"Tattoos have a distinct anti-authority appeal. The origin of this appeal may come from the Christian proscription of tattooing and the resulting European laws against the practice. Whatever the source, tattooing today has the aura of the forbidden about it.

Second, tattooing may have inherent appeal due to the pain involved in the operation and the permanency of the design; thus tattooing is restricted to the brave and he dedicated.

Third, and most important: In some circumstances, people are deprived of the opportunity to acquire and display the ordinary means of identifying and presenting the self.

Although all three factors are obviously related it is the final one, that deprivation of the opportunity to acquire and display the usual and desirable means of self-identification that we see as the most basic understanding of tattooing." Edgar d [linyman -1963 "Tattooing and Identity" International journal of Social Psychiatry, Self harm

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