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Just 3 small taster of the incredible artists due to work Tattoo Jam in Ooncaster

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News & Reviews

News & Reviews

■ Seen an interesting clipping in the press? Got something that you'd like reviewed or featured? Got some spare chocolate or beer? Send them to: Skin Deep, The Old School, Higher Kinnerton, Chester CH4 9AJ OH EMAIL: editor®


Steve Prizeman's Eternal Art in BT"®"" , n

Chelmsford are looking BHV A

for established artists to Join forces f '

and scope the spectrum of all tattoo genres.

If you think that this could be the opportunity for you and you have a healthy client base, send your portfolio to PriZeMaN to be considered for a position, ..andSteveasksthat you don't ' ji^JflBj I *

apply if you're a mediocre tattooist.

Send your CVs to [email protected]

co. Hi for the opportunity to graft alongside a great British tattoo artist in a fabulous studio. m

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