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that it wasn't going to get any bigger than it was then. Especially now with the TV shows and everything, there's just more and more people getting tattooed and getting real coverage. What I do tend to notice a lot from the American scene is that 1 see a lot more of that thing that does it for me, more individual, original artists coming into the scene. In Europe I see a lot more of the styles. I see how popular the traditional Japanese is and the old school Sailor Jerry stuff is, and that is probably about 80% of the work that I see being done in Europe and the UK. It's done by some very able and talented tattooists but it's just very repetitive. All the American guys that come to Europe for the conventions have a wider variety. Maybe that's just what I'm aware of in terms of the scene in the States but that's what

I make it a point to be aware of, are the original artists that are putting in their time and effort and ability into doing sometliing new and different and fresh.


Tliis year I'm sitting out the convention circuit. The shop won't necessarily; we'll probably get booths at some of the conventions if the guys want to go. I've just become a bit disinterested in conventions, not because they're not fun but just because I've got a whole lot going 011 here and I think my time is better spent here taking care of my regular customers. The past few years I've done a lot of conventions, which means a lot of time away, and I just feel like staying at home for a while, "jtf for someone to come in and tell us what they want and let us take it from there because we know what's going to work best. I think the nightmare chents are the ones that come to you for something yet they don't let you give them what they're asking for.

YOU STARTED TATTOOING IN 1994 AND YOU'VE BEEN BETWEEN THE US AND IKE UK IN THAT TIME. HOW HAVE YOU HEN THE INDUSTRY CHANGE AND WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE INDUSTRY IN THE UK AND US? It's changed equally from both ends just in terms of social awareness and social acceptance and popularity. I'd say, even though when I started in 1994 the guys who were experienced then thought that was it,

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