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Work Table - A mi-dium size table (linoleum or glass top for easier cleaning) to hold items needed while tattooing. Ch air-For thelattonisi. Should be comfortable Some prefer rulleralnget around You can spend a lot ortime in this. Customer Chair- A comfortable chair for clients to sit In while their tattoo ts being done.

Lifter Bench - Common weight liftins bench for clients to stretch oul on while doing back or legs.

Font Stool - For the tattoclsc's Toot to give him elevation for those who do forearm type worli or halanco the tattoo ami on the knee.

Bench Equipment Adjustable Table Light - To gel a good look at what you arc doing from all angles

CD« t'.'.jt use fluorescent light-) Paper Towels and Dispenser - For a variety of purposes from wiping ink up to cleaning tattoos.

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Tattoo Shading Techniques

Tattoo Shading Techniques

Black with grey shading tattoo arts are like a representation of who you are and they have a power and magic of their own. This Tattoo tutorial is covering how to do black and gray portrait tattoo techniques. Learn about black with grey shading tattoo art and explore the exceptional techniques of making some beautiful designs.

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