San Se

house all weekend spreading his mellow vibe and drawing a huge "San Jose" mural with a sugar skull in the Rebel 8 booth.

Friday also featured contests for the best Tribal and American tattoos as well as the reoccurring "Best of Day" contest, the winner of which received a trophy made out of a working tattoo machine from Lucky Supply and a horseshoe. Friday night was capped off with 2 great rock-shows at San Jose night-dubs. Conventions goers had their choice as Skate Rock legends The Drunk Injuns were headlining at The VooDoo Lounge while The Blank Club hosted Osaka's favourite pop punkers: Shonen Knife.

Day two was Saturday. It was also Halloween. Along with contests for best back piece and best black and grey, there was a Halloween costume contest. People really cut loose for this one. Along with the sexy sprites, an outstanding "smile now cry later" team effort, and a 12 foot tali Frankenstein (which took a full five minutes to make it's way to the stage for judging), convention goers were decked out as, among other things, a half dead bandita.

Sexy Convention Goers

A storm trooper, and Beetle Juice. In the end, it was a pair of too cute for words children, costumed as Godzilla and Mothra, who took home the unprecedented $1000 first prize. In true democratic fashion, the final vote was judged by crowd applause. Contest organizers were quick to point out

Sunday was the convention's final day. As one would expect, things were getting pretty laidback at this point. I'm fairly sure I wasn't the only one feeling the effects of the previous evening's festivities.

that the grand prize was to be split by the young winners with as contest judge Oliver Peck, put it over the P.A. system "not one fucking cent" going to the parents. It's worth mentioning that had he not been barred from competing due to conflict of interest, Horitaka's Tropic Thunder inspired get-up would have given everyone a run for their money. Once the convention doors were closed for the evening, attendees spilled out into San Jose's streets, bars and clubs, which were awash in costumes, revelry, and hedonism.

Sunday was the convention's final day.

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