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Cover-up- is a lenu that refers to the technique of freshly tattooing a design right over an already existing tattoo. This is done in such a way that the new tattoo will totally cover over or completely hide the original tattoo. Thi:. is usually done because the first design is no longer wanted and a new and better one can be placed over It Oftentimes, crude tattoos done hy onslaught tattooists eventually become uncomelv eyesores to the owners and they wish to change the situation. A good tatlooist that understands cuver up can change their whole outlook. Because covering up tattoos is an art in itself, it should be seriously studied because a goodly portion of incume can be made by doing this. Believe it. a good living can be made by covering up other tattooists' bad mistakes, and unfortunately, there is a lot of it around to do

outline is placed over the old tattoo

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Abad tattoo that needs a cover-up outline is placed over the old tattoo

The real key to doing good cover-up work is taking the time to correctly choose the right design, A perfect covering design must be right in many aspects and meet several requirements. It has to he a large enough design to more than hide the old tattoo It must have substantial dark areas, like lots orshuding, to make theuhl taltoo disapoear under it.

on lop olall this, the design should he pleasing and acceptable to the customer, have some sort of point of interest (like a head or claw) todraw the eve away from thé actual cover up area Eventually, the tattooist will use a lot of imagination to invent new designs to cleverly cover-up old ones, making each one a custom tattoo Hut it is still worthwhile, especially in the learning stages, to review some traditional standards popularly used in one form or another to achieve excellent cover-up success. To start with, the heavily black shaded wingsspread, are common cover-up themes isl sbtmt WO- °ld design may be hidden in the shading of wings, vet the head or claws (or whatever else that might he added on) will detract the eve from the old design (nowcovered upjand will createa brand new tattoo. When rmished, thecustomerwill he proud of It instead of ashamed.

The finished black "cover-up" taltoo

The finished black "cover-up" taltoo

The great feathered tails of peacocks, the dark flowing hair of a Gibson girl or the draping folds of a grim reaper's cloak are also great design ideas capable of disguising even the worst of tattoos. It's easy to imagine an old tattoo getting lost and hidden in these designs and still have plenty of artistic license leftover to put a personal touch on any one of them. Since every cover-up will be slightly unique, it will be hard to find designs "right out of the box" to cover every situation. This means that designs will have to be modified or adjusted accordingly to fit thejob. Maybe a design is perfect but too small, so get it enlarged, or a customer wants a peacock to cover an unusual tattoo, so draw in extra feathers to cover it sufficiently. Be flexible with the chosen design and be brave to change a few lines as the case demands, and eventually, a good eye will be developed to assess thejob and provide sure solutions with a minimum of wasted time.

With a good foundation now in what is supposed to be accomplished, the artwork iHelf isn t all there is to be concerned with. There are a few things to be considered about the actual tattooing process of cover-ups also. For instance, obviously an old tattoo already has plenty of ink in the skin lo begin with hut while utttooing another design over it, it is an easy thing ;o rntget. The general rule to remember is to not overdo theshading or coloring when tattooingdirectiyovertheold design (because it must be kept to a minimum on an already saturated area). Appiv just enough of the new ink to lose [he old design under it and then stop. A maitir mistake is to get carried away when u is not really needeii. It is surprisingjust how little Ink is actually needed [O successfully cover up an old tattoo. Too much ink will really spoil a new tattoo and too much ink means too many holes in the skin and could quite possibly leave had scar tissue There is no need for excessive grinding of the machine into the skin you won t get more ink in [here, anyway. The lighter the touch, with just enough ink hido thejob. is the way to get a superior looking tattoo. Ifa sharp eve is constantly used to see what is being developed, over doing it won't suddenly creep up on vou and progress can be steadily monitored.

TheChapteron Names and Letlersshould besludled so the beginning tattooist will learn right away the correct procedures when doing Inscriptions. Unfortunately there are just to» many tattoolsts around who know nothing about this and it will be their work which willcome to you in need or improving, like a tmal cover upjob. Many of [hem will be ol,l girlfriends' names that were tattooed on in a sudden whim. The only positive thing coming out of this is that most names ale usually done small and can be covered up fairly easily. This is good for everyone concerned, being inexpensive for the client and a fast turnover for yourself, There is an unli mi ted amountof ideas lo be used [,, hide names in. Sometimes the name is within a banner or [lag and the customer might want to keep Iheoriginal design, but wishes only lo be rid of the name in [he banner. The name can be reworked Into a bunch of flowers and leaves and still maintain moch of the original design.

Sometimes, customers may show-up wanting ad vice in hating a tattoo removed but a littie talking on your part may persuade them more towards a good cover-up than aclual surgical removal Oftentimes, a good looking tattoo will he more what thev wanted in the first place, it is worth taking the time toshow ihem whatyou can do and usually they will decide to go for a cover up. A good professional can lake a depressed

Tattoo Cover Problem
Problem: just a partial cover-up

Solution: a clever design customer who is embarrassed by their tattoo and turn the mood right around with a decent cover-up. There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained by turning a new person out, who is proud of their new tattoo. This makesa lot of friends and a growing list of clients for yourself.

customer who is embarrassed by their tattoo and turn the mood right around with a decent cover-up. There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained by turning a new person out, who is proud of their new tattoo. This makesa lot of friends and a growing list of clients for yourself.

This old tattoo needs a serious cover-up

The design is stenciled over the unwanted tattoo

The completed cover-up. A major improvement

Cover-up tattooing is a real artistic challenge. The customer presents a problem, and it is up to you to provide a solution. It is exciting because it keeps you sharp and flexible, and the mind is always being taxed to come up with good solutions that are both acceptable to the customer and meeting all the requirements to do the job correctly.


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