Tattoos For Tibet

On 7th October Z010, tattoo artists from across the World will join the Tattoos for Tibet project and donate their wages from at least one tattoo to Students For A Free Tibet to commemorate the Tibetan people's nonviolent resistance to Chinese occupation.

The Tattoos For Tibet project aims to bring more awareness and understanding of the Chinese rule in Tibet to the public and gives tattooists worldwide the opportunity to use their talent and skill to raise money and aid the cause in the best way possible. The artists participating have agreed to donate their wages from at least one tattoo on the designated date, including the hopeful completion of some Tibetan inspired tattoos in the process. They have also been asked to provide one piece of Tibetan art-inspired flash, which will all later be compiled and sold to raise even more money for Students For A Free Tibet. Current participating artists include Gentleman Jim Aitken, Oddboy, Gary Valentine, Danny Rossiter, Martin Robson, Sakura Avalon, Beany, Carl Cooke, and Adrian Pain, with many more to be announced as word of the project spreads around the world. The group are still accepting more artists to join the Tattoos for Tibet project, so if you'd like to get involved, piease contact them at tattoosfortibet. Issue 186



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