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It seems though that everyonein tattooing at some time or other has had a problem putting green into the,,kin. Of course there are many and varied itS

t'ail fause'lhink 11"a vpry iraporlinl art, t should know. A tattoo machine is only as good as the artist behind it FÍÍ

starters. a good running machine with a new set oí needles is a must The most common nustake with green is that the artist doesn't know when it's in the skin This happens because most greens are mixed with white and when tattooed into the skin appears more white than green. (Example - Spaulding & Rogers Bright Green) The inexperienced artist will overwork the area, thinking be hasn't gol the color in

Ssr i', 7" h*h!T10 E* srrnc'™«h' WW 1«*™ * overworked, the color ,nt"abubl?le'", «"»<* »i" be mostly blood When cleaned off, the to go with ,l This you don't want. So. although your green color may take on a very white look, don t worry, it's in there. Another good rule is to work it slowly, the skin will only accept it so fast and beyond that, it's lost motion.

These same methods apply to all bl ue colors also. Always use Vaseline on the skin roí T' " makM L'lran llp mn™ ea3-v' "*>» «ni that your green has healed with little white spots showing through,.,,, it, these are called "holiday," and usually comes from working the color too fast. In other words. Ibere are spoteyou have missed due to an untrained eye. Yellow color is notorious for this and most always requires to be gone over twice during the process of the tattoo. It's not a hard colorín put in, it sjust deceiving to the eye.

be^veirl^wt^ ""i"6 W0Ul'1 tlU! l0St Wl0r " be P"1 in * "»«*>■ B-own before yellow, etc When a color is tattooed as men tloned before, thousands or tiny holes are being punctured into the skin and the color goes down these hole, to stain the under layers of skin. These holes a„ ail open when working so one coLS"

fhlt ni?T',l,m0,'f ^i"0!*5 ?iT,1"r «*» and slain it differently. Bad mixtures are the result of this. If a dark color is used first, a lighter colorcan't really change it but if a i«h ter color is used first, and then a .lark color over it, the dark can change the hit color staging it dark. When a dark „.light sequence ,, foll„^, this ^

condition dmpp««. Belore tattling color. ,t is g..Kl „ mentally line up the color sequence [bar is going to he used beforehand so no mistakes are made and someorde is maintained efficiently without stopping and thinking about it. Hittoo colors can be mixed with each other in a cap andior hlended together in the skm or even m - tm „ tonei Kemembcr thou^ ,„t *

^Sríi 7' ™lt,re'and »("«e or work should not he eVal uated just on Sie really spectacular, but so can a tattoo with three or four colors. The trick is proper

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