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Let us renew all the tattooing procedures you have learned up to this point. In at, organ,zed order, go over a mock tattoo schedule from start to finish, This will Ue in all of the techniquesin some sort of logical order soyoucan understand where they all fit Acustomer hasjust walked in. andjustforthe sake of this explanation, let's say they would like a tattoo on their upper arm. After briefiy »Iking lo them about designs and w hkh one they will prefer, lei's assume one is chosen and agreed upon The price is

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Practices). If they wish u on the.r left side, they would be seated in front ofyou with Uteir back to the work table. If it was in the same position on the right a™, they would be turned around and be feeing the table.

The topic of hody positioning should be stressed here. The relationship of the customers position in regard to your own should beconsidered beterehsnd Oneinch enherwaycan really slow you downand make your wo rkawkward. Once thecustomer

»sitting, moveyourseiraround to find a comfortable and steady position to work in conjunction with the Chapter on "Sterile Techniques." dean your hands thoroughly as described. Jtke a pap« towel and place iton the table. Placea clean ink cap holder on the towei Remove a tongue depressor from ajar with a lid on it and lift out a liberal ZT „r v J" .^eand Ptam ¡t o" > he towel (you may also use the individual packets of Vaseline if you choose, instead). Now „the time to "prep" I he area on the arm that a to receive the tattoo. After the "prep" job and the skin is drying for a few minutes so a to become lacky for the stencil, now you may remove an outliner tube and needle bar from a wrapper and put together the unit, following closely the assembly steps found In "Tube Setting." Put this unit .aside and set-up a shading machine. Decide beforehand what stencil method suits you best and prepare the design stencil. Have the cusiomer sit up straight and lot the arm hang loose in a

St!ncichST,' l7erls'.ilppll'1 :h<! 111 <h= <l«™l Position (go hack and read Stencil Chapter1. After it is applied and you and the customer are satisfied with its «a ,on clean thestend (ifacetateianddry it for filing. Take the lampandadiustitso ishoulhl'iT T" T ""k rrkS y""r b™ Fill the cap ho!der ffii t i a n85«, 0"0 mt" d™ Caps' rd" f°rMch color anticipated and s£ut m U. bla°k Wt"" mk f^°,,, 3 5ter"e lM"te '

fni^iiJi T.Pur°r 1sursica] 8'"ves' pick',,') the machine

(piously tuned) and check to make sure the grip on the tube is dry for a secure

^^T^ k K ' cl",rco»K"'i8 ^e power unit on and start and stop the machine by means of a footswitch. This leaves both of vour hands free to work rS^i? uKmb "n lhe 11 nit ll> d«srmine the correct machine rh J fT <° thlswd aft era while, vou SbS

just by the sound of the machine. Keep it moderate and start it out slow you can always speed it up a little once you get started. Grasp the underside of the arm and draw the skin taut between the thumb and lingers. Dip the tip of the tube into the ink and start following the lines of the design from the bottom corner. Work upwards and to the left. Do not tip your machine back more than a 45 degree angle or the ink will run down the inside of the tube and also down the needle bar. (This is called back feeding). Remember, your machine is gravity fed and must be kept at the .same angle as iryou were usingapen. Be careful not to smudge the stencil print. Remove theexcess ink from the skin bydabbinggently with a tissue,don't rub it. Check tip for a refilland stop the machine while dipping ink. When the outline Is finished, spray the area of the oullme that you havejust done, and touch up any weak lines. When this is done apnlv a thin coat of Vaseline.

The outliner tube should lie cleaned. Rinse the tip of the tube under the faucet remove the tube and needle bar, snd place in"used" tray. Pick up the shading machine clip it in, ink it and commence the "shading." When this is finished, wiped and checked, do any touching up, if necessary, at this point. Clean the tattoo with green soap spray, wipe clean and apply another coat of Vaseline.

When you are finished with the black, dip the shading tube in the ultrasonic and then rinse it under the raucet This will remove most or all of the black dye from the tube and you will be ready for [he first color to be put in. Consult the chapter on Coloring and know it well. Between each color, rinse the dye out of the tube as described in that Chapter and apply a light coat of Vaseline to the skin so it is well greased. W hen the tattoo is finished anil the customer is well pleased, bandage it up according to the 'Bandage and Healing" Chapter Make sure the customer knows about the healing process and give them a "healing' instruction brochure that you should have made up to take home with them. Stress that they have to read it to rake care of the tattoo correctlyfConsult Practices''Chaptrr.mis Chapter just gives the right steps in consecutive order so you will know how it is done 11 is not a guide in itself, and it is your responsibility to read and totally familiarize yourself with all the information in the book also.

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