"Sterlelave" Autoctave - Fnr sterile dressings and equipment. This is a must. Wayne Dri-Ciave - Tkble top. Sterilizer pouches to check sterilizing. Ultrasonic Cleaner - Cleans all residue from tubes, needles, etc. Ultrasonic Solution - For use with Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Ultrasonic Tray and Machine Holder -Submersible trav lohold tools in while in the Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Machine Rack - To hold machines while not in use. Contains test tubes for machines. Benz-AII - A germicidal solution thatis non-rusting. This does not sterilize, hut keeps sterile equipment clean. Tor use In machine test tubes.


Tattoo Machines - At least three are needed, later building up to as many as ten. Some are exclusively for shading, others just for lining. Put your personal marks on each machine so as to always put liner tubes on lining machines and shader tubes on shading machines. Tattoo Parts - An assortment of parts for any repairs. Tubes - Extra tubes for machine, stainless steel.

Needle Bars - Liners and shaders. You will need many of both. Preshaped at supply house for you. Bands - Tension is important for proper tattooing. Feeler Gauge - For adjusting contact points.


Power Unit - To run machines.

Clip Cords - The contact from unit to machine.

Foot Switch - To control machine without using hands.

Needle Making

Soldering Gun - To solder needles together and to solder needles to bars.

Plain Needle Bars - To receive needle group.

Needle Jig - To make correct needle groups.

Needle Bar Jig - To ensure placement of groups with bars.

Stainless Solder - The soldering medium.

Eye Loupe - To check work and needles


Stainless Trays - For needles.

Three Glass or Stainless TYays (With Sealing Tops) - One tray containing liner and needle bars. (I s point one way - 3's point the other way). One tray containing shader needle bars - (4"s point one way, 6"s point the other way). One tray containing shader and liner needle tubes (shaders point one way. liners the other way). Glass Quart Jar - One filled with sterile ink caps.

Spray Bottles -To hold tsopropyl alcohol, greensoap mixture (three parts water/one part soap), etc. Carbolated Vaseline - For stencils and skin. Antibiotic Ointments - Such as Bacitracin, for healing. Green Soap - Cleanup and preps. Does not sterilize. Tongue Depressors - To apply ointments. Disposable Razors - For skin prep. Bandage - For tattoos. Handi Wrap - For tattoos. Hospital Tape - To adhere dressings.

Rubbing Alcohol - Disinfectant for cleanups. Does not sterilize. Scissors - Stainless hospital quality. Hemostats - Stainless hospital quality. Gloves - Surgical latex gloves for tattooing-


Acetate - Plastic sheeting for stencils.

Cutter - To put groove in acetate.

Powder - Stencil medium for use with acetate.

Ink - Hecktograph Ink.

Tracing Paper - For ink tracings.

Deodorant Stick — For applying stencil to skin.

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Tattoo Shading Techniques

Tattoo Shading Techniques

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