Chapter Seventeen Coloring

The actual process of coloring a tattoo is a relatively simple one if you always remember andapply a few key rules and regularly practice them The technique is the same for solid black tattooing as it is for solid coloring. Actually, black tatMing is a little easier as black ink seems more readily accepted by the skin than colored ink The motion is a circular one, and colorings tattoo is done in small circular steps alittleata time. If aconstant pace is maintained, a lot of area can be covered in a small amount of time. Each circle just barely overlapping the last circle until the areas are covered solid in just two sweeps. Never do an area more than once or twice over Just small constant, flowing circles covers an area smoothand efficiently, and always working off the tips of the needles,

Don t press hard and don't stay in one area repeatedly criss crossing or try to color the skin in like with a crayon or pencil. This will turn the skin to hamburger and create a bad scab or possibly, leave scars, the ultimate error. While the needles are in contact With the skin, keep the machine moving, never hold It still or that will cut the skin Don't go back overany workjusi done. Get it right the firstsweep through. It will look betterwith the fewestamountofholes in the skin. The more holes the more bleeding the more scabbing, and the more ink will be absorbed out in the scab "Packing it in" won't get you anywhere so let the machine do the job and pay attention to the work being done, A little area is done and then wiped to be inspected. Continue in this fashion and monitor the results. Any adjustments can be quickly made when done in this manner. Thecolor or the tattoo will notbe any more colorful or brighter when you try to hammer the color into the skin.


Small tight circles

Small tight

When applying color to a tattoo, puddles of ink will get all over the skin, sometimes totally obscuring the outline. It's not good to be in such a hurry as to not take the time to continually wipe the excess away. Tattoos are ruined by running the color over the outline. By continually wiping away all the excess color, strict attention can be paid to what one is doing and where one is going. When inspecting work in progress, the skin must be stretched tight (as if tattooing) so any mistakes will be readily picked up. If the color is solid when the skin is stretched, it will be solid when relaxed in a normal position.

If the area that is to be a solid color has skin showing through, (it is not solid, but is sketchy looking and has pockets of skin that aren't colored) something must be done to correct this problem. The easiest solution is that the tattooing circles are not small enough. Make littler circles, cover a smaller area and slow down a hit. Another reason is that the needles are not in contact with the skin at all times. This means that in all the tattooing excitement, the machine is not kept steady and the needles are being lifted up off the skin in some areas. This doesn't mean to press harder, but to just keep the needles in the skin. Let the machine sink the needles, you keep the machine in line. Another reason for open pockets in the coloring is that the color itself was not properly mixed. Be sure to shake the bottles of ink good before using. This will maintain an even color value within the bottle. Stick to the small flowing circles, letting the machine take care of the tattooing and good results will be obtained. When you come across tiny areas that can't be done with a shader. use a three or five needle outliner.

For the coloring process, the needle tips should hang out of the tube end just so you can feel them and ought to extend out of the tube around 116 inch when the machine is running. This setting will keep the color flowing in but won't really plow into the skin. Over zealous tattooers can get carried away and this machine setting is extra insurance against scarring and bleeding. Later on in your career, the setting can be changed to a longer stroke, but only when the feel of coloring is totally familiar and confidence is assured that you have everything under control.

Every time a different color or shade is used, the tube and needles of the machine must be thoroughly cleaned. Haphazardly dipping into colors can't bechanced because sloppy and muddy mixes will lie the result. The only way just pure color can be obtained is to have 101) percent clean needles and tubes each time. Clean out the tube between colors by running the machine under hot water until the machine basically washes itself clean. Be sure to run the needles across a tissue in reverse motion to remove all excess water from the tube tip Never do this in a forward motion because it will pick up pieces of paper tissue between the needles. Get in the habit of doing this every time in between color applications and it will ensure good clean color tones. After completing every color on a customer, spray the area with a green soap spray, wash and apply over the area a thin coat of Vaseline. The Vaseline will fill some pores and keep other colors from entering the holes and spoiling the color.

When putting in color, a certain sequence must be followed in order for a tattoo to come out the best possible. If it is not followed, muddy mixtures will appear, clouding up the tattoo and spoiling it with dull tones. The basics for the sequence are simple. Colors must be applied from the darkest tones to the lighter ones. This is why black shading is the first thing done after the outline. All solid black and the black shading is the darkest color and must be applied first. The color sequence after this is as follows: 1) Dark purple. 2) Blues. 3)Greens. 4) Light Purple. 5) Browns. 6) Reds. 7)Orange. 8) Yellow. 9) White.

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Tattoo Shading Techniques

Tattoo Shading Techniques

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