Tequila is the national drink of Mexico and, not unlike the tattoo community, is surrounded by misconceptions - the most common being that tequila is the last thing you remember downing before the night becomes a blur! However, unlike many other brands, HORNITOS is a premium quality tequila that delivers the purest expression of 100% agave flavour making it easy to enjoy, and infused with a fresh and modem twist. Best enjoyed in a cocktail or as a long mixed drink, HORNITOS delivers a super smooth taste that's bursting with character and freshness.


Dalleywater - Editor of Skin Deep

I really like the Emiliano Zapata inspired bottle as it conjours up the spirit of Homitos tequila. Viva La Revolution!

Louis Molloy - Celebrity Tattoo Artist

Lewis's design is my choice because it combines old and new Mexicana

Enjoy HORiJITUS responsibly drinkawaro.co.uk



Louis Malloy Tattoo Machine

8 www.skindeep.co.uk Issue 186

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8 www.skindeep.co.uk Issue 186


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