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Now the individual involved was not found guilty of a crime that would give them an income, but the cash, as I am writing this, is still being held by the powers that be as they seem reluctant to give the person their money back that they had earned - quite legitimately - by working their arse oil tattooing non-stop lor a years and saving for a forthcoming tax bill.

So I ask myself is it now a crime to have cash? There are still many folk that do not trust the banking system (and judging by recent events, I don't blame anyone for having doubts with the banks) so what do those in the cash industry that tattooing is do? Do tattooists go back to the barter system and charge say, a small goat for a colour sleeve or a bag of turnips for a back piece? It might work...

At about the same time 1 heard that cash payments had fallen by 14 percent in the decade ending in 2009. Predictions are that, cash payments are set to drop even further.

All these recent events bring to mind a great quote from the great Cash Cooper an old time UK tattooist "In God we Trust-All the rest pay Cash!"


Tatoos Over Self Harm


A thought-provoking article on a delicate and often misunderstood subject.

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