Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattooing

179 Caledonian Road, London. Ml DSL 0207 5027736

[email protected] divine-can vas. com www.divine-canvas. com www.myspace. com/divin can vas had to start looking for other premises. In the meantime I went back to Wew Zealand, didn't do much tattooing whilst there, not because I didn't want to but because there really wasn't much going on.

All in all that wasn't a happy period and when I returned to the UK, I didn't work for another six weeks. I had taken my equipment out of Blue Fire and Nikole was still having problems getting her studio sorted, so Alan introduced me to the owner of London Tattoo, a top fella named Sparx and I took a position there whilst waiting to start with Nikole when I suddenly realised that what I actually needed was to have my own place, as soon as possible; though at the time I had no idea flow to make that happen as I was right in debt and technically homeless and the good ole' days seemed guite far behind me...

wumr.skitiiUep. co.uk Issue ISC

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