposited under the skin. How...

Inked For Justice Tattoo Nate Beavers

Photos Lake Geneva Sweden

Details'from Eddie's Tattoo Studio Contact number 0191 5871787 The biggest draw was probably a group of extraordinarily young and talented artists iron the USA. Rising star Nick Baxter, who has just opened a studio in Ausun.Texas with Jeff Ensminger. certainly felt welcome at the Evian show. Both artists tattooed several masterpieces during the weekend which left some of the experts present gasping for breath Their tattoos seem to perfectly saturate the skin, while doing as little damage to it as possible. Nick as well as Jeff took several trophies in the competitions.The trophies, by the way. weren't just cheap cups, but unique (and pricey) tattoo machines, crafted by masters like Aaron Cain or Karl Marc, as well as valuable tattoo books. Adrian Dominic and Nate Beavers were two more artists making waves this weekend. Working next to artists from Japan. Malaysia. China and Tahiti, was master of Chicano fineline tattooing. Boog, who has been travelling extensively recently. He worked...

Awg 24 Gauge Copper Wire For Tattoo Coils

Tattoo Machine Frame Measurement

The thickness of any wire is called it's gauge . These thicknesses gauges, are measured in numbers. The tattoo industry standard gauge for magnetic copper wire wound around coils is AWG 24. Please, to more fully understand the function of the coil and it's magnetic field and it's application in the act of tattooing, read the power supply section on page 62.

Whai Are The Similarities Between Traditional Tattoos And Otker Traditional Craets

Craets Man

When I was in Australia travelling on my own, I was walking along and found a tattoo shop, and went straight in It was in Sydney, when I was walking around the Kings Cross area. I got tattooed there, and went travelling around Australia on my own. I was in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin, If I saw a tattoo shop, I would just go in and get a tattoo. Because it was tattoo flash work with a price on it, that's what 1 thought tattoos were about. But because I was an illustrator at the time, when 1 was on the plane home, I realized, why didn't I didn't get air original tattoo It was a real regret Around that time, I thought about becoming a horishi, but because I was a material artist, I held off trying for another six years. My mother was sick, so 1 needed to support her financially. After she became better, I basically guit, and I went straight into tattooing. At the time I was only doing one point tattoos (small tattoos), for about 8 years. Then 5 years ago, I changed direction. AT...

The Japanese Tattoo

That fall I attended the opening of an exhibition of my photographs in Tokyo, and it seemed a perfect opportunity to pursue my newfound interest in tattoos. I knew that the Japanese had taken the art of tattooing to its extremes. Those with tattoos, the Irezumi, were a very secretive group of people, and finding them was my first problem. Their reputation as part of the underworld, and their underground existence, enhanced the obstacles to locating them. Ultimately, it was an American living in Japan, Donald Richie, himself an authority on the Japanese tattoo, who helped me make my initial contact. Following Japanese protocol, Mr. Richie was able to provide me with the customary introductions. He led me to Mitsuaki Ohwada, world-renowned tattoo artist, and my knowledge of Japanese tattooing really begins with my first visit to his studio. Horikin was born in the Year of the Rat, a zodiac sign from which he derives his restlessness and his wealth. The rat while being a rodent and a...

Electronic Tattoo Machines

Felix The Cat Tattoo

Tattooing was revolutionized by Samuel O'Reilly's invention of the electric tattoo machine during the last decade of the 19 th century. The time required to complete a design went from hours to minutes, moving the art away from personally conceived, hand picked designs towards stock choices that were displayed like art on the walls of the tattoo parlor. Much of this tattooing was also conducted in the back of beer halls and barbershops. Cosmetic tattooing also originated during this time period. Many artists offering specialties such as moles and beauty marks rosy cheeks, permanent eyeliner and red lips to both male and female customers.

Taiwan Horikin Tattoo

Irezumi Samourai

Of course there is a homosexual element among some of the irezumi, but this subject is taboo and not openly discussed. There are also construction workers and truck drivers who spend all their wages and most of their off-hours getting tattooed. They may be moved to display their works of art in a drunken moment in a Ginza bar, as might geisha or bar hostesses who bear a timid cherry petal on an inner arm or an autumn leaf above a breast as souvenirs of past loves. If tattooed men marry, they marry a woman who is attracted to the power and the strangeness of the tattoo as much as to the man himself. In fact, the wives of tattoo masters usually become irezumi themselves. Normal women don't like tattooed men, Ohwada says although they are considered seductive, and myth holds that no woman ever refuses an irezumi. Nothing has damaged the irezumi reputation more than its putative association with gangsters, the Yakuza. While largely rumor and partly reality, this questionable layer of...

Japanese Tattoo The Plates

Tattoo master Horikin is best known for his Japanese style full-body tattoos. However, this client asked only for a single dragon, perhaps to celebrate his having been born in the Year of th Dragon, the fifth year of the Oriental Zodiac, or perhaps to strengthen his right arm. Moreover, he asked for nukibori or Western-style tattooing, recently popular in Japan among the young. In nukibori the outline of the pattern is filled in with solid color rather than the more characteristic shading and feathering of Japanese traditional methods.

People Are Wanting Quality And There Are Heore People Out There Who Can Deliver It The Standards In The Industry Are

Harry Ginny Comics

The point where you are paralysed and can't decide. Research artists and find one that does the kind of work you want, don't be afraid to ask tattooists questions either if they don't want to make the time to listen, do you really want them working on you afraid to ask, but be prepared to listen to and accept the feedback and advise that you get given . Wez4 expands on this point, If you are supposed to be a tattooist someone out there will give you the chance. Just because your mum and your best mates say you are good it doesn't mean you are If no one gives your portfolio the time of day you simply are not good enough. It's not the Hollywood lifestyle you see on TV, it is hard work for those who care, but its those that care that last . tabloids. Unfortunately this kind of celebrity worship, and artists selling their careers on the back on shoddy work on dubiously famous non-personalities, has made many artists reluctant to talk about, whom they have tattooed in case they look like...

Joe Capobianco Sketchbook

Knock Yerself Out

From doll-faced beginnings to fully rendered Technicolor cuties, within these pages is a goldmine of sexy and dynamic pinup flash, designed as an inspiration to those looking for a knockout tattoo, or even those looking to tattoo a knockout. Pound for pound, Joe Capobianco is a master in the art of the pinup, and displays his kaleidoscopic imagination and his love for the female form throughout the pages of his latest sketchbook. If you have a bookshelf, you'll want this on it. Add some sugar to your tattoo recipe with Knock Verself Out, the reference book for the sweet science of pinup tattooing. Skulls Volume 1 is the first book by author Oavid Grant outside the topic of exotic weapons. An avid researcher and collector of handheld weapons, this is his first foray into the world of art more specifically, tattoo art. What began as a project focusing on skull drawings has developed into a comprehensive reference guide for tattoo artists, as well as a spectacular picture book for skull...

Good Reasons To Get a Tattoo

In this age of fertility drugs, more mothers than ever are giving birth to identical twins, triplets and quadruplets. Tattooing the bottom of the newborns' feet is one way to guarantee that you will always be able to tell your children apart from each other.

Dont Expect the Moon and the Stars

Sean Donovan Traditional Tattoo Designs

Like most artists, tattoo artists have their own specific styles that they excel at and styles that they are not so good at. For example, if you want a realistic portrait of Marilyn Monroe on your arm, don't seek out an artist that specializes in reproducing lurid cartoons. Ultimately when it comes to tattooing, you are the art director and you are selecting the talent to realize your dream. Some tattoo artists are better at fine line tattoos than others, others have a knack for the rhythms and designs associated with primitive work and some are better at flowers than flaming skulls. Usually you can tell by looking at the Most tattooists have a great deal of enthusiasm for their work and are willing to get into the spirit with you when it comes to arriving at the style and size of tattoo that is best for you. If the artist has suggestions about size and color, listen to the voice of experience. They may simply know what looks best or they may be trying to subtly tell you something...

Seven Gods Of Good Fortune

The client's protruding abdomen suggested to tattoo master Horiyoshi III a design involving the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, widely worshiped by the merchant class of the seventeenth century, the time of tattoo's greatest fashion, and still popularly revered even today. Hotei, the bald-headed and enormously fat central figure, represents largeness of soul and inner wealth of resources. He was historically an eccentric Zen priest and an incarnation of the messiah of future bliss, the Maitreya or Miroku bodhisattva. The tattoo master has put this god distinguished by his large

Tatoo Gum In Ethiopia

Victor Portugal Tattoo Machine

To find out more about their tattoos, my guide and my driver (both Fulani men themselves) arc taking me to the villages of these former nomads. Just a few miles outside Djenne. in the Niger inland delta, lies Senoussa. a Uf ge area that was given to the Fulani at the time of their worst plight Now there is a picturesque, largely subsistent village there and its charismatic chief Hamadi Mama Case is pleased to welcome visitors. Without much ado. this hospitable and friendly man leads us to meet Aissa Kaycnta. the local tattooist their mantra of'Ca va and Bonjour without immediately demanding sweets or pens or both as so often happens. In between the clay houses we meet numerous Fulani ladies and girls, all of whom were tattooed when they reached the age of around twelve. One girl actually had endured the procedure about a week before our visit. Painful I ask. Sure, she says, but, being a proud Fulani. she would have never considered not doing it. Her tribe would never have allowed her...

Teii Us What Claire Does Ok Hir Time

Joshua Carlton Tattoos

I cant relax, I'm a workaholic, when I'm not tattooing I'm painting and when I'm not painting I'm drawing. I love my travelling lifestyle as I have a dual holiday and work life, for example where I'm working at the moment in Australia, the beach is opposite the studio. Tea Tree Lake is down the road and rain forests surround the whole area. I also really love music and try to see live bands whenever possible, I have so much to learn still, and really want to work on my technique and design, I love that there is no ceiling in tattooing, you can take it as far as you want and even if you get good, there's always a thousand people better than you to learn more from. WHAT 00 YOU FEE ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF THE TATTOOING SO FAR IVe noticed great changes in the time I've been tattooing, people are a lot more educated and go out of their way to research an artist that suits them. They also seem to want bigger work and have more unique ideas, which I love as Tve been able to work with some...

Step To Make Tatoos From Sketchpens

The winning design will be produced as a limited edition bottle destined for some of the coolest tequila bars in the UK. as well as being showcased alongside works from the industry's leading tattoo artists as part of the HORNITOS eodiibition at tlie exclusive ARTIST IriDAY party at Tattoo Jam Good luck J

Designing Your Tattoo on the Internet

Stock Tattoos

Typing the word tattoo into your search engine will bring up scores of sites inviting you to look at what are called flash or stock tattoos, which you can sometimes have for free, or a small fee. These are the same kinds of images that you often see displayed on the walls of a tattoo parlor. The idea is that you can take these templates directly to a tattoo artist and have them replicate the image on your body. Usually the tattoo artist will also personalize the tattoo slightly for you also, either by adding stripes, rays or bars, initials, vines and flowers, flames or other fill work that help make the tattoo uniquely yours. Another fantastic site that will really get your creative juices going is http This little known site allows you to create your own custom tribal tattoo in two minutes or less, even if you have absolutely zero artistic ability. You simply choose a design, customize it and then print it out to take to the tattoo artist.

Introducing The Body Armor Grew

My ambition is to keep pushing my art to higher levels. Jack has always been a great mentor with his dedication to his craft and attention to detail, he truly is an inspiration. I'm also inspired by Salvador Dali and everything around me. 1 love tattooing Old-school, New-school, Colour-work, Realism and Animals. I've been intrigued by Japanese art as far back as I can remember, but the first 5-6 years of my career I worked in street-shops and did all sorts of designs. It all kicked off when I first visited Japan in 2001. I went looking for this special bookstore called Keibunsha in Tokyo, selling Japanese tattoo-books only. The shop-owner and I started talking and when he asked me if I wanted him to introduce me to some of Japans most famous tattooists I was over the moon. I've been going back twice a year ever since, studying Japanese art and history, perfecting my art and I have also learned Tebori (Traditional Japanese hand-tattooing),

Self Harm Behind Bars

Both tattooing and self harm are both prevalent in correctional institutions. Whilst some 'prison tattoos' have a specific inherent message, there is often a deeper psychological motivation too. Both tattooing and self harm have been interpreted as an expression by the inmate or patient to demonstrate ownership, defiance and retain control of some aspect of their lives.

Thank Heavens For Tattooed Girls

It is run by the females of the company - to cater for the needs of those folk that may fill nervous visiting a traditional tattoo studio. The new studio offers a variety of different things to cater more for our female clientele - this includes, an array of Beauty Therapy Treatments, body piercing, microdermal anchoring, Henna body art, tattoos, UV tattoos, cosmetic tattooing and Botox. Check Angels new website for further details www. holeyskin. com

Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

Make sure that the parlor is a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Some people have had the experience of joining a friend for their tattooing session so you may already have an idea of a place like this. When walking into a tattoo parlor for the first time, don't be afraid to ask questions. Are the needles and other materials one-time use Will gloves be worn How long have the artists been tattooing Are they members of a professional organization

The Science of Tattoos

Early tattooing techniques seem quite barbaric by today's standards. South American tribes scratched or pricked at the skin and then smeared it with dye or dirt. The Inuit punctured the skin and passed a needle covered in soot through the open wounds. The Maoris pierced the skin with a tool used for cutting bone and then smeared ash and other dyes over the cuts. Today traditional Japanese tattoos are still created by manually puncturing the skin and wiping the wounds with dye. Fortunately, tattooing techniques have become much more sophisticated thanks to O'Reilly's electrically powered tattoo machine.

Con Ten Is Photography Max Oolberg

Tatoos Over Self Harm

Now the individual involved was not found guilty of a crime that would give them an income, but the cash, as I am writing this, is still being held by the powers that be as they seem reluctant to give the person their money back that they had earned - quite legitimately - by working their arse oil tattooing non-stop lor a years and saving for a forthcoming tax bill. So I ask myself is it now a crime to have cash There are still many folk that do not trust the banking system (and judging by recent events, I don't blame anyone for having doubts with the banks) so what do those in the cash industry that tattooing is do Do tattooists go back to the barter system and charge say, a small goat for a colour sleeve or a bag of turnips for a back piece It might work All these recent events bring to mind a great quote from the great Cash Cooper an old time UK tattooist In God we Trust-All the rest pay Cash

Skin Deep Forum Discussion On Tattoos And Self Harm

The tattooing has absolutely no Jini to self harm in my case. It is done purely for the end result, I find tattoos incredibly attractive, I (don't) go through that pain as some kind of catharsis. In other word, the pain of being tattooed really sucks. I hate it. But I put up with it knowing that I will have a gorgeous new piece of artwork.

Tattoo Safety Precautions

Be sure to follow the exact instructions on caring for your new tattoo. Your skin is open and is in the healing process during the first few weeks after your tattooing session so be sure to take care of it carefully. Another thing to consider is allergic reactions to the pigment. If you are aware of any allergies you may have, be sure to share them with your tattoo artist.

Reaches New Heights

Anth from K2 tattoo studio can announce the opening of his new purpose built studio to offer you, the public the best tattooing experience in Yorkshire. Anth Feel free to go see them at K2 Tattoo Studio, 132 Hull Rd, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire, If you liked the article we ran on Gavin Rodrigues from The Inkspot (Skin Deep issue 183), he will be doing a guest spot at the Richmond K2 Body Art studio as well as the new K2 for the next few months if you fancy a piece of his superb Black and Grey portraiture work.

Relation Between Tattoo Magic

Well, isn't tattooing just a socially acceptable form of self harm IS TATTOOING A FORM OF SELF HARM Although examples such as those outlined above would appear to support the suggestion that tattooing is self harm, closer scrutiny shows that the relationship between the two is far from being a direct one. There is no direct 'cause and effect' transaction at work. However, the term 'self harm' has some very specific implications pertaining to clinical psychology and this more widely understood definition has little in common with tattooing. Beyond the physical aspects of the two procedures (ie the breaking of the skin, the blood and pain), there appears to be little correlation with the associated psychologies. Favazza says that cultural practices imply activities that are faddish and hold little underlying significance. Piercing of earlobes or nose to accommodate jewellery are examples of such practices.' Given the proliferation of tattooing into mainstream culture since his book was...

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