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Mauricio Teodoro Black Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Mauricio Teodoro

Broad Range Spectrum Healing Protection for your Tattoos Tattoo Goo promotes faster healing with premium blend ingredients. The faster you heal your tattoo the more color you retain. Mauricio Teodoro, Block Dragon Tattoo, San Paolo, Brasil O Mouricio Teodoro Black Dragon Tattoo San Paolo, Brasil

Hands In Prayer Tattoo Designs Monster Tattoo Mansfield Notts

Prayer Hand Tattoos Designs

I have always been fascinated by tattoos, even though 1 knew no tattooed people when growing up. My earliest memories would be seeing tattooed people at the swimming baths at Butlins in Skegness on summer holiday in the late seventies. 1 knew from an early age that I would be heavily tattooed and as a child would seek out images of tattoos wherever I could. This was not easy back then. I had a picture from a Guinness Book of Records of Rusty Skuse that I was very pleased with and a black and white photo of a Japanese bodysuit that I ripped out of AT THIS POINT LUCKY WAS ALREADY TATTOOED COMPLETELY BLACK, SO WE LOOKED FOR A LIGHT SPOT AND I TATTOOED A SMALL BUDDHIST SWASTIKA ON HIS LEG an old encyclopaedia. In the early eighties a picture of a heavily tattooed person was a rare find, this being before the Internet and even tattoo magazines. I remember buying my first tattoo magazine around 1988.1 got my first tattoo from Paul Green at the Monster Shop in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in...

Whai Are The Similarities Between Traditional Tattoos And Otker Traditional Craets

Craets Man

WHAT DO THEY WANT TATTOOED WHY DO PEOPLE GET TATTOOED WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE GET TATTOOED WHAT DIO YOU GET TATTOOED AT THE TIME I WAS ONLY DOING ONE POINT TATTOOS (SMALL TATTOOS), FOR ABOUT 8 YEARS. THEN 5 YEARS AGO, I CHANGED DIRECTION. I got tattooed there, and went travelling around Australia on my own. I was in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin, If I saw a tattoo shop, I would just go in and get a tattoo. Because it was tattoo flash work with a price on it, that's what 1 thought tattoos were about. But because I was an illustrator at the time, when 1 was on the plane home, I realized, why didn't I didn't get air original tattoo It was a real regret Around that time, I thought about becoming a horishi, but because I was a material artist, I held off trying for another six years. My mother was sick, so 1 needed to support her financially. After she became better, I basically guit, and I went straight into tattooing. At the time I was only doing one point tattoos (small tattoos),...

Tell Us A Bit About Your Tattoos And How You Started Collecting

I love traditional tattoos because I know they're going to look just as good 30 years from now. visible tattoo. And then I started going nuts, I was getting tattooed once a month. Working in shops, not getting paid, just getting tattooed. I have a whole aim covered in stuff by Bert Krak. He did my hands the old Sailor Jerry flash for sweet and sour babies. He did my birds. I have work by Dave Fox. I went down to Miami Ink and got a piece by Ami James, E i Quinters is doing my thighs, which are not finished yet. Simon (Edge) has tattooed a Ben Folds tattoo on me - it's our favourite song. And I love the Burzum tattoo in the inverted cross too. My best tattoos are on my legs because I started those last, DO THINK IT'S ALWAYS IMPORTANT TO BE UNIQUI WITH YOUR TATTOO DESIGNS OR IS TRADITIONAL BETTER Personally, I love traditional tattoos because I know they're going to look just as good 30 years from now. There's more of a story behind it too. I do have some new school stuff and some neo...

Good Reasons To Get a Tattoo

Tattoos About Death Animals

Tattoos are works of art that can be used as a vehicle to display your unique sense of individuality to the world. For instance, if you are into the undead scene others will be able to identify you by the ghostly spirit tattooed on your arm. If you are an art lover, an Andy Warhol or Leonardo Da Vinici inspired tattoo will deliver the message to others. The tattoo can also give others some idea of your occupation. Spiritual Growth. Many individuals will get a tattoo after they experience an epiphany or leap of faith that has led to their survival against great odds. Examples of this kind of tattoo are the lung cancer survivor who gets a tattoo of the wind blowing and the student of Buddhism who gets the ohm symbol tattooed on his chest after receiving teachings from a master. To Enhance Luck. Getting a tattoo to enhance your luck is as old as primitive man. Today you can see everything from pairs of dice to four leafed clovers to the Greek Goddess Fortuna marked on...

Beginners Guide to Getting a Tattoo

The main concern when thinking about getting a tattoo should be finding something that you really like as well as the location on your body. Keep in mind that this will be with you for the rest of your life, so you must be comfortable with this decision. Custom tattoos tend to be more expensive and time consuming because they demand the artist to pay closer attention to the detail and design. In addition, it is a design that they have never done before. Simple, more common designs are generally less expensive and take less time. Another aspect of the design to consider is color or black. Black tattoos are very attractive because they tend to stand out more on the skin due to more of a contrast. Color tattoos generally are more expensive but there can be more creativity involved because the possibilities are endless with color.

Designing Your Tattoo on the Internet

Stock Tattoos

Typing the word tattoo into your search engine will bring up scores of sites inviting you to look at what are called flash or stock tattoos, which you can sometimes have for free, or a small fee. These are the same kinds of images that you often see displayed on the walls of a tattoo parlor. The idea is that you can take these templates directly to a tattoo artist and have them replicate the image on your body. Usually the tattoo artist will also personalize the tattoo slightly for you also, either by adding stripes, rays or bars, initials, vines and flowers, flames or other fill work that help make the tattoo uniquely yours. One of the most amazing on-line resources for stock and flash tattoos is which stores about 6,0000 online flash and stock tattoos in its virtual gallery. Below are some examples of the kinds of tattoos you can find at There are also computer programs available that can help you design your own tattoo. One of the best is...

Stock and Custom Tattoos

Tattoo designs fall in two categories stock (sometimes called flash) tattoos or custom tattoos. Stock or flash tattoos are the pictures that you see lining the walls of tattoo parlors. Usually these images consist of perennial favorites such as anchors, hearts, skulls, dragons, butterflies, crucifixes and other common images. These are the images that the tattoo artist is willing to do for a flat rate. Custom tattoos are usually more expensive. In this case you commission the artist to draw what you want by bringing in an image or combination of images that you would like reproduced on your flesh.

Chapter Choosing A Tattoo Artist Reputation is Al

Tattoo artists fall into two different categories those who have had formal training or an apprenticeship and scratchers.' In a category somewhere between the shoddy practices of the scratcher and the brightly lit sanitary studio of professional tattoo artists are the artists that just don't have any artistic talent. Their tattoos are badly executed, the outlines uneven, the colors unattractive and their drawing perspective is out of proportion. If a tattoo artist's works Unfortunately we live in a day and age where tattooing could literally be the death of a customer if proper procedures are not strictly carried out. Needles and equipment must be properly sterilized, cross-contamination and strict sterilization techniques must be adhered to, or disease can spread as quickly. Blood-born pathogens do kill tattoo clients. If you think all that you need to get a tattoo is a needle and some ink think again Before you choose the tattoo artist, you need to make an inner decision that you...

Touching Up Your Tattoo

Sometimes, for one reason or another, a tattoo may require some re-inking. If you think your tattoo needs some extra work, return to the tattooist and for his or her's educated opinion. Most are willing to redo faded or unset work for free unless you have obviously picked and peeled the tattoo right off your body.

Chapter Caring For Your Tattoo Post Operative Care

The minute you step out the front door of the tattoo studio, you are responsible for the post-operative care of your tattoo. How you look after your tattoo for the next few days and weeks will determine how crisp and clear it looks for the rest of your life. Do not try to air out your tattoo by removing the bandage. Leave the bandage on for as long as recommended by your tattoo artist. Some tattooists will recommend that you leave the bandage on for as long twenty-four hours but others will recommend not taking a peek at your design for at least three to six hours. When it is time to remove the bandage, do so very gently. Don't forget to always wash your hands before you touch your tattoo or the surrounding area If the bandage is After you remove the bandage, some tattooists will recommend that you leave the tattoo open to the air for around ten minutes while others will tell you to treat the area with ointment immediately. Usually the tattooist will recommend that you apply an...

Playboy Tattooed

KABUKI PLAYBOY Benten Kozo, one of the most popular and beloved scoundrels of the Kabuki repertoire was a thief whose beauty was such that he could disguise himself as a woman and ply his trade to great effect. When he is caught stealing from a dry goods store, he at last reveals himself as a man and undresses from women's clothing to expose a very tattooed man. It is this

Tattoo Designs

Big Tattoos Designs

One of the basic foundations of tattooing is the tattoo design. Without them, what is there to tattoo A great bonus to tattooing is the endless amount of nice artwork out there to use as designs and this in itself is a sort of job security. Printed design sheets, made readily available by tattoo suppliers, are called 'flash in the tattoo trade, These sheets are drawn by designers for the tattooist to work from. They range from the traditional to the totally bizarre and you can findjust about anything you like. For starters, at the end ofeach chapter in this book is a good tattoo design to use A good selection of traditional designs is a must because this is what people expect and more often than not. are what will keep you busy. Ii you happen upon some particular design theme or style that suits you, you may even want to just specialize in that.

Tattoo Artist Code

Bloodborne Traditional Art Tattoo

Be polite to everyone, answer questions no matter how childish they may seem. Help a stranger at least once a day. Respect your self. Dress well, not grungy. Clean clothes, well kept hair. You can still look like a tattoo artist but don't smell as bad as they expect you to. You are trying to be a medical professional. Get sleep and eat well. You need eight hours of sleep every night before you work. You have to be rested. Anyone that has tattooed can tell you that it is physically demanding work. It's hard on your hands, your back and you mind. Be healthy. Never steal someone else's work. Tattoo artist, not tattoo copyist

Why Get A Tattoo

That should be the motto of anyone who is considering getting a tattoo. In a nutshell, the worst times to get a tattoo are when you are drunk, high, in love or on vacation. When you are drunk or high, you are more likely to choose a design that looks just as bad as you are going to feel the next morning. If you decide to tattoo your lover's name on your forearm, make sure it's forever, otherwise you could find yourself hating your arm as much as you do your ex. People on vacation are also vulnerable to making hasty decisions, often taking home souvenirs on their skin that don't fit their normal lifestyle at all. Before you get a tattoo, you should sit down and seriously question your own motivations for wanting to do so. For instance, because it would make your mother cry is not a good reason to get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo also rarely does not achieve the intention of changing society nor is it exactly an expression of rebellion against authority any more as...

Celestial Stars Planets and Suns

Depictions of the planets and stars and their symbols are very common motifs in tattoo art. Perhaps one of the most famous planetary glyphs and symbols is the symbol for Mars and Venus that is interlinked. This mark symbolizes the eternal dance between male and female energies. Stock tattoo of a Sun found at

Antiauthoritarian Skulls

Purists would say that a tattoo is not a true biker tattoos unless it contains the Harley Davidson logo. Although the Harley Davidson symbols are pretty much the same, many of them are dressed up with other symbols such as jaguars, eagles, feathers, skulls, dragons, bats, flames and hot babes. Many bikers simply opt to get a photo of their custom chopper tattooed on their arm. Often those into customizing choppers will boast tattoos of nuts and bolts, screws, wheel hubs and other motorcycle parts on their bodies. The wheel of a bike or the bike itself roaring in a bouquet of flames is a very popular image. Although weapons and anti-authoritarian statements are also common to biker tattoos, many of them are surprisingly complacent and involve the usual roses, poker hands, tributes to Mom and flaming skulls that are seen adorning the body parts of non-bikers.

The Golden Rules of Tattoo After Care

This could cause the tattoo to discolor. A sunburn on top of a tattoo can also be very uncomfortable. Don't apply sunscreen on top of a tattoo. Wear long sleeves instead. After your tattoo has COMPLETELY healed you may apply sunscreen to protect the area and keep it from fading.

Sailor and Military Tattoos

Chatham Square New York Tattoo

Tattooing was also very popular among sailors who, from the 1600's to the 1940's tattooed a chicken on one foot and a pig on the other to protect them from death by drowning. During World War II, the big symbol that protected sailors from drowning were twin propellers (one tattooed on each buttock) meant to symbolically propel you to the shore. Images of bluebirds inked on the chest were often used to mark the number of miles a sailor had spent a sea. Each bluebird represented 5,000 miles logged at sea. If a sailor had sailed south past the equator he sometimes got a picture of Neptune tattooed n his leg. If he crossed the international dateline, a sailor owned the right to wear a tattoo of a dragon. A hula girl tattoo meant the sailor had been to Honolulu. Female underwear and stockings tattooed on the sailor's body meant that he had been on more than one cruise. With the outbreak of the Civil War, thousands of men from New York were conscripted into the Union Army. The demand for...

Ancient Egypt It Was Probably Cleopatra

Cleopatra Tattoo

What do your folks think about your tattoos cover up. My mum .because they're in South Africa and they are quite behind, but with her she takes pictures of me and emails them to her friends and goes Look, look at this Tliis is my daughter Almost like a freak show. The only thing she says is Please don't tattoo your face and to be honest at this stage of my life I wouldn't go there anyway. Maybe when I'm 70 I might well tattoo my face and do the convention rounds, you know I don't particularly want my face tattooed, I wear enough make up as it is

Dont Expect the Moon and the Stars

Sean Donovan Traditional Tattoo Designs

Like most artists, tattoo artists have their own specific styles that they excel at and styles that they are not so good at. For example, if you want a realistic portrait of Marilyn Monroe on your arm, don't seek out an artist that specializes in reproducing lurid cartoons. Ultimately when it comes to tattooing, you are the art director and you are selecting the talent to realize your dream. Some tattoo artists are better at fine line tattoos than others, others have a knack for the rhythms and designs associated with primitive work and some are better at flowers than flaming skulls. Usually you can tell by looking at the Once you are in the chair, treat your tattoo artist with respect. Don't try to be a back seat artist and annoy him or her with impulsive creative suggestions. Of course, this is not going to happen if you and the artist have mutually agreed on an appropriate design in the first place. Sean Donovan works on a customer's tattoo at a tattoo convention in Hollywood...

People Who Come To Our Studio

Tattoo Dragon Ball

AT WHAT AGE DID YOU GET YOUR FIRST TATTOO AND BY WHOM My first tattoo I got quite late in life at the Bregenz-Tattoo Convention. Tommy Lee was the artist, and it brought tears to my mother's eyes, Guil Zekril introduced me to tire wonderful tattoos of Tommy Lee at the opening of his tattoo studio. get my first tattoo macliine etc. and then I took off from there. I gave up graphic gesign and started tattooing. I have not done an apprenticeship. A friend of mine put me in contact with a tattoo designer who runs a tattoo studio on the Isle of Sylt, a small German island. So I packed my suitcase and went to Sylt. In the coming weeks, he taught me so much and I designed my first tattoos there. Well like I mentioned before, 1 myself have not completed an apprenticeship. In my opinion good tattooing is a combination of Yes 1 have worked at a lot of conventions and I learn so much at each one. You meet so many interesting people and create your own network existing of all kind of artists and...

Religious Symbols of Faith Spirituality

Last Supper Bible Tattoo

Crosses, praying hands, flaming sacred hears and doves characterize religious symbols. Also quite common are full reproductions of the Crucifixion and other well-known scenes from the Bible. Devout followers will often have fully landscaped myths tattooed on their backs, chest and arms depicting such scenes as The Last Supper or t0-scale reproductions of famous works such as the Sistine Chapel.

Rite Of Passage Tattoo And Arts Convention

Trevor Mcstay Tattoo

Rites of Passage is a brand new tattoo festival that celebrates creativity as a means to connect - not only with ourselves, but with one another, our various cultures, our ancestors and the Earth. The team have handpicked the world's finest tattoo artists to showcase their work in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The Rites of Passage Festival is your opportunity to see world-class masters at work and to experience it first-hand. With top-notch artists like Sean Herman, Paolo Acuna, Trevor McStay, Jo Harrison, Nick Baxter, Rachie Brains and many, many others, you'd be mad to miss this show.

Tattoo Safety Precautions

Before making the decision to get a tattoo, be sure you are educated about possible health risks associated with the practice. These risks are minimal but can occur nonetheless. Be sure to follow the exact instructions on caring for your new tattoo. Your skin is open and is in the healing process during the first few weeks after your tattooing session so be sure to take care of it carefully. Another thing to consider is allergic reactions to the pigment. If you are aware of any allergies you may have, be sure to share them with your tattoo artist. Finally, the biggest thing to remember when getting a tattoo is to NOT let a friend try to tattoo you. Please leave it to the professionals who make this art their livelihood. They have the training and licensing to provide you with a clean and safe service.

The Alliance of Professional Tattooists

If you are looking for an elite and exclusive organization that has compiled a comprehensive list of the cream of the crop when it comes to tattoo artists then the publishers of this book highly recommend that you go immediately to http is the official site of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. On this site you will find the latest updated information about safety issues, Tattoo parlors, tattoo shops, piercing, body piercing, artist, artists, Flash Sets, Flash Sheets, Custom tattoos, Professional Tattooists, information about autoclaving, HIV, Hepatitis in tattooing, and more. There is also a function on the site that allows you to access the artistic talents of the t APT member that is nearest to you. We recommend this site as a resource to find a tattoo artists simply because health officials and lawmakers have recognized APT as a professional, ethical and authoritative voice in the industry.

Assessing the Artists Practice

If the tattoo studio does not look as clean as your doctor or dentist's office than walk right out of the door. Bad places to get tattooed are in someone's kitchen, a local bar, in the bleachers at a racetrack or at a county fair. This is because sterile conditions cannot be met in certain environments. You might also want to observe how the tattooist is applying ointments and Vaseline. The tattoo artist should always use steel or disposable wooden sterile spreader and not a finger to apply these substances to your skin. Many artists will use roll-on deodorant to create a darker impression of the transfer copy on your skin before they begin the tattoo. Although this is a very effective method of transferring a stock tattoo to the skin, keep in mind that the deodorant may have been used on another client's skin. The deodorant should be wiped onto a tissue, and then tissue the tissue should be used to place the deodorant on your skin. Unfortunately, mandatory testing for hepatitis B is...

Ten Signs You Are in the Right Studio

The Tattoo Artist Provides Samples of Previous Work Never select an artist who can not produce some kind of portfolio. A photo album of tattoos done on living skin should be provided for you to look at in the studio. An artistic display of stock tattoos on the walls is not enough to tell you that the artist has a good reputation. 2. The Tattoo Artist Lives in a Disposable Universe Nothing that that the tattoo artist uses should ever be placed back into a container. This includes ointment, ink and water. Usually these substances have been in contact with your blood plasma. Such thriftiness increases the risk of the spread of infection to you and others. 3. The Tattoo Artist Possesses an Autoclave Certificate If the tattoo artist gives you any attitude or is evasive with regards to the use of the autoclave or tries to pass off an ultra-sonic cleaner as a sterilization equipment then head for the front door. 4. The Tattoo Artist Uses New Sterile Needles New sterile needles are always...

Professional Considerations

Applying a tattoo involves a lot more than just creating a pretty picture. A professional artist is an artist, a technician and a craftsperson. Selecting the artist who is going to apply your tattoo is the most important decision that you will have to make, so make sure the artist is part-doctor, part artist. Make sure you take the time to scrutinize the artist's work Do the lines of the tattoos look shaky or feathery Do the circles look like circles and squares like squares What about the coloring Are the colors blended well to create even forms of shading, dimension, and depth Do any of the tattoos look swollen, faded, bleary or out of proportion. Trust your own artistic eye when it comes to this, as despite all of the promises or excuses that explain inferior work, your tattoo will probably resemble what is in the artist's portfolio in the end.


War Commemorative Tattoos

Commemorative tattoos are used to remember or mark an important event such as a death, world disaster or triumph in war. Most commemorative tattoos are custom tattoos that incorporate several elements to make it a personal item. Examples of two custom tattoos remembering the events of September 11th. Photos reprinted with permission of Stacy Sharp An example of a custom tattoo celebrating a personal relationship. Photos reprinted with permission of the artist -Stacey Sharp

Cost is a Factor

If you can't afford a tattoo, than accept your circumstances. Although a tattoo is priceless, it can also be considered to be a form of beauty treatment. You wouldn't allow a bad hairdresser to butcher your hair, so don't let an affordable tattoo artist brand you for life with a marking that you might dislike. The cheapest tattoo is a flash or stock tattoo. These are the designs that you find hanging on the walls of the studio, parlor or (traditionally) the barber shop wall. Artists usually charge a flat rate for their flash designs, but this, of course is dependent on the size of the design and the amount of color that is used to saturate it. In general you can expect to pay between 50 and 100 U.S. for a tattoo that is about two by two square inches. For custom work, most artists usually charge by the hour. It is highly recommended that you bring your template or design with you so that the artist can give you an accurate estimation of how long the work will take. Rates for custom...

Thought Provoking

I was absolutely horrified that there are people in the world that associate tattooing with self-harm. I know and understand that it's a personal choice whether to get tattooed or not, and there are people who will never understand why anyone would choose to mark themselves for life, or as some refer to it as 'scarring yourself for life'. I wonder if it is these people that associate tattooing with self-harm After reading the article I spoke to a few people about their opinions and none of them agreed with it, but then again, they were all tattooed Is it because you are purposefully causing yourself pain whilst getting a tattoo that the two are associated I think most tattooed folk would agree it's not the pain that gets them back in for their next ink fix, it's the end result, whereas the opposite could be said for self harming.

Celtic Tattoos

Ancient Scottish Symbol Love

Most modern Celtic designs are sourced from ancient scrolls called the Irish Illuminated Manuscripts, which were created during the sixth and seventh centuries. As before that the Celts did not keep written records, designs are also found in ancient stone and metal work. Before the sixth century, these ancient peoples often tattooed or painted their faces and bodies to protect them from evil spirits and ensure victory in battle. Roman documents also indicate that ancient British and Scottish peoples may have tattooed themselves before entering into battle. Ancient stones from Gaul also show leaders with tattooed faces. These tattoos were created from woad, a plant that produces blue dye. A body of a Pict found frozen in the permafrost in Siberia indicated that these pre-Celtic peoples tattooed using puncture marks to create the forms and outlines of animals using woad as the dye. Mix well and sift. Soak powder in 2 parts water and 1 part leek juice.IWash the skin to be tattooed with...

Jobs Wanted

I am a 26 year-old male living in the west Yorkshire area. I have worked in a well-established tattoo studio, as an apprentice and now that I'm fully trained I'm looking for a more responsible role. I have a natural artistic ability, so I tend to do lots of free hand tattoos and original artwork, I specialise in realistic black and gray work but do enjoy colour work and the more traditional tattoos. I see myself as a very polite, responsible, friendly and hard working individual. I have no drug alcohol problems. I have a Full UK driving license and I am willing to travel for work. My Portfolio is available at request. Any interest inquiries please do not hesitate to contact. Luke Williamson 07394714653 Lukewilliamson_design hotmail. com (188) My name is Claire, I am 29 years old and I am looking for a position apprenticeship in a tattoo studio in the south Wales area. I currently live near Swansea, but am willing to travel. I have a passion for art and tattoos and i have excellent...

Modern Tattoos

Primitive Tattoos

During the last fifteen years, two distinct classes of tattoo business have emerged. The first is the tattoo parlor that glories in a sense of urban outlaw culture, advertises itself with garish exterior signage and offers less than sanitary surroundings. The second is the tattoo art studio that most frequently features custom and fine art designs, all of the features of a high end beauty and by-appointment services only. Today's fine art tattoo studio draws the same kind of clients as a jewelry store, fashion boutique, or highend antique shop. Tattooing is recognized by government agencies as both an art form and a profession. As tattoo-related artwork is considered to be fine art, tattoo designs are the subject of museum and gallery art shows across the United States, Canada and Europe. Nowadays everything from Andy Warhol portraits to Teletubbies to instant messenger smiley face icons just about any image is fair game for a tattoo. Your choice of a tattoo design is only as limited...

Physical Health

Shoulder Peony Tattoos For Women

In ancient Asian cultures, tattoos were often applied to ensure long term physical health. The Tibetans equated designs called mantra wheels with many minutes of chanting. These designs were tattooed on chakra (energy points) on the body to help the bearer of the tattoo achieve physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. Sometimes tattoos were created from medicinal dyes and marked on acupuncture points of the body in an attempt to cure chronic health problems and diseases. In quite a few cultures an image of a God or Goddess could also be tattooed on an acupuncture point or an afflicted part of the body in an attempt to heal it. In India, the Monkey God, Hanuman, was tattooed on dislocated shoulders. Older Maori women tattooed their lips and face to prevent failing vision. Ainu women tattooed a Goddess on their skin so that the evil spirits that bestowed disease would mistake them for the Goddess and flee in terror.

United States

Artist Chad, AKA CHUBBY Famous For Custom Tattoo's Portraits, comical, color, Black and white Location FT Worth, Texas View the artist's portfolio at http Artist Doby Famous For -Traditional Color tattoo's, Bands Location Temple, PA View the artist's portfolio at

Innocence Lost

1 just thought Id get in touch and let you see the awesome piece of work that I've just had done by Dan Henk from Austin, Texas, who came over as a special guest invited to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Wine hours of pain under the needle was well worth it in the end, BUT the major complaint I had was that as Dan didn't get finished until 8pm and he hadn't entered for the Best Tattoo oi the Day as he wasn't sure it would be finished in time. Despite my efforts to talk to the judges and say that Dan was a featured guest artist from America they wouldn't let me enter, which seemed to also piss Dan off as in the States you can enter right up until the judging begins. As all the other tattoo artists commented on his work saying that it should have been a sure winner that day, I wanted to get in touch to give Dan the recognition he deserves for this piece of work, and also hear your views on it. Many thanks Andi Hodgetts (Wakefield)

Ocean and River Life

Best Tattoo Joe Little

Pin up girl tattoos have something to do with the phrase a sailor has a lady in every port. Explorers in the South Pacific came home with tattoos of their exotic feminine finds on their arms. Some of these tattoo designs were morphed into goddess like creatures who were thought to protect the men while they were at sea.

Personal Adverts

Hey I'm Jess, I am a tattoo artist in Kent. 18. and I'm looking for a guy with piercings and tattoos who can make me laugh. Appearance doesn't matter, personality is key. Text 07779468988 (187) 28 y o lightly tattooed getting more) 6'4 white male seeking female pen pal. 24-35 (multi tattoos and piercings). Willing to relocate in future. Write to Greg Arndt 379068, PO Box 900, Sturtavent, WI, 53177, USA (187) Age 26 looking for tattooed males for pen pals and hopefully more. Write to Jones AR3162 HMP Pare, Heoi Hopcyn John Bridgend, Wales. CF35 6AP (186)

The Healing Process

Remember to clean and apply fresh ointment to your new tattoo at least twice a day for the prescribed number of days recommended by your tattoo artist. Generally, you'll be told to use the ointment for three days or so. Some tattooists will tell you to do so until the tattoo has scabbed and others until it is healed. When you stop using the ointment continue to keep the area clean and use a lotion after washing with warm soapy water to keep the tattooed skin soft. Around the three day point, the new tattoo will start to peel and scab. If there is a great deal of scabbing it means that your tattoo has been poorly inked.

Bigger is Better

Although any image can be tattooed onto your body, some of them might look better on paper than they do on your skin. In general a big, bold simple image is clearer than a tiny, detailed image. Bigger images simply have more impact. When it comes to tattoos bigger is better. If you find yourself looking at an array of complex designs full of curlicues, landscapes and portraits you might also want to recall the KISS rule used by American astronauts KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Remember you can always add elaborations to your tattoo later if you are not satisfied with a simple design.

Good Luck

In Burma, a parrot tattooed on the shoulder is thought to bring luck. In Thailand, a scroll representing Buddha in the posture of meditation is said to charm Lady Luck. Card tattoos such as the Ace of Spades and the Ten of Diamonds were worn by American soldiers in Vietnam to protect against bad luck and venereal disease.

Tattoo Care

The first thing to remember about your tattoo is that this is a lifetime investment Do not rely on information from friends about the care of your new tattoo. The artist will provide you with the proper care for the tattoo. Generally, if your tattoo has been bandaged, leave it on for approximately two hours. Then, wash it gently with luke-warm water using antibacterial soap. Pat it dry, do not rub. This washing should occur three to four times a day. Do not soak the tattoo in water or let the shower directly spray hard onto it. Also, avoid swimming pools, the ocean, hot tubs or any other source of water, aside from the shower, until the tattoo is healed. Also avoid getting the new tattoo sunburned until it is healed. All of these can fade the tattoo and hinder the healing process.

History of Tattoos

Tribal Anarchy Symbol Designs

Europeans rediscovered tattooing when they encountered Polynesians and American Indians during some exploration. The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word tattau which means to mark . European and U.S. societies considered tattoos very exotic so many tattooed Indians and Polynesians drew a crowd at the circus and fairs during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Drawing the Outline

The area to be tattooed will be covered in a light layer of ointment. This ointment cleans the skin, seals the transfer in place and allows the needle to move more smoothly over the skin. The tattoo artist will insert the appropriate needles in the tattooing machine. Usually the artist will use a thicker needle to follow the outline of the transfer in black. Depending on the size or detail involved in the design the tattoos will periodically stop the machine and clean your skin with a cotton swab to remove any seeping blood. Most people say that the most painful part of getting a tattoo is creating the black outline of the design. Although it can be a bit intense, the pain usually diminishes rapidly afterwards. After the outline is completed, the tattoo artist will wipe away any remaining bluish marks created by the application of the transfer.

Rites of Passage

Primitive people also tattooed their adolescents as a rite of passage. The theory was that if a young boy couldn't take the pain of a tattoo at a young age, then he would be useless at battle. Similarly, if a young girl couldn't handle the pain of a tattoo, she would not be able to handle the pain of childbirth. Many of these children ended up with a tattoo anyway, that would label them as an outcast of the tribe. From the South Pacific to the South America, primitive people have customs involved with their tattooing rituals. Usually the person being tattooed is separated from others, smudged, isolated from the opposite sex or fed a special diet.

Hate My Tattoo

If you don't like your tattoo, consider asking the tattoo artist to give you a cover up. Tattoo artists usually have stock designs that they used to cover offending tattoos. These designs usually feature large blocks of black and featured images such as black panthers, black clouds and other chunky designs. A talented tattoo artist can redo your tattoo without resorting to blotting it out with a large dark mass. However, you need a skilled artist for a cover-up job. You will need a custom design that obliterates the existing one. Cover-up work is demanding and exacting so you will also pay more for a cover-up piece then you would for fresh tattoo. Try to choose an artist with a good design sense.


Around the same time, the Japanese became interested in the art but only for its decorative attributes. The Horis -- the Japanese tattoo artists --- were the undisputed ancient masters of the color tattoo. Their use of pigments, perspective, and imaginative designs gave the practice a whole new appearance. During the first millennium A.D., Japan adopted Chinese culture and confined tattooing to branding wrongdoers. In the Balkans, the Thracians had a different use for the craft. Aristocrats, according to Herodotus (500 B.C.) were tattooed to show the world their social status. Most of the early uses of tattoos were ornamental. However, a number of civilizations had practical applications for this craft. The Goths, a tribe of Germanic barbarians famous for pillaging Roman settlements, used tattoos to brand their slaves. Romans also tattooed slaves and criminals. In ancient Greece and Rome, slaves with tattoos could never become citizens, even if they were able to buy their freedom....

Youre Doomed

You've spent hours choosing your design, lived through the pain in the chair, avoided picking at the scab and now you've decided you can't stand the sight of the ugly thing. In this case, you would not be alone. It is estimated that over 50 of people who get a tattoo live to rue the day they visited the tattoo parlor. This is probably due to the impulsivity factor discussed in the first chapter of this book, which warns against the folly of getting a tattoo while drunk, high, in love or on vacation. This is why it is so important to think before you ink. The potential to make your tattoo vanish depends on a number of factors including skin type, skin color, how well you heal as well as the size the tattoo. It also depends on where the tattoo was placed on the body and the type of ink used as many different types of ink are used around the world. Most tattoo removal technologies remove black ink the best but removing color tattoos can be very difficult. In fact, some color tattoos...

Inspiration from

The best places to find ideas for designs for tattoos that you can take along with you to the tattoo parlor are the Library or everybody's favorite one-stop resource - the Internet. Actually, don't even bother going to the library. This is only necessary if you don't own a computer or are moved to have a full reproduction done by Delacroix tattooed in fine detail on your back. Good artistic key words to type into your search engine in order to find examples of art to inspire your tattoo are astrological symbols , expressionism , flowers , fantasy art , gods goddesses goth art native American neo-primitivism , modernism

Japanese Clouds Tattoo

Tattoos Japanese Clouds

THUNDERBOLT Horiichi has tattooed a series of near abstractions on this client, who asked for the fury of the elements. Here are wind, thunder, lightning, and clouds tossed in turbulence. TABOO These men have been tattooed by Horikin on the left, and Horigoro II on the right. The prayer Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo (Hail to the Lotus Scripture of the Good Law) derives from the fanatical Nichiren sect of Buddhism founded in A.D. 1253, whose six million followers today are still much addicted to chanting and drumming. Their belief is that one perfect and sincere utterance of this single prayer will ensure rebirth in Nirvana, or Nothingness. The heavy leg tattooing on the man on the right was designed to cover severe scars. The Hail Lotus Sutra prayer is on the diagonal in red and upside down in gold to indicate either perversity or that Lord Buddha is omnidirectional. Both of these tattoos are particularly eccentric, in that they extend to the genitals. The penis is the last part of the...

Solid Color and Black

The first tattoos you will be doing when you are ready will be tribal and solid color work. For the most part, you're going to be lining with an eight or a five. The idea of solid color is like the sponge I explained earlier. The longer you hold the sponge in the water the more it will get wet. The only problem is a tattoo needle can damage the skin to the point of scarring if you're in the same spot too long. Scar tissue gets is characteristics from having a lack of elasticity like normal skin. If you scar a tattoo then the pigment will come out as the tattoo heals and touch ups will be more difficult because the scar tissue will cause you problems. If you are tattooing something about the size of a card deck then you will be able to shade and You must have a light hand, if you push too hard or go too slow then you will just turn your client into a piece of ground chuck. You can also practice your fill work on a banana since the banana will look the same as skin. If you are digging...

Do I He Colours Hoid Weil With Iebri

Jack Mosher Ink

Oh there is still a lot of discrimination. Once I got kicked out of my house for being a horishi. When I was in Hasuda, I was an artist, and the landlord leased the place to me, but when I was tattoomg, it became known when I was in a magazine. Wot long after, the police and the landlord came over, and told me to leave, I really love houses, and I would go to a real estate agent to get a house, and no one would lease one to me. So I just bought this place. They won't give me life insurance either. The way tattoos are seen has changed slightly though, by the general public. Ten years ago, if you had a small tattoo on your arm, even though they will stare at it now, before people would quite obviously avoid you. Now they might look at you, but they aren't that scared.

Grey Wash and Color Shading Basics

Color washing and blending is the same technique but less stuff. Black pigment is more watery and so dark we have to use the mixes to get the desired hues. Color pigment is thicker and easier to work with. Lets say that I'm going to shade with only red. The dark and light line would still apply but you don't need a bunch of empty caps for each color. I would make sure my black or other pigment is full washed out of the tube, and then I would dip in the water designated for the red pigment. If I dip in the water quickly while the machine is running, then I have an 80 hue of red. I count two seconds then I have about a 50 hue, or a medium wash. Three seconds washed out the red for a 20 (light) wash. You simply shade with the light, then work your way to the solid red, blending it till smooth. You can wash any color just like you can with black and grey. The use of at least a seven mag during wash fading will make your tattoos look so much better. If you try to wash with a round it will...

And Tuning Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine Tuning

Tattoo machines function with electromagnetism, as it may well be known. The coils are magnetised by the electric current running through them, which magnetically attracts the armature bar to them (thus pushing the needle), which disconnects the electricity to the coils, their magnetic feilds collapse and the armature spring pulls the armature back into contact with the contact screw (i.e. electricity) which recharges the coils, the magnetic fields expand and the process repeats, extremely fast-somewhere between 60 and 150 cycles per second. There are a few technical terms that I have to run by you when you pass electricy through a conductor you create a magnetic field, we learned that in second grade with the battery and the nail with the coiled wire around it picking up paper clips (the same priciple in application in a tattoo machine) and the reverse is also true, that is when you pass a conductor through a magnetic field you produce an electric current in the conductor (a...

Giant Tattoo Annual Poster

Heavy Metal Tattoos

We're sure Rich Banks has some strong opinions on the transference of superheroes from paper to film. The service station manager from Danbury, Connecticut, has them tattooed all over his body. Taking up residence on his right forearm are Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler and The Beast. On his left arm, Rich has Dark Phoenix, Rogue, Storm, Mystique, and Lady Deathstrike. A consummate X-Men fan, he also has Wolverine's gloves tattooed on his hands. Besides moshing it up, we did manage to meet some of the local talent. We mingled with Miami tattoo artist and owner of Qcho Placas, Jose Carrera. Jose's shop definitely had the snazziest booth in the building displaying custom pieces painted and created by the artists in his shop and from around the Miami area. Be sure to check out his full feature in this issue. Who else made an impression Be sure to check out Pooch, Lome Morris, and Stefano Alcantara. Don't worry we didn't forget the piercers. Our new friend Jason Coale at Bulldog Tattoo...

Horiyoshi Iii 100 Demons

BRAVERY Here Horiyoshi III depicts another tattooed hero from the Suikoden, the famous Chinese novel about the exploits of a band of 108 brave warriors. SPIDERWEB The client requested a delicate and detailed image for his underarm, one of the most painful areas to be tattooed and also one of the most dangerous. The needle pricks are constantly subjected to excretions from the sweat glands. The underarm hair Spiderweb is also the nickname of a famous American tattoo artist. There seems to be a universal respect for the TRANSCENDENCE Horikin designed this pattern for his head ( the seat of all senses ), which was then tattooed variously by Horigoro III, Horikin II (his brother and disciple), and Horiyoshi III. Here the art of tattooing joins that of calligraphy. The the second tattooed head in Japanese history. The first belonged to Horikame, who died in 1932. Now that Horikin's hair has begun to thin and his forehead shows his tattoos, he wears a hat in iblic.

Advanced Tattoo Technique

Color Blending Tattoo

Decaling is another advanced color trick. It works best with bright colors and small tattoos. Do the entire tattoo and when you are done, line the outside line with white. Just like with bold lining only not as thick, just the width of another out line. Don't do any outside lines either. This trick is called decaling because it makes the entire tattoo look like a sticker of a fake tattoo. The image will jump off of the skin. Unfortunately it doesn't work well with black and grey or light color work. It looks cool, but it won't look like a sticker unless the entire inside of the tattoo is bright color. Negative is a technique that has really gained popularity over the last ten years. It's where you use the skin it's self for the image tattooed. One example is the tattoo above. The smoke along the sides was blood lined. As the tattoo progressed, I filled in and shaded the area as normal leaving the smoke alone. You can do this with any image. It also works well with grey wash. Another...

Willie Adler Tattoo Stomach

Idea I had years ago when I was in art school in Maryland. It was a painting of 2 trees, both identical but in different surroundings. Daytime and then night just my interpretation of yin and yang. When I saw what he'd done I was blown away. It wasn't 2 trees but one separated into halves each half representing dark or light. Far better then I had originally pictured. I think it looks pretty damn awesome on my arm. You may also remember Willie getting inked up in the 2005 DVD Killadelphia. He has a plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes tattooed on his stomach. Since then he's added a red-checkered tablecloth to it. Now, that's a picnic

World Wide Tattoo Supply

Huck Spaulding Ink

The August issue of Savage (No. 102 ) is coming at you tike a typical August fireball Besides our assortment of the hottest tattooed and pierced people on the planet, we're showcasing the talents of the srtists from Charlie's House of Tattoos, in SoCal The Tattoo Factory in Chicago and some fun with piercer ftab Hill. We'll jet out to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for their annual expo and talk tatoos and music with the band Acacia Strain. Newsstand buyers get a special mini-mag of our favorite special Sarage Couples, as well as a fold out 3-month calendar Read this issue 'ti the pages fall off, then run right out and get the next one before they're all gone On SaleJune 30.2009

The Japanese Tattoo

In the summer of 1982, in my New York studio, I photographed my first tattoo. Immediately after Adrienne arrived, she peeled off her sundress and displayed an exquisitely tattooed dragon down the length of her back. She told me, among other things, that for wedding presents she and her husband had given each other matching bat tattoos on their breasts. Adrienne also had rings in her nipples she was exotic, and mysterious, and I was enthralled. That fall I attended the opening of an exhibition of my photographs in Tokyo, and it seemed a perfect opportunity to pursue my newfound interest in tattoos. I knew that the Japanese had taken the art of tattooing to its extremes. Those with tattoos, the Irezumi, were a very secretive group of people, and finding them was my first problem. Their reputation as part of the underworld, and their underground existence, enhanced the obstacles to locating them. Ultimately, it was an American living in Japan, Donald Richie, himself an authority on the...

Tattoo Aftercare and the Healing process

After the tattoo is complete you may want to bandage the tattoo. Basic First Aid teaches us that denying a wound of oxygen will dramatically slow the healing time. Since the invention of the plastic wrap, people have been putting it on there tattoos. Don't do this. What is a green house A green house is a building with a frame and glass so the sun can get in and make things grow. Your giving people a bacteria farm by putting plastic wrap on a tattoo. Light can get in and heat up the tattoo causing bacteria to grow, the plastic seals away all oxygen so your body cannot fight the infection or allow the natural healing process. You must view a tattoo as a wound, it's an abrasion comparable to skinning your knee. The first two hours of a tattoo healing is the most important. The tattoo will seep blood and plasma (the clear stuff) for about fifteen minutes. You can bandage the tattoo to help guard against bacteria on the clients ride home, but after about thirty minutes it needs to come...

Was Dorn In Lithuania But Relocated To London About S Years Ago When I Decided To Follow My Girlfriend Here

Dave Studio18ltd

I got my first tattoo at the tender age of sixteen but it has since been covered as a fortune teller told me that the symbolism was evil and would bring me bad luck, I've had two other tattoos in the last couple of years both of these have been done by Candice. Ilove tattoos and think that they can really enhance the body when they are well designed and placed appropriately. 1 do like to look different, maybe that's why I have worked so hard on my body and I think that tattoos help in creating a unique and individual appearance. I am seriously considering getting some facial tattoos as I really do love them, but 1 have to think very seriously before doing so.

Taiwan Horikin Tattoo

Irezumi Samourai

Of course there is a homosexual element among some of the irezumi, but this subject is taboo and not openly discussed. There are also construction workers and truck drivers who spend all their wages and most of their off-hours getting tattooed. They may be moved to display their works of art in a drunken moment in a Ginza bar, as might geisha or bar hostesses who bear a timid cherry petal on an inner arm or an autumn leaf above a breast as souvenirs of past loves. If tattooed men marry, they marry a woman who is attracted to the power and the strangeness of the tattoo as much as to the man himself. In fact, the wives of tattoo masters usually become irezumi themselves. Normal women don't like tattooed men, Ohwada says although they are considered seductive, and myth holds that no woman ever refuses an irezumi. Nothing has damaged the irezumi reputation more than its putative association with gangsters, the Yakuza. While largely rumor and partly reality, this questionable layer of...

People Are Wanting Quality And There Are Heore People Out There Who Can Deliver It The Standards In The Industry Are

Harry Ginny Comics

Unfortunately this kind of celebrity worship, and artists selling their careers on the back on shoddy work on dubiously famous non-personalities, has made many artists reluctant to talk about, whom they have tattooed in case they look like they are fame chasing. In this interview it meant that I almost didn't get to find out that JJ had tattooed Joe Strummer (of the Clash) a few years before he passed away. Having spent 15 years working on his ait and craft, it is safe to say that JJ isn't trying to get credibility or acceptance by name-dropping. In an increasingly 'instant' and disposable culture, which seems to be spreading to tattooing too, it's refreshing to speak to someone so down to earth. It all comes back to the fact that I am a tattoo artist myself. I know a lot of these guys and they know I've got an independent vision. So I've had a lot of help from magazines and support from other artists abroad . other tattoo artists are talking about the two portraits he does...

Joe Capobianco Sketchbook

Knock Yerself Out

From doll-faced beginnings to fully rendered Technicolor cuties, within these pages is a goldmine of sexy and dynamic pinup flash, designed as an inspiration to those looking for a knockout tattoo, or even those looking to tattoo a knockout. Pound for pound, Joe Capobianco is a master in the art of the pinup, and displays his kaleidoscopic imagination and his love for the female form throughout the pages of his latest sketchbook. If you have a bookshelf, you'll want this on it. Add some sugar to your tattoo recipe with Knock Verself Out, the reference book for the sweet science of pinup tattooing. Skulls Volume 1 is the first book by author Oavid Grant outside the topic of exotic weapons. An avid researcher and collector of handheld weapons, this is his first foray into the world of art more specifically, tattoo art. What began as a project focusing on skull drawings has developed into a comprehensive reference guide for tattoo artists, as well as a spectacular picture book for skull...

Reall Magical Tattoo On Human Body

Gothic Grey Wash Stone Tattoos

It's a four-week event in sleepy San Luis Obispo, California, that celebrates the human form as a canvas. Art that talks back. Art that breathes, dances, entertains, and seduces. To us tattooed folks, the concept of art interacting with skin isn't really bizarre at all, but Tattoo Art SuKvlsmart Let's talk some more technique. We have paint. And bodies. We have all day. And not a tattoo machine in sight. Is it more or less difficult to paint a human than it is to tattoo a human I asked Jason Youth, a tattoo artist from Tried N' True in Arroyo Grande, California, He participated in the Urban night. I think it's harder in a way because there's no stencil. But then again, tire totally different style and the Harder Really Wow. Easier Both So of course I had to know. I grabbed my brushes and geared up for that whole immersion journalism thing that I do. Problem is, although I can ever so slightly call myself a painter, I am definitely WOT a tattoo artist. So, I...

Making stencils and applying them

(3) Another method is using tracing paper use your original design and trace it with carbon paper and tracing paper underneath. The carbon will form a stencil on the tracing paper, and you can lay the tracing paper against the skin using water or speed stick to apply a stencil. REMEMBER to reverse the original design so your tattoo is not reversed. Using a printer scan in a design to your computer, flip the image using a pint program, and print it out onto tracing paper. Apply speed stick or water to the desired area receiving the stencil, and press and you have a stencil. (In color if you desire) Using spirit paper without a stencil machine, just trace your design thru and get great stencils like the pros.

Skin Preparation and Pattern Placement

This area is by far one of the more simple places to tattoo. Your best bet is to set the client in an up right chair so they are comfortable. Depending on the location of the tattoo you will have to raise or lower the chair to get the area to be tattooed to the level you are most comfortable with. Your chair should have proper arm rest for client comfort and to keep the tattoo straight while performing. While working on the arm if the client should be wearing a t-shirt then you will need to roll up the sleeve. Rolling the sleeve under will stop it from rolling down while tattooing. Top of the arm and inside the lower are best if resting on the arm rest of the chair. A folded paper towel under the arm on the arm rest of the chair will prevent slipping. Another way to tattoo the arm is if you should have to do, say, old English down the arm from wrist to elbow. You want to have the client rest there elbow on the arm rest of the chair with their arm pointing upward. Another thing you...

Tatoo Gum In Ethiopia

Victor Portugal Tattoo Machine

OEven more than their beloved gold Jewellery, the Fulani women treasure the socou-go . the traditional tattoos decorating their lips. Many Western visitors don't realise that the dark lines around their mouths aren't make-up. but are permanently tattooed.The Fulani are immensely proud of their body art. If asked politely and respectfully, they will happily pose for photographs without standing to attention as so often happens when taking portraits of tribal people. Some even pose for images in an almost professional manner, although always with a touch of shyness. their mantra of'Ca va and Bonjour without immediately demanding sweets or pens or both as so often happens. In between the clay houses we meet numerous Fulani ladies and girls, all of whom were tattooed when they reached the age of around twelve. One girl actually had endured the procedure about a week before our visit. Painful I ask. Sure, she says, but, being a proud Fulani. she would have never considered not doing it....

Teii Us What Claire Does Ok Hir Time

Joshua Carlton Tattoos

I have a full back by Paolo Acuna, which we started in 2007 and have tattooed it all around America, in Canada, Italy and Loudon, A full leg by Jeff Gogue which has a portrait by Mike Demasi on the inside calf, a portrait by Robert Hernandez and a small one from Lez Barlow and Rico Schinkel. My back and my leg still have a while to go so I'm trying not to get anymore until they're finished. The only thing that worries me is the amount of young girls I've seen with stars, flowers, hearts, diamonds etc tattooed on their faces. I went to some conventions in the UK this year and I was really surprised at how many there were.

Self Harm Behind Bars

Both tattooing and self harm are both prevalent in correctional institutions. Whilst some 'prison tattoos' have a specific inherent message, there is often a deeper psychological motivation too. Both tattooing and self harm have been interpreted as an expression by the inmate or patient to demonstrate ownership, defiance and retain control of some aspect of their lives. In my opinion the difference between harm and benefit is pretty obvious. Afo matter if you cut your arm off, get a tattoo 01 take the dog for a walk, the only difference between benefit and harm is does it make you happier or more miserable in the long term Other people's opinions really don't matter, and it rarely hurts to make this clear - It's *your* .body.

Is It Ok To Mix Baby Oil With Tattoo

What makes a tattoo tick Let's look at pigments. Tattoo pigments use to be made from natural chemical and dies. A lot of the older inks were harmful to humans, but we used them anyway. The pigments changed over the last few years into healthier chemicals made for human skin. To understand where pigments are now we have to know where they came from first. Jail house black was the ink that you see in all the old prison tattoos, the ones that turned green over the years. A lot of guys I know still swear by it but they are mostly scratchers. In prison you have very limited supplies from the outside world so they had to use what they could get their hands on. Vasoline was always on hand. The old way of making black was the prisoner would take a piece of cloth or string and push it in the middle of the vasoline jar, making a kind of candle. Then they would light the candle and let it burn for days. This cooked the vasoline into a black sludge. After a few days they would scrape off as much...

Chapter Twentythree Prices and Selling

What will you charge for a tattoo and what will it work out per hour Walk into any legitimate tattoo shop and you will notice that the price of a good tattoo is not generally cheap. That is. not inexpensive. When considering the price of equipment today's inflation, the skill involved, and the cost of overhead and floor space, tattoos are not exactly a had deal either. The fact is that they are a permanent artwork investment that will go everywhere the customer goes. Other than the free tattooson friends in the beginning in trade for advertisement, the prices of your work should be consistent. Don't start off underselling yourseir and then later raise your prices People will come back years later and expect the same low prices. Try toset a standard as soon as possible One way to do this is to visit the good tattooisLs in your area, and take a look at what they are charging. Compare different tattoo size* and try to get a pricing guide down pat in your head. This can be used as a...

History and Basic Information

Behind one knee and above his kidneys there were a few tattooed lines about 15 cm long. The first sign of tattooing in the west was brought to us from Tahiti by a man named Captain Cook in 1771. The Tahitian word for tattooing was Tatau which was adopted because it's the sound of the traditional tattooing. Initially the traditional tattoos were applied by a stick with a comb like head attached to the end. They used another stick to tap the first this achieved a stabbing motion. This ancient type of tattooing is rapidly gaining popularity once more. While receiving a tattoo you would not honor your experience if you showed any sense of pain or discomfort and the practice usually was a ceremony that lasted for days often resulting in shock for the patron. The tattoo machine we all know and love today is nothing more than a modified version of the first electric engraver. In the US we first started seeing tattoos regularly on sailors that had been to distant lands. They brought them back...

Clients and Competition

Almost every person that walks in to get a tattoo is nervous, even the guys that have a lot of them. You have to be charismatic, and make them laugh as much as possible to make them more comfortable. A client and artist relationship is like a client and shrinks relationship. You have to have a good one or each of you is wasting the others time. The more someone comes back the more you will get to know them and what they want, but until then you have to fish a little. One of the best ice breakers is What can I help you with. It's simple and to the point. If they are looking for a design they will ask, if they have a question they will ask. As far as setting a price, one of the best ways to do this is by asking them how much they want to spend. Don't be shy about money. When they tell you how much then you can say I can do this for that much. Keep the price as low as possible don't tax some one just because they drive a nice car or have an expensive cell phone. You can always get some...

The Shit Talking Game

This is the very reason you never want to talk bad about another shop or artist. Most clients go to the shop that happens to have an opening that day. To them it really does not matter who tattoos them. Since most client travel between shops a lot of them like to play games with the tattoo artists. Tattoo artist have a known history of trash talking the competition, every one knows and will play on this. Some will say that Such and such said he will do the same tattoo for less. Don't make any comment about there quality of work. Every artist thinks they are the best. The client is trying to get you all worked up so you give them a tattoo cheaper out of spite. I hate to tell you this but almost every time they never even talk to the other artist. If the other guy is willing to price cut then let them. Just tell the client that your price is whatever and direct them to your portfolio so they can make their own decision. If you don't like the other artist's...

Here is an overview of some of the more popular styles of tattoos and tattooing

Black and Gray work is thought to be the true test of a tattoo artist. Shading is heavy and the illusion of a 3D form is achieved without the use of color. This style is derived from prison tattoo, but mechanically far exceeds the expectations of a crude jailhouse 10. Gangster Biker tattoos are symbols or permanent patches signifying allegiance to a club or gang. Commonly these are Old English script on the stomach, back, neck, or chest, the name of the gang or gang remembers gang name. Teardrops under the eye sym bolize people killed, as well as spider webs on the elbows. 16. Prison tattoos served as a badge or a warning, it showed fearlessness, much like the warriors tattoos in early times. These tattoos are generally threatening featuring skulls, knife, women, or symbols representing crimes and death. Today's black and gray tattooing style stems from jailhouse tattooing. Generally these tattoos were black because black was the only ready color available. The black could be from pen...

Skin Deep Forum Discussion On Tattoos And Self Harm

The tattooing has absolutely no Jini to self harm in my case. It is done purely for the end result, I find tattoos incredibly attractive, I (don't) go through that pain as some kind of catharsis. In other word, the pain of being tattooed really sucks. I hate it. But I put up with it knowing that I will have a gorgeous new piece of artwork. I continue to use tattoos as a pick-me-up, even when the response is less than positive from those around me. It feels positive but I can't help feeling that there are two people stuck inside my skin - the more conventional career woman who is sensible, professional and ambitious, and the tattooed gal who is rebellious and extrovert

Relation Between Tattoo Magic

There are many differences, but in order to understand them we must define the specific form of self harm that we are talking about. In strict literal terms, any 'harm' or 'injury' which a person oonsensualiy inflicts upon themselves could be referred to as self harm, and so getting a tattoo could be said to fit this coarse definition.

Your Obsession With Horror Seems To Have Translated In A More Permanent Way Also

WHAT AOV YOU GIVE AH T8 YEAR OlD FIRS et it done if you're at least ce first tattoo when I was 18 an leart, and I don't regret that it. But your tastes might chat person usually goes for some' ricate like a tribal piece, whe arson might go for something e. If you really are certain on

Jap Tattoos Waves

Jap Turtle Tattoo

FELICITY The tortoise is a symbol of longevity since it is reputed to live forever. It also carries with it sexual connotations because its extending and retracting neck resembles an uncircumcised penis. The subject shown here asked Horiyoshi III, somewhat unusually to tattoo the top of his feet. The master chose the tortoise pattern and on the right foot added the kotobuki ideogram for Congratulations or Felicity. The client also requested tattooed eyebrows, ostensibly to make his face more fearsome. Cosmetically he doubtless hoped his narrow eyes would appear larger. HEIKURO AND SERPENT For this tattoo, Horikin turned for inspiration to Heikuro, one of the 108 tattooed heroes of the picaresque Chinese novel Suikoden. It was translated by Bakin in 1805 and glorified in the 1850s by ukiyo-e artists Utagawa, Kuniyoshi, Toyokuni, and Kunisada. Here Heikuro's battle to the death with a serpent is depicted so graphically that one feels the writhing serpent's power and Heikuro's valor with...

Viking Styles

Tattoos Courteney Norse Runes

In his books UA Treasury of Viking Design , Celtic and Old Norse Design and Viking Tattoo , Courtney Davis masterly introduces us to the magic wealth of these Viking images and styles in a way never before so widely exposed. Courtney Davis' long experiences with Celtic knotwork and designs have been helpful in clearly interpreting and understanding the sophisticated lines of the different Viking Art styles. I have no reservation whatsoever in considering the fascinating and analytical work Viking Tattoo to be one of the most important books ever published on this subject, it will surely provide an eternal inspiration for artists, craftsmen and designers, and will appeal across many generations. Furthermore, for the tattooist, this Viking Art Design book, alone or combined with the an enhance appreciation for the powerful Viking Mythology and the magical significance of the runes in the Furthark, will surely be a major step towards a new flowering of creativity and skill in this art...


Tattoo Viking Sexual

Readers, via email or at the many tattoo conventions I attend, often mute these questions. Each time my answer is the same. We need a pretty female with good coverage of decent tattoos and most importantly a good, well framed, properly lit photograph. That sounds easy but in reality it is very hard to find the shot for the cover each month. Probably the main question is why do you always have women on the covers, not men The answer to that is simple Sex sells. It's a sad indictment that in today's supposed enlightened times of sexual equality we still have to have pretty girls on the cover to sell the magazine. Sad, but true We have to appeal to the masses and statistically a tattooed lady sells more magazines than a male with similar tattoos.

Lining and Shading

Fruit And Vegetable Tattoos Pictures

When you line a tattoo you need to view each line as an individual tattoo. Let the piece fall together by it's self. If you pay attention to one line at a time then the piece as a whole will be perfect. I would tattoo a larger line in sections because when you have to extend the reach of your hand then the contour of your mussels and bone will want to naturally curve inward If you, at some point happen to get pigment smeared over the pattern then use a clean and new paper towel sheet. Put a little bit of water on the paper towel, just enough to dampen the towel on a corner. Never use green soap until the entire pattern is tattooed or it will remove the pattern. Take the damp towel and lightly wipe over the pattern that's blackened. If you push too hard you will remove the pattern, you're just trying to wipe off the black. Then use a dry part of the paper towel to dab, not wipe, the pattern dry before continuing. After the entire outline is complete then you can clean all the extra...

Lynn Akura

Lynn Akura

What do your customers gain from being tattooed There are two sorts of customers nowadays. There arc some people who get tattooed for fashion reasons, who may get small pieces done because it is trendy. And then there are the tnie collectors who get larger, more creative pieces. Everyone has their own reasons for getting tattooed. I guess. I like to try and inspire people to get a unique tattoo, even if they arc on the 'fashion' side of things. Some people genuinely don't know thai you can have a tattoo of anything you like.

Acetate Stencils

One of the most popular ways of design transfer is with the acetate stencil Acetate sheeting is acquired through your tattoo supplier in rolls or sheets which measure in approximately .020 inch thickness. The most practical way is in rolled sheets that you cut to size yourself. The curl in the sheeting is easily removed by running under hot water after it has been cut down to size. The hot water softens it up and allows it to be flattened out.

The Tattoo Setup

Ink caps are small plastic caps that you use to put the pigment in while you tattoo, kind of like what a painter calls their pallet. Most generally ink caps come in two sizes. 9 and 16 ink caps are the common sizes that you will use. The nines are the small ink caps, while the sixteen's the large. Count out the colors you will need to apply the tattoo and use that many ink caps. For the most part you want to use small ink caps until you see just how far the pigment goes. If your doing a small tattoo and fill all large caps then you will be throwing away allot of un-used pigment. Never try to put the pigment back in the bottle. This will cause massive cross contamination. The supply companies sell trays for the ink caps to fit into called ink cap holders. These look cool but you do not want to use them. Most are plastic which you can't autoclave, and the metal ones are too bulky to autoclave and package. A small paper plate works much better, and you get to throw it away when you're...

Machine Tuning

Setup Machine Tattoo With Nickel

The idea is that if your lining, then you need to be a little deeper so you're black is darker, while shading your working the skin a little more so you don't want as much depth to avoid scarring. Definitely sounds like a good idea, but all this does it set the stroke a little different and it does not smooth out the action of the machine. Like a few close held ideas about tattooing, this was cool for the sixties but not by today's standards. Most tattoo artist use two machines in the course of one tattoo. You set one machine up for shading and one for lining. Doing this means you don't have to switch needles and tubes. You just use one for each. Since this is a guide for beginners, most apprentices can only afford one machine at first (speaking as a veteran artist I find it's easier to do this anyway) you can also set one machine up universally to do both. I set a few machines up to do different things and different styles but any artist can tell you they have one machine that they...

Starting a Tattoo

How Far Should Tattoo Needle Stick Out

Chances are the needle is sticking way out or not out far enough. You can run your machine one of two ways. These are called running flush , or hanging the needle . To run flush you need to loosen the tube. Then slide the tube forward until the tip of the needle is the same length of the tube. The tip of the needle and the tip of the tub should be flush, hence running flush. The advantage of running flush is that the tip of the tube stops the needle from going to deep. It acts like a safe guard. Many artists swear by this method. The disadvantage of running flush is that as soon as you touch the tube to the skin pigment will go everywhere. It makes it really hard to see your pattern. Another down side is that you have to push the tube along the skin of your client to get the right thickness of line. After a few minutes this will be really uncomfortable for the client. So you decide if you want to run flush but I recommend against it. The other way...

Mike Rubendal Tattoo

Meehows Top Tattoos

Commemorate our work It also enables us to create completely new tattoo designs where we can play with light and shadows like we never had a chance before, I think that I have a very different style to many other artists. 1 am a big fan of all of the styles of tattoos but I like to give them my own twist, I am largely influenced by fantasy artwork and this can often be seen in some of my work. When I meet a customer, it is very important to sit down with them and find out O WHATEVER HAPPENS AND WHEREVER I GO I WOULD LIKE TO BE RECOGNISED AS AN ARTIST THAT LIKES TO DO THE BEST POSSIBLE TATTOOS WITH THE MOST DETAIL RATHER THAN A FEW SMALL TATTOOS WITH LES I would also like to go back to Poland at some point and open my own studio, I have been away from home for 4 years now and although I enjoy it here, there really is no place like home. Whatever happens and wherever I go, I would like to be recognised as an artist that likes to do the best possible tattoos with the most detail rather...

Korean Flower Tattoo

LION DOG When Empress Jingo in A.D. 200 invaded Korea, the king of Korea swore to defend the Imperial Palace of Japan in perpetuity. The mythical Korean dog (koma inu), here tattooed by Horigoro III, as well as the Chinese lion (kara shishi), whose statues in stone or porcelain you see outside Japanese shrines, graves, and even private mansions, have become symbolic of guardianship, the

Tattoo Sterilization

Sterilization means by definition, that you make any object, including surfaces, free of germs or bacteria. Technically this is impossible. There are so many germs out there that as soon as something touches the air it is contaminated. Something only remains sterile if you never remove it from a sterilized packaging even then it's only good for about three months. If you autoclave sterilize something and leave it alone, after a period of time it becomes un-sterile again. What this means for you as an aspiring tattoo artist is that you're going to have germs you just have to make sure the really bad ones are gone. The major germs and viruses that we have to guard against are Hepatitis, HIV, and MRSA. If you can kill these guys then the others are already dead. Let's start with where to find these bad guys. Your hands are the number one place to defend the most. No one realizes just how easy it is to infect yourself. How many times a day do you touch your face and not think about it Do...


Tattoo Shading Practice Images

Good tattoo shading requires experience and is an acquired skill. Diligent practice pays off here because sometimes tattoo artists are judged solely by their peers on the quality of black shading that they do. If done too light, it will not stand out. If not feathered right, it will appear blunt and the shading looks as if it ends abruptly. This is called dead-heading and is undesirable.

Liner or Shader

That oscillation means your machine is out of tune. It's kind of like tuning a guitar for those of you that play you have to remove the vibration. You have to adjust the contact screw until even though the machine is running you have to get this secondary movement to stop completely, which is almost impossible to do using the contact screw. You will have to get as close as you can and fine tune the machine using very slight adjustments with the power supply. You're not done yet. The next thing you do is barley touch your thumb nails to the armature nipple. You touch the part that sticks up while the grommet is on it and running. This is to test the stroke to see if it's hitting hard enough. Barely come into contact with the grommet, just enough to feel it hit you but without slowing it down. You want the stroke to feel smooth and just strong enough to not slow down the needle. It does not need to be a chainsaw. The softer you can get it to run without slowing the better your tattoo...

Tattoo Meanings

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Over the years tattoos have become little more than decaling the human skin. Most people get a tattoo and spent there whole life never knowing the true meaning. Others are confused on the meanings of tattoos and get something that might have a completely different definition. Tattooing has been a part of every culture known to date, and each culture has its own meanings for different images. Here is a list of tattoo images that have meanings you may be surprised of. There are so many images to choose from, I am forced to pick but a few of thousands. When you offer a tattoo to a client, or choosing one for yourself, you should always research the true meaning. Birds- Birds are colorful animals that fly everywhere they go, most would ay they are a symbol of freedom. They are in fact a symbol sailor used to signify coming home due to the migratory patterns of most birds. The best depiction of this is the swallow or sparrow. Often you will see sparrow and swallows tattooed holding or with...


Hooked Tattoo Needle Eye Loop

Your ultrasonic ripple tank, next to your tattoo machine, is your best friend. It will do a more thorough job in less time than what you could do by hand. Tattoo inks are stubborn to remove and occasionally, even following an ultrasonic bath, you'll find traces of pigment on a lube or needle. Thought should be given to protecting your own health as well as that of the customer. It would be ironic to make such an effort to assure the safely of your customer and then you yourself pick up a contagious disease from contact with them. For the benefit of both parties, wear latex gloves. Gloves are generally latex surgical gloves and are available from your tattoo supply house. They are form fitting, comfortable to wear and at the end of your shift, you won't have to spend twenty minutes trying to brush ink from around your fingernails. Gloves may be awkward the first few times they are worn but after that, you'll wonder why you haven't always worn them.

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Dragon Tattoo Sleeve

Shakey Pete is without question a unique tattooist. Half Portuguese and an Australian national, he currently calls Newquay home where he has brought his laid back approach to both tattoos and life along with him for the ride. Happiest tattooing a plethora of colourful outlandish tattoos and catching the world's waves, the last six years of his life liave been divided between just that. Completely down to earth and mad as a box of frogs, you are sure to never meet another man like the surfer tattooist Shakey Pete HAVE YOU TATTOOED AT ANY CONVENTIONS I worked at Brighton the year before last. It's really the only convention I've ever worked at. I did the first and second one. I did get offered quite a few of the other ones, because I could work London and so on. I just go to conventions to look at other good tattooists and buy supplies. I don't really mingle that much with other tattooists. I'm not a very sociable person anyway HOW 00 TOU GO ABOUt GIVING A HUMOROUS EDGE TO YOUR TATTOOS...


For most people, I would say that tattooing is self-decoration, not self-harm. Tattoos are designed to enhance the body's image and lo bring art to our most personal possession - our selves. While the process of getting a tattoo may be quite painful, the result is often beautiful (hopefully ). Self-harm, conversely, Is a behavior borne from emotional pain and utilized to decrease those overwhelming feelings. Most who self-harm are likely to keep their injuries from others. Aie tattooed people more likely to engage in teIf-harm Or TA - As far I can tell tattooed people are not

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Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

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