Single Needle Group

Fan and separate needle group

Making Tattoo Needle Jig

Leaving center needle exposed

Clip off outer 2 needle Tips

Leaving center needle exposed

Clip off outer 2 needle Tips

Stick them in the tfiree needle hole in the needle liar jig for tightening just like a three needle group. When solderingotta liner bar, remember that the top needle In the needle group triangle is the good one, and as usual, the bar rides underneath.

Let's move on to shaders, It may sound strange, but one of the most useful tools for Constructing shader needle groups is a rectangular hone. Measuring alwut 1 x 3 * L1 inches, they a re in ex pensive and can be purchased from your Latu.,: suppllerwhoalsu has a shader needle kit available A leveller can be made from plastic, plexiglass or glass and measure about one square inch. These two Items art- used in conjunction with each other. In making the sis needle shader. first select six good needles and double check them with an eye loupe. Lay them Hat on the stone bunched tightly together, hut tlat. one next to the other. The sharp points should extend ahout i, inch off the end of the stone. While still holding tight the needles on the stone with the thumb, take the leveller and very carefully push theneedles in slightly. Make sure you touch all six. This ensures that all six arc in alignment with each other This ts important so none of the needles are sticking out more than the rest. While still maintaining pressure with thumb so the group is tight, flat next to each other, ami level and in alignment, now proceed to tack the end. The stone works great because it will absorb llux. won't make a mess and can be used repeatedlv When fully absorbed With llux. just wrap it up in a few paper tnĀ«iels and use a new stone. The towels will eventually draw out the flux and in about a month you can use the stone over again Have H supply of stones hsnciy so til at you can fiave one available at all times Tightening isn't really necessary with shaders if pressure is maintained while tacking thegroups It may take sometime to do this efficiently, but with practice you can eetn dow n nar


Spreading the shader needle group with a knife edge to remove side wobble

Four Knife Knife Now and needle tip spreads separate spread shader slightly other middle last needle, tip Spreads outside needle fanning outside needle them needle out.

Note: the needles fanned on this drawing are exagerated to show the method. The actual fanning should be very slight.


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Tattoo Shading Techniques

Tattoo Shading Techniques

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