The Customer and the Fresh Tattoo

The customer should remove the bandage in about two hours and rinse it in cold water to remove whatever blood there ¡sand gently blot it dry. Two hours is about the average time it takes for blood to start clotting and scabbing. If it has not clotted by that time, the cold irate- will close up the pores in the skin and hold the restof the ink in. It is the cleaning process while it is healing that makesa tattoo look nice and sharp Tell them to rinse it off with their hands. A washcloth or towel could really feel rough and it might start it to bleed, which you do not want to happen. It should then be blotted dry with a clean paper towel. No wiping or scrubbing, just blotting The towel should be a white one, unscented and have no designs on it. Some people are allergic to the scent and dye in the towels. They should use the smooth side of the paper towel to keep from irritating itas little as possible. Fresh tattoos are very sensitive When it is rinsed off, applyalittle Bacitracin to keep it from drying out too much, (If it isa black-tattoo, a little rub of alcohol on It first, before the ointment, will keep it clean and sharp. Black tattoos heal faster ¡ban colored ones ) The ointment should then he blotted dry alter a fifteen minute wait. Again, use the smooth side of a white unscented paper towel. The taBoo will absorb as much ointment as it needs in that amount of time. If they don't blot it dry. the excess ointment will collect unwanted hacteria Blotting up a tattoo means blotting ltdry to the touch. Ifyou feel your hand over it and it slides across, there is too much ointmenton it. If it is rough or crusty, the ointment was not on long enough.

Don't keep itcovcred with a bandage. A tattoo is on the skinand it must be exposed to atr to breathe, which speeds up healing. The only exception is when straps or certain articles of clothing rub against it. Tight clothing should be avoided and clean loose fitting clothes should he worn until the tattoo heals.

The ointment and blotting treatments are to be applied four times aday. Make sure that this is understood. As a tattoo heals, it feels smooth and velvety. A tattoo has healed when a scab falls off by itself. A black tattoo heals in about four days and a colored one takes about a full week

Water is the worst thing for a healing tattoo to be exposed to. When in the shower the customer should cover it up with a good layer of ointment. This will art as a protective barrier. Don'l get water on It until the scab falls oft. tty not to put it directly under i hi- water and work around it When a scab gets soaked with water, it swells up and peelsofftoo early, messing things up. Drill these procedu res into the customer it only takes a few days ofgood care and they will get a great looking tattoo, if done right When not done right, it will look faded, weak and not very bright. It will be worth it to them to take good care of it. because theyaregoing to have the tattoo for the rest of their life.

Do notpick any scabs, no matter how tempting. Let them fall oirnaturally. Even ir it is just hanging there, do not touch It, The part that is not hanging there is still healing and If picked, it will bleed, making a faded spot that will stand out. They have got to take it easy on a fresh tattoo.

New tattoos itch while they are healing. Hitting the tattoo with a quick slap will usually stop the itching. Sometimes wiping it with a little rubbing alcohol will relieve

It must be explained that a new tattoo will look flaky and gross looking for the first week. After the scab falls off, there is going to be a white scaly layer on top of the tattoo. This is dead skin and it will pee! off in a couple of days. Sometimes by rubbing a little Vitamin E on it, will improve its looks.

Sunlight is not too great for a tattoo and exposure should be avoided for a few months, if possible. You want the color in it to remain bright arid sunlight will bleach it out. Black tattoos are all right in the sun, but colored ones are a little more touchy and need to be babied. A high number sunscreen may help, but some lotions containing PA8A may aggravate the tattoo. Color tattoos must settle in, and the sun just helps to age them very quickly.

Bandaging Summary

1. After tattooing, clean whole area with green soap and white paper towel.

2. Spray it with alcohol and hold a paper towel on it.

3. Apply film of Bacitracin ointment.

4. Cover with bandage or Handi-Wrap and securely tape it on.

General Healing Instructions

1. Bandage should stay on for at least two hours.

2. Remove bandage, rinse gently with cold water and blot dry

3. Apply Bacitracin ointment four times a day and blot out the excess.

4. Keep tattoo fresh and open to Ehe air. Do not bandage.

5. For the first week, avoid swimming or long soaking in water.

6. For the first month, avoid too much exposure to the sun.

7. Do not pick or scratch scabs.

8. Itching is relieved by slapping or alcohol.

9. Keep tattoo covered with clean loose clothing.

Tattoo Shading Techniques

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Tattoo Shading Techniques

Tattoo Shading Techniques

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