When soldering the shader groups on the shadurbars, you can use the same needle bar jig, just switch bar heads for shadergroups. The rules are the same, with the loop of the hnr facing to the right and the bar riding under the needle group. Remember to use the flat needle bars for shaders.

The Dual touch on theshaders will be the spreading of the needles. This process will also apply t„ f„ur needle flat shaders. It is a known fact that spread or forked shader needles (whichever you prefer to call them) will put ink- in the skin faster and better than a set of needles that are not spread. Also, spreading of the needles rakes up the Slack 111 the tube tip and does away with any side motion of the needles which could cause splattering or possibly cutting of the skin. When spreading the needles with a thin biaded knire, be very careful not to snap the outside needle. If you do vr,„ can always trim the needle off, likewise the other sideand use it for a four nee, lie shad,t. Do not overspread the needles or they will bind inside the tube tip and the results will be that there is such a drag of two metals rubbing together, your machine will not function properly. Refer to needle spreading diagrams,

■Rtke your time when practicing Check all needles withan eve loupe in all phases or needle making. Extreme care sboulij be used when handling needles in needle makine or very few mdeed will make it to the sterilization. With prart ice. vour needles will he something to be proud of, perfect in uniformity and professional in their ussne is a tattoo instrument.

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Tattoo Shading Techniques

Tattoo Shading Techniques

Black with grey shading tattoo arts are like a representation of who you are and they have a power and magic of their own. This Tattoo tutorial is covering how to do black and gray portrait tattoo techniques. Learn about black with grey shading tattoo art and explore the exceptional techniques of making some beautiful designs.

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