Bespoke Tattooing

Divine Canvas is a totally new studio, with two of the industry's most passionate and committed artists at the heim, set on making Divine Canvas a studio that produces and pushes tattooing further than ever before.

What can I say about Xed Lehead? This man has single-handedly brought the Geometric tattoo to the forefront of UK tattooing with his eye-wateringly beautiful tattoo designs. Xed is not only a very colourful character, but also a superbly talented and spiritual person who pushes himself and his tattoos to the limit, often to liis own personal detriment,

Alan, or Mad Alan to give him his full title, is just that. Mad - but in a very nice and friendly way, with an infectious personality and obvious love for everything he does. These two friends have come up with what I'm sure will be a winning formula with the opening of Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattooing. Xed and Alan have put together a team of amazing artists that will, all make their mark on the tattoo scene in a very permanent way.

Welcome to the driving forces behind Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattooing - Xed LeHead & Mad Alan...

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