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Self Harm Art

all your Studio

J ^^ /Piercing Jewellery Fuji range of Dermal Anchors Discount / on Volume Deals

New Products - Stars and Playing Cards / Silicon Plugs

J Wide Range of Plugs and Tunnels - Tragus and Upper Ear Jewellery

Dis/ount Volume Deals on Piercing Jewellery

Tattpo & Piercing Aftercare

Bfack Cat Hemp Co

Medical Supplies and Hygiene Products ^ Medical Clamps & Dermal Anchor Tools

Medical Gloves 70% Isopropanol Rubbing Alcohol Sterile Dermal Punches and Piercing Needles Trigene, Rapidex, plus many more brands.

Tel: 01202 57 33 33 Fax: 01202 83 55 55

For our full product ram isit our website com

TDS body jewellery

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