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This ebook from Tim Miller gives you the essential guide about how to tune a tattoo machine. This guide teaches you how to set up your gun, make sure the ink runs well, and learn new ways to use your equipment. This guide will teach you the best ways to set up your tattoo machine so that you will have the best setup to use for all of your tattooing needs. You will save a HUGE amount of time! You don't have to learn each part of the tattoo machine yourself; you can learn how to use the machine and all of the parts that you need to know in one easy guide! A ton of tattoo artists have found this guide to be very useful in saving them time and teaching them about their machine And you can learn how to do the same!

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Step One Attaching the Coils

Tattoo Machine Capacitor

The first thing that needs to be done is attaching the coils. You should have cleaned all of the pieces of your machine in advance. If you need to solder anything it should look like this Now you have to line the coils up on the frame like such, making sure not to pinch any wires, snug them both down making them as even and squared as possible. This is how it should look now with the coils squared off.

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Grinding Tattoo Machine Frame

This book is an invaluable resource for any tattoo aritst who considers himself professional, modern and self sufficcient. It is a definitive work which clarifies and demystifies the science of the tattoo machine. In time, the I'm sure that the information contained in this book will become an industry standard. Like the Godoys say, There is no room for lies, magic or superstition when it comes to tattoo machines, this is science, you either know it or you don't. That's exactly what this book is about. The information contained in this book, in the right hands, can become an incredibly powerful tool --Casey Altorf-Tattoo artist, machine authority and builder, from Funhouse Tattoo, Vancouver Canada. These machines are not the typical home made machines like the jailhouse rotary machines we all think of when we hear home made . These are hand made machines. These are made from simple hardware store parts by sawing, grinding, drilling, and bending It is our recommendation that all...

Steel Wool Inside The Tattoo Coils

Tattoo Coil Tape

To understand a tattoo machine better let's break it down to nothing. The first things you need to look at are the coils. The tattoo machines heart is the coils. They are nothing more then electro-magnetic coils. A steel shaft wrapped with usually .022 gauge copper wire that has a thin nylon coating on them. The electricity flowing through the wire around the coils pulls the particles of the metal shaft into alignment causing a magnetic field. The steel shaft is solid with the exception of a screw hole in the bottom center to allow it to be fixed to the frame. Most of the time any machine parts will have an 832 thread pattern. This is so more parts are interchangeable. On the outside of the wire is a piece of heat shrink tubing to keep all of the wire nice and tight, topped off with a round piece of cardboard or plastic to hold its shape in both ends attached by a ring clip. In between the wire and the shaft is a thin piece of Teflon tape or cloth to separate the wire from the shaft....

Direction Of Current On Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machines Capacitor

Insulating material such as air, oil, paper, glass or ceramic. Capacitors are capable of storing electrical energy. In some cases, a capacitor will block direct current and allow alternating or pulsating current to pass. This is our use. An electrolytic axial capacitor visually consists of a cylinder with a wire protruding from each end, like a fire cracker with a fuse on each end. A capacitor allows current to enter and pass through it, it does not fill up but will receive more charge with increasing potential until breakdown occurs. So, current passes through the capacitor, when it reaches it's limit, the micro farad (uf) Volts limit which is indicated on the side of the capacitor, that amount of electricity flows through a wire located on the opposite side of the capacitor cylinder. The capacitor's capacitance is measured in micro farads the symbol is uf. Capacitance is defined as The quantity of electric charge which can be received by a system of insulated conductors from a...

Step Two Shimming The Coils

Right Place Stars Tattoos

For this step you should have a brand new armature spring that you keep crisp and straight-if you do not have that you can make something out of a striaght sheet of metal that is thick enough not to bend out of shape. The point of this is to attach the armature bar to the frame in the lowest possible position that the arm. bar is ever going to get-which is parallel horizontally to the armature post on the rear of your machine-and for it not to move. It should look like this. Once attached, with your feeler guage. measure the distance between each coil and the base of the arm. bar. Once attached, with your feeler guage. measure the distance between each coil and the base of the arm. bar. Find the leaf that touches both the top of the front coil (on the left) and the base of the arm. bar perfectly-that is the thickness you need to shim THAT coil-for the rear coil (right) find the leaf that leaves a sheet-of-notebook-papers'-thickness smaller than perfect fit, and that is the proper...

And Tuning Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine Tuning

Welcome to the world of tattooing keep it clean and honest, honor the trade and if you are skilled enough the trade will repay you. That being said, I would like to give back to the trade one of the most frequently asked questions that I recieve is about how to tune and maintain tattoo machines. The problem is that many a tattooist apprentice buy their rigs already tuned (or so they think) and never bother to adjust more than the tubes and the contact screw, and are too hesitant to tear it all the way down for fear that they'll never get it back together. For many tattooists, maintenance means changing the rubber bands. So for those of you who do not know where to start here is my detailed tutorial-if you have any questions mail them to Luna_c666 with the subject line Re Tuning Guide . Good Luck P.S. The images are original and were taken by a friend as I rebuilt and tuned my own machine-please disregard the crappy tattoos on my knuckles and trust that they do not reflect my...

Bugpin Needles For Tattoo Advantages

Tattooing With Flat Needles

In the tattooing industry, the individual needles are referred to as pins. There are a few different types of pins, and each configuration again, does something different. The needles used in tattoo originated from bug pins, sewing machine needles, and beading needles. Each of these of these types have different tips and sharpness. The most common metal used for tattooing is 304 stainless steel wire with a diameter of .33mm to .36mm and an average length of 30mm, each type can be polished or left course. 304 grade stainless steel is normally preferred due to its stronger resistance to corrosion. The polished pins are a little smoother so they don't over work the skin as bad. The course pins are fairly new the idea is that leaving the needles a little course will help put the pigment under the skin. I have not used this myself, but I have heard many good reports. You can also fine pins made from carbon, these I do not recommend. The carbon is hard to work with and almost impossible to...

How To Cut Out A Tattoo Machine Frame

Tattoo Machine Bent Front Spring

* needle nose pliers Keep those safety glasses on.before you cut into the stock, secure the spring with the vice grips. The closer you clamp the vice grips to the hole or proposed cutting marks, on the stock, the stiffer the stock will be and the easier the cutting disc will go through with out the stock flopping around. With the dremmel cutting disc, cut into the stock, following the line from the back of the spring all the way to the hole you have punched. If you DO NOT have a hole punch, cut all the way to the proposed ending of the slot. The piece that is left in the slot, between the dremmel cuts, will break out easily with a pair of needle nose pliers. Smooth the jagged edges of the break with the cutting disc or small round file. This slot is important to have. It makes it possible to change the flexibility of the spring by simply sliding the spring forward or backward. If you do not have a drem-mel, but do have a hole punch, cut from the end of the spring to the hole with the...

Awg 24 Gauge Copper Wire For Tattoo Coils

Tattoo Machine Frame Measurement

An electromagnetic tattoo machine is assembled with a pair of electromagnetic coils and a reciprocating armature bar. This is a what visually and functionally characterizes the electromagnetic tattoo machine and separates it operationally from a rotary machine, or a pneumatic machine. We all know that the coils are the main machine part responsible for attracting the armature bar which holds the needle bar with it's attached needle groupings, and forces the down ward motion which make the needles penetrate the skin. Inexperienced artists often blame the coils for a machine not functioning or running properly. So some myths and assumptions about coils must be addressed. Lets talk about the function of the Coil, starting with electrical current. force that causes current, in the form of electrons, to move through wires. Electrically charged particles move through material, they can move through water as well. Electrons are the most common moving charges. In our use, the coil uses copper...

Should I Bend Tattoo Machine Front Spring

Tattoo Machine Tuning Guide

The point where this contact screw makes contact on the front spring will change a machine's performance. It is an important co-factor in the setting and adjusting of the distance the armature bar will travel (the stroke), by, among other things, acting as a limiter for the front spring, so it must be tightened or loosened in conjunction with the tension on the spring(s)-(see Spring Tension Test, Ball System p. 59, 60, 61). Once again, the bend in the rear spring will control the distance the armature bar front spring assembly will potentially travel this is called the stroke . The gauge of the front spring will dictate at what rate of speed the armature bar assembly will travel (bounce) when moving from the coil to the contact screw, in direct relation to the tension applied to the rear spring. Tightening the contact screw will lessen the distance the armature bar will travel and increase the speed of it's movement. Changing the angle of contact will also make a...

How To Attach Eikon Tattoo Coils To Capacitors

Iron Tattoo Machines

I got a dream machine from the promised land, got a 71 attachment to the machine frame. These include the Coil assembly, the armature bar spring assembly and the 2 binding post assemblies. Below are lists of parts needed for each assembly, instructions and illustrations on assembly procedures. Assembly of the coils Capacitor Parts tools needed for coil assembly * 2 coils * 2 coil securing screws 8-32 1 2 - 3 4 in length (prefer button head style) 1) Scrape the red insulation off of the ends of the wires to be joined to any terminals or to other wires. Do this to both the coil wires and the capacitor wires. 2) Heat shrink exposed wire, leaving ends of wires to be joined to terminals or to other wires un-insulated. Do this to both the capacitor and the coil wires. 3) Heat shrink capacitor cylinder and or coil bobbins. If you are putting the capacitor and the coil wires together on the same terminals, attach both, the capacitor wire end and the coil wire end to the same solderless ring...

Machines and Power Sources

Tattoo Hand Made Machine Diagrams

It is often said that a machine is no better than the person operating it. This can also be applied to tattoo machines. A tattooist must have confidence with his machines and must learn to run them properly, not have them run him. Tattoo machines may vary in appearance but they all run basically the same, and perform the same function, driving a needle up and down very fast, perforating the skin and driving ink in as the operator steers it along while leaving a trail behind. This is done when the machine is connected into a power source and turned on, a full electrical circuit runs through it. When this happens, the two coils become magnetized (an electric magnet) and attract the metal armature bar down to ii. As the armature bar moves down, the needles move down. When this happens, the contact points separate from each other, causing a break in the electrical circuit. As soon as this happens, the machine stops, the coils become unmagnetized and the armature bar springs back up. This...

Tattoo Machine Frame Construction

Casting Tattoo Machine Frames

The Machine's Frame Having a solid base to secure the machine's components is the basic function of the tattoo machine frame. The rigidity of the tattoo machine frame is the most important quality of a frame, so the material used in it's construction must be considered. There are many materials that fit the rigidity requirements besides metals. Plastics, composites, even wood are acceptable. There are other reasons that the material used in frame construction should be considered beside rigidity. The material the frame is made out of will determine wether or not there is a need to use a yoke. A yoke is a piece of ferromagnetic material, without windings that connects 2 or more magnet cores. In order to make the coils work as a team , the coils must be connected to each other by a shared base made out of magnetic material, preferably the same material the coil's core's and armature bar are made from, because these are all part of the magnetic system. A steel or iron frame will serve...

Tattoo Machine Expanded View

Tattoo Machine Components Exploded View

Screws- all screws below should be stocked in 8-32, 10-24 if your machine uses 6-32 screws, stock those as well. Always have larger ones on hand along with taps and dyes in case a 6-32 threaded hole becomes stripped in which case a larger hole can be drilled and re-tapped to accommodate a 8-32 screw. The same goes for upgrading an 8-32 threading to a 10-24 threading. Also, these can be bought for cosmetic reasons-there are stainless button head screws, black zinc finishes.brass. A variety of lengths should be bought 1 2 , 1 4 , 3 4 , 1 -(for swing gate machines, or split collet tube vice systems). Screw and fastener specialty stores carry an amazing variety of screw styles available in different materials and finishes. Home Depot has specialized sections with small screws, fasteners, washers, nylon or plastic screws and washers. Screw typesAllen screws-Button head-Phillips head flat head- Rubber bands- to keep needle bar on assembled machine from wiggling while in use. Needle...

Electronic Tattoo Machines

Felix The Cat Tattoo

Tattooing was revolutionized by Samuel O'Reilly's invention of the electric tattoo machine during the last decade of the 19 th century. The time required to complete a design went from hours to minutes, moving the art away from personally conceived, hand picked designs towards stock choices that were displayed like art on the walls of the tattoo parlor. Much of this tattooing was also conducted in the back of beer halls and barbershops. The years ahead would see vast improvements in O'Reilly's machine, plus the establishment of tattoo equipment manufacturing companies. This machine was the prototype for the tattoo gun that is the standard of the industry today.

Tattoo Coil Capacitor

Tattoo Coil Wire

For a machine to function properly, or just to function at all, it is mandatory to understand the importance of insulation. The flow of the current through the machine's wires must be restricted to the wires only, and anything that comes in direct contact with the wires or wire terminals-- the upper and lower binding posts for example, need direct contact with the terminals. Exposed wires should never touch the frame or coil post, this will only ground the flow of current and produce a non operational machine, until the grounding problem is corrected. Coil Posts Coil Posts should be insulated to prevent copper wire from making contact with them. A piece of insulation tape is recommended to surround the post only where the wire will be wound, between the upper and lower plastic nylon neoprene retaining washers. Even though the copper wire used to wind the coil bobbins usually is insulated, the insulation is usually thin and may easily be stripped off, exposing the wire inside. Coil...

Eikon Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine Feeler Gauge

2 steel springs (in our application), when bent, serve 2 main functions 1) They create a resistance to the 'downward' pull that the coils exert on the armature bar, by pulling the armature bar in the opposite 'upward' direction (rear spring) & 2) Control the speed (front spring) and force the armature assembly will bounce back (after making contact with the contact screw) to the coil (with the aid of the coil's magnetic pull). Springs usually are used in pairs a rear spring and a front spring. Though a one piece spring may be used (p. 51), the spring pair combination produces greater variability and versatility in the intended uses of the machine and each (spring) has it's own job to do. Machines usually use a pair of springs, a front and a rear spring. These springs are usually made from close grain high carbon spring steel or strapping steel . An excellent example of a high cuality spring steel is found in automotive feeler gauges . This is a set of feeler gauges ranging from thick...

Chapter Eght Needle Making

Noodle mating is an art and science in itself, it is not just some process that is performed, but an acquired skill to perfect. You want to make your own needles to be strong, but to achieve a high levelofakMin this field, the technique has to be practiced over and over again through the courseofmany months, .lust like anything in life, the mure you ilo something, the better at it you become. This is very true with needle making. Itcan become really frustrating at first and it seems you will nevcrgelU right This is the time not to quit, but U just keep trying. Stick at it, and eventually you will be making needle bars as good as. or better than the ones you get from your supplier The following equipment is needed Tor making needle bam Snider Gun A good one with a pistol grip for easy maneuvering, and develop nga lot of heat quickly. stainless steel needles and bars. Absolutely nothing else. Tinning Fluid For tinning the tip of the solder gun so you don't bum the tip th rough from high...

Tattoo Machines In The Shape Of A Harley Motor

Black And Grey Tattoo Shading Techniques

These machines are cast from Silicon bronze. These frames are done in a lost wax style of casting, that means that they were originally carved from jewelers wax. The weight of the was is no indication of how heavy the cast metal frame will be. These machines, fully assembled weight in at about a pound Think about that imagine lining for hours with one of these. The aluminum versions weigh in at half the weight 10). This is an aluminum frame, it is from the first run of machines we built with our patented square coil assemblies. The idea that we should fool around with the magnetic field of the coil by increasing the contact surface was the inspiration for the development of the square coils, this is also the first run of our tube vice system. 11). These V-Twin Coils were inspired by a Harley Motor. Note that when the square coil is tilted on an angle, the surface becomes a rectangle, this simple formula increased the surface area of the magnet combined with 6 layers of AWG21...

Tuning your power supply to your Machine

Power supplies, most tattoo guns are DC, and most power supplies come in two forms regulated, and non-regulated. Regulated means that the output voltage will always be what your setting says, if you choose 13 volts then the output will be 13 volts, nonregulated machines will give you an average of 13 volt output. The regulated machines are more expensive, but save contacts and provide smoother running machines, and better tattoos. Attach your power supply to your gun you should also have a footswitch setup so that it works as the on off switch for power to your gun. Ensure that your gap has been set speed, the higher the voltage the faster the machine will run, a fast smooth machine is good for lining, and a slower machine is preferred for shading, but practice will determine your use. Step on your foot switch ensure proper operation of your gun by observing needle bar movement, and needle tip movement. Look for needle wiggle, or shimmy, this will have to be corrected. Now listen to...

Machine Yoke

Tattoo Machine Yoke

A Machine Yoke is the part of the machine that the coils bolt to. Some machines have thicker frames to accommodate this and some have a separate piece of metal that fits between the frame and coils. The idea is a thick piece of metal to connect the power of the coils. Think of the coil heads power as a percentage. You have two coils, each with a north and a south. Think as if each coil is a stick magnet. It has the capacity to pull one-hundred percent of its power, so north is fifty percent and south is fifty percent. This means that each coil has a north and a south so with the two coils combined you have a two hundred percent possibility of power. The tops of the coils are where your armature bar is attracted to so without a Yoke you can only achieve one hundred percent of power, fifty percent from each coil. With a yoke, you turn your coils that are basically stick magnets into a single horseshoe magnet. This connects the two and makes a single much stronger magnet. For the best...

Machine Tuning

Setup Machine Tattoo With Nickel

Machine tuning is hands down the most important thing you will need to know about machines themselves. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say, I don't need to know how to tune a machine. I just use it out of the box and its fine. This kills me. If you are going to operate any kind of tool you need to know how to do so properly. The theory behind tuning your machine is to get the machine running as smooth as possible. The less vibration the easier operation will be. If you want a smooth straight line then the machine has to be in tune. When tuning a machine, many factors come into play. Your grommet on the armature nipple needs to be in good shape and your o ring on the front spring also needs to be in good condition. Another thing not everyone looks at is the quality of the contact screw. If it's dirty or has carbon build-up it will not get a nice smooth connection. Contact screws can be made from brass, steel, copper, and silver. Copper is fair, stainless and brass...

Needle Bars

Magic Needles Tattoo

Liners are grouped tightly togelher to do outlining with. Shaders are grouped Oat, next to each other, to do shading. Use the best needles and needle tare monevcan buy. They are that important. Don't mess around with inexpensive needles or sale items. High quality needles are easier on the customer (pain and health wise) rid on you (making the tattoo cleaner an

Machine Coil

Rear Binding Post Tattoo Gun

Machine Frame (15) - Although many frames look different, they all have these basic features the jaws in which the needle tube (22) is clamped in (via wing nut (20)). The base of the frame is where the coils are mounted. The spring brace is in the rear and supports the rear binding post and armature bar. The side arm holds the front binding post B. Machine CoiIs(26) - Steel Core, come in eight or ten wrap(wraps of wire around core) cotton or enamel wrapped wire. These coils act as electro-magnet . They attach to base with screws (20). Spacing washers (25) ride underneath cores. C. Machine Springs (I) and (5) - Front spring holds contact point (29). Rear one attaches to armature bar (28) and spring brace on frame with screw and washers (2,3, 4). Provides resilience for up and down needle motion. D. Armature Bar (28) - Provides steel mass for magnetic pull. Also is link to tattoo needle (21). G. Capacitor (24) - Usually 10, MFD, 25 volts standard. Can be fitted to any machine to...

Needles and Tubes

Needles come in many shapes and sizes, and each does something different. Tattoo needles are really two pieces, a needle head and a needle bar. The needle head is the part that sits down at the end of your tube and punctures the skin, while the needle bar is a needle shaft that has a circle bent into it called a needle loop or eye loop. This is where the needle attaches to the machine. A common misconception of a tattoo needle is that they are hollow like a hypodermic needle from a shot. This is not true. Tattooing needles are solid, like a safety pin only smaller. A needle grouping is the number of needles in the head. So if I said that a needle is a three then it is three small needles soldered together to make one, in a triangle shape. There are many different groupings, each with a purpose. The more needles are attached to the head the bigger the dot is. So a five pattern needle is a bigger dot then a three pattern needle or a single Needle. How a tattoo really works is the needle...

Setting Machines

Keeping your equipment running smoothly is very important and takes more than just a little luck. You have to understand all aspects of the machines and how to tune them. CONTACT POINTS OF TATTOO MACHINE After continued use, the tront spring that holds the contact point and the back spring that holds the armature bar to the frame will weaken and should be replaced If your coloring is getting sketchy, it could be weak springs one or both of them f thev are weak, they won't have enough bounce to penetrate the slan anymore and are springing hack before any depth is attained. Before removing spring and armature bar pu a mark on the side of the armature bar and continue themark across the center of the washer on top of the front coil. (See Diagram.) After you have made your repairs, be sure both marks line up when replacing the armature liar. This is important because the armature bar has been seated in on the top of the front coil and should go m act same place for top performance of your...

Marking Bar Amd Coil

Tattoo Coil Core Washers

On liner tips there will be one groove. On shader tips there will be several separate grooves, like railroad tracks. On the round tips, usea round Swiss needle file to smooth it back out. On flat shader tips and your one needle liner tip, use a square Swiss needle file. If you have to file a tip to get it to stop splattering, be sure to clean it out good with a brush. Sterilize it before you use it again The splattering could come from one or all of the above. If one thing doesn't work, try something else, until you figure it out, if none of the above worked, change the needle bar to see if that helps. If that doesn't work, check the springs and replace them if necessary. Sometimes one side of a spring will break where it's being held by the screw. It's hard to spot. The hard part is, if it starts splattering in the middle of a tattoo, you have to be able to figure it out, or continue with a splattering machine. This will take a lot longer to do if you don't know what's going on and...

Holding Machines

Hand Holding Tattoo Machine

Holding a tattoo machine correctly entails much more than just getting a good grip on it and digging right in. All needle tubes should be stainless steel and all correctly manufactured stainless steel tubes come complete with a knurled grip on them. Knurling is a machinist's term used for pieces of metal with lathed on criss-crosses engraved in the metal, commonly used for grip-type surfaces. This is what the needle tubes should have on them. Metal knurled grips are much better than plastic or tape. With plastic type grips, llie hands seem to stick more to them, and shifting of the machine can be erratic. Metal knurling provides a sure grip but also allows readjustment of the fingers much easier in case some shifting around of the machine is necessary. The basic hold on the needle tube (already set-up in the machine) is the standard pencil-grip. A tattoo machine is held very much like a pencil or a pen. but with a few differences. When first holding a tattoo machine, you will notice...

Single Needle Group

Making Tattoo Needle Jig

Fan and separate needle group Leaving center needle exposed Clip off outer 2 needle Tips Leaving center needle exposed Clip off outer 2 needle Tips Stick them in the tfiree needle hole in the needle liar jig for tightening just like a three needle group. When solderingotta liner bar, remember that the top needle In the needle group triangle is the good one, and as usual, the bar rides underneath. Let's move on to shaders, It may sound strange, but one of the most useful tools for Constructing shader needle groups is a rectangular hone. Measuring alwut 1 x 3 * L1 inches, they a re in ex pensive and can be purchased from your Latu., suppllerwhoalsu has a shader needle kit available A leveller can be made from plastic, plexiglass or glass and measure about one square inch. These two Items art- used in conjunction with each other. In making the sis needle shader. first select six good needles and double check them with an eye loupe. Lay them Hat on the stone bunched tightly together, hut...

Tape wrapped coil

When the machine is running, the armature bar strikes the front core of the first coil, but must not be allowed to touch the rear core. If it does, file a bit off the rear core surface. Whenever filing, first mark the surface with Prussian blue (available at art supply shops) so you will see just what you have done and where you are going. Afterwards, remove filings with a Q-tip dipped in glycerine. On some frames, it's necessary to remove coil to file. Also, on most machines, you can move the spring-hanger slightly from side-to-side or baCK-and-forth ahlt- Clamp the frame base in a vice and grasp spring hanger with vice-grips and bend gently. Armature bar can be lowered slightly by filing surface of spring hanger, which you will have to do after you bend it in order to level the surface. If points don't meet to make a perfect contact, you can move side-arm in or out and on most machines fore or aft a bit - be sure the base is tightly gripped in vice when doing this. The significance...

About Needles

One of the most important aspects of all the various mechanics in tattooing, would be the tattoo needle. Sterilization is important, the machines are important and designs are important. But, the tattoo needle is the only link between you and the customer and it is there where all of the other factors meet with the skin. Needles actually puncture the skin and for this reason they must be perfect, absolutely flawless, sharp, straight and in perfect condition. Needles are soldered on bars called needle bars. There are two types of needle bars, liners and shaders. Liner needle bars are round on the end where the needles are soldered. Shader needle bars are flat on the end where the needles are soldered.

Rubber Band Tension On Tattoo

Fixing Wiring Inside Tattoo Power Supply

Machine Assembly Check list, Tuning, Troubleshooting Once the machine is assembled Re-check the parallelism of the armature bar to yoke. Do this by pushing the armature bar onto the tops of the coils (p. 54), press down on the armature bar itself NOT by pushing the front spring as this will change the tension of that spring, if it is not parallel, make corrections- shims, filing etc. This machine was a reward from a manufacturer because the customer bought 500.00 dollars worth of products from them. The armature bar is not parallel, first because it's not pulled down onto the front coil. It cannot be pulled down because the back of the amature bar hits the rear corner of the coil post which prevents any further examination until this issue is dealt with. It will take some work to make the armature bar parallel with the yoke base of the frame. Take a look at the photos below. Re-check for a small space between the rear coil and the armature bar, shim the front coil if necessary, while...

What Springs Do I Use For A Tattoo Liner

Ball System Chart For Tattooing

This is a rough tension check, always test the machine again when it is fully assembled with a needle bar, tube and rubber band. The slight upward movement means that when the machine is fully assembled with a tube, needle bar, rubber band, grommet paper towel, that the back spring will have enough tension to move the armature bar front spring assembly smoothly toward the upper binding post so that the front spring will still be able to make contact with the contact screw, despite encountering resistance from the rubber band and resistance from the skin. The slight flex of the front spring is what allows variability and versatility in the machine's function--to be turned down to shade consistently smooth grays and turned up more for solid coloring or heavy lining without beating up the skin. * Limited variability in machine performance. * The machine will have to work harder to move that stiff of a rear spring. When running the machine and viewing it from the side (coil side), if the...

Step Four Tensioning The Springs

Tattoo Armature

Looking at it from the side, pull the arm bar back and bend the spring enough to keep the arm. bar off of the coils but below the contact post. Looking at it from the side, pull the arm bar back and bend the spring enough to keep the arm. bar off of the coils but below the contact post. You don't want too much tension on the arm. spring, or your machine will hit weakly, however not enough and your spring won't pull your arm. bar back up hard enough to make a good connection and will make your machine stall out and sputter. Now you have to do the contact spring-it should have just enough tension on it to make it move down a millimeter or two when the arm. bar pulls it back up and it makes contact with the contact screw. If this spring has too much tension it will keep contact with electricity too long and re-connect too soon, which will shorten your throw-contrary to popular belief the distance the arm. bar nipple moves when you press it with your finger is not necessarily your throw,...

Ramon Tattoo Saltillo

Tatuador Ramon Perez Tigre

Jeff Tam works at his Vancouver studio (Monkey King Tattoo). His specialty is Japanese style tattooing. This world traveler understands that work of this size needs to be done precisely and solidly. His machines need to be well tuned for this application. Time is an important factor in the application of these pieces, not just to keep up with the appintment schedules but for the comfprt of the client. A well tuned machine will help to execute these pieces in a quick and less painfull manner. Mark Lankin's tattooing style has been compared to that of a comic book artist. Because of his background in painting (skull below), he doesn't depend on heavy outlines to make his tattoos, the way most artists do. This amazing bio-mechanical piece shows the subtle grays which can be produced with a perfectly tuned machine. He is not limited or intimidated by any request because he is confident that his machines will do what he wants them to do. Mike Drossos, or Mike D as he is more commonly...

Tattoo Spring Cutting Tools

Needle nose pliers- used to bend springs. Large metal file- may be used to remove stock from coil post if necessary, smoothing sharp edges on freshly cut springs. Electrical solder flux-tinning fluid, liquid flux is best. Electrical solder has a lower melting point and is ideal for the soldering of wires to flat tab terminals. Most contain lead, so don't make needles with electrical solder. Safety glasses-save your eyes

Step Five Adjusting The Armature

Adjusting Tatoo Machines

The armature bar is also in part responsible for the depth of the throw, as the farther you pull the arm bar out, the more it has to move and the farther it will, simple laws of leverage. The trick is getting it just right-some are more adjustable than others, as some are longer, some are pretty much machined to be exactly right (or so they assume) and not really adjustable. The arm bar does need to make full coverage of the tops of the coils' cores, as repeated impacts will eventually make depressions in the steel-for this reason it is important to get it set in the right spot and have it stay there, because it developes a kind of memory to that machine and specifically those coils at THAT height and spring tension etc. First, adjust the arm. bar with the arm. spring post on the frame. The farther out you adjust your armature bar the more throw you will have. Once you have the arm bar in the right spot, snug up the arm post screw and loosen the arm contact spring screw-this will make...

D.h.d. Manufacture Of Silver Screws 8

Eikon Tattoo Machines

Most tools we use can be found at your local hardware stores, even Home Depot carries all these things- allen key sets, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, vice grips, dremmels and cutting discs, taps, dyes, files Some items, like the hole punch may have to be specially ordered, be prepared, hole punches are not cheap Eikon Device - 1-800-427-8198 Eikon is not only a specialized tattoo supplier, but they also sell tools such as hole punches, allen wrenches, hard shell machine carrying cases. Radio Shack- Carries terminals, fuses, soldering irons, solder for electronics (not to be used for making needles it's leaded). They no longer carry capacitors.


Tattoo Sentences

A tuned machine, is a machine which exhibits smoothness, consistency and versatility in its performance, no matter the use (lining, shading ). To be able to tune or repair a tattoo machine and to make that machine do exactly what you want it to do and NOT have to change your style to accommodate the way the machine runs is essential. Most of the time machines do not arrive pre-tuned and ready to tattoo. Some artists prefer different qualities in their machines and will have no choice but to tune and modify the new or old machine to their own needs. This must be done with knowledge of the machine's function, not haphazardly this is science and physics, not magic. There is a reason for everything. Maintaining consistent performance standards by trouble shooting, tuning, repairing and servicing the machine itself is what will be covered in this publication. The power supply, foot switch and clip cord be covered briefly.

Solid Color and Black

The first tattoos you will be doing when you are ready will be tribal and solid color work. For the most part, you're going to be lining with an eight or a five. The idea of solid color is like the sponge I explained earlier. The longer you hold the sponge in the water the more it will get wet. The only problem is a tattoo needle can damage the skin to the point of scarring if you're in the same spot too long. Scar tissue gets is characteristics from having a lack of elasticity like normal skin. If you scar a tattoo then the pigment will come out as the tattoo heals and touch ups will be more difficult because the scar tissue will cause you problems. If you are tattooing something about the size of a card deck then you will be able to shade and color with the needle you lined with. Any tattoo bigger than a deck of cards should be finished with a mag unless there is a lot of detail. Let's look at coloring a small tribal solid black. You should line the tribal with and eight. The...

Grey Wash and Color Shading Basics

To understand the technical side of shading, you must understand that shading with a tattoo machine is a combination of times gone over, dilution of pigment, the speed you follow through with, and depth. Think of the skin depth the same way you would a light and dark line, in percentages. Unlike with a pencil where you get a darker line by pushing hard, tattoo pigment is as dark as it's going to get. If you push harder you will dig and scar the skin. Instead, we get lighter by diluting the pigment with water, witch hazel, or distilled water. The act of diluting the pigment to get a lighter affect is called washing. When you hear someone say I got a grey wash tattoo that means that the artist used only black and washed out the pigment to shade the image. There are two main methods of washing pigment, this would be pre mixing wash, and on the spot washing. To have an affective wash you need at least four main pigment densities. This includes solid black, dark wash, medium wash and light...

A Clean and Organized workspace

A shop would have the basics (1) A clean floor, no carpet, tile is preferred. It can be cleaned and disinfected quite easily carpet is a breeding ground for viruses and germs. (2) A sink with running water for hand washing, equipment washing. (3) A comfortable chair for you and for your client, footstools, tables, barber chairs, dentist chairs, whatever fits your needs. (4) A worktable, something big enough to hold all your supplies, and equipment. (5) Lighting is very important, good light can make or break a tattoo. (6) Equipment Autoclave, or dry heat sterilizer, ultra sonic cleaner, tattoo machine, power supply, thermal transfer stencil maker (optional), impulse heat sealer,

Advanced Tattoo Technique

Color Blending Tattoo

To making the pattern you can use a copy machine, but I prefer using a computer scanner, you loose less detail this way. Scan the image in and crop out around the main image only getting what you plan to tattoo in the picture. While you are editing the image in the computer is the time to add any names or dates that the client may want along with it. Size it accordingly and print the image on the highest resolution you can. Print several copies incase you make a mistake, and so you have at least one extra to have for comparison while you are tattooing. Never take an original picture back with you while you tattoo, you will get blood and pigment on the image every time and some pictures your client can't replace. Lay the printed picture down on the stencil paper and trace every line you can leaving only the shading not on the pattern. With a portrait you might want to stencil any solid black areas filled in solid as a reference. If you have a stencil machine, I suggest doing the...

Cleaning your work area

The most important part of the tattoo process is clean and sterile equipment. There is only one way to guarantee sterile needles, tubes, grips, ink, and other equipment, and that is extreme heat for a prolonged period of time. IF you are planning to start tattooing and can afford to buy a tattoo gun and power supply, but not the equipment for cleaning and sterilization. Keep saving because your doing no one any favors spreading disease. You risk transmitting disease, to your clients, yourself, and damaging the art of tattooing in general. Before you can sterilize an instrument it must be clean, any ink, blood, etc. left upon a needle or tube can actually shield that portion of the instrument from sterilization. Dry heat sterilization occurs at around 160-180 degrees centigrade (320-360 F) after 30 minutes at this temperature. Dry heat has an advantage over steam processes, steam tends to dull sharp edges, and needles oxidize rapidly due to the moisture. Once the tattoo gun is set up,...

The Japanese Tattoo

Mitsuaki Ohwada knelt on the tatami-mat flooring next to the prone body of a barebacked young man. Beside him was a rack of sixty steel needles, some highspeed and electric, others spliced into bone, ivory, or bamboo handles tightly fastened with silken threads, and a tray of colors, inks, vegetable dyes, and pigments. Scarcely shifting his gaze from the man's back, Ohwada made instant choices. He took the smallest needles to prick an outline in black Nara ink (sumi) that turned blue as it perforated the living flesh. His light staccato jabs produced holes so tiny you would need a magnifying glass to see them. Later, to shade the lines he would choose thicker points, sometimes clustering his jabbings in superimposed rows, and dipping the needles in different hues Indian red that glows brown beneath the translucent surface of the skin, Prussian blue, yellow, green. Red is dangerous, he said, explaining that it contains cadmium, a tin-white metallic element that is risky to the body but...

People Who Come To Our Studio

Tattoo Dragon Ball

WHEN YOU EVENTUALLY PICKED UP A TATTOO MACHINE HOW HARD WAS IT TO TRY AND TRANSFER WHAT YOU HAD BEEN DOING ON PAPER AND CANVAS TO SKIN a client would have total trust in me and wanted to liave a huge tattoo, I think I would create sometliing that would only exist of one - or at the most, two subjects - it would be asymmetric and would involve the entire body. No other tattoo should be involved as this could demolish tire harmony completely. I would even consider developing different needles and creating new tattooing methods. Have 1 triggered your interest Then contact me please

Making stencils and applying them

When the customer decides, the easiest way to reduce or enlarge a line drawing is with a copier machine or computer scanning the image into a computer using a photo-editing program to shrink, retouch, or flip the image, then print it out. (3) Another method is using tracing paper use your original design and trace it with carbon paper and tracing paper underneath. The carbon will form a stencil on the tracing paper, and you can lay the tracing paper against the skin using water or speed stick to apply a stencil. REMEMBER to reverse the original design so your tattoo is not reversed. Using a printer scan in a design to your computer, flip the image using a pint program, and print it out onto tracing paper. Apply speed stick or water to the desired area receiving the stencil, and press and you have a stencil. (In color if you desire) Using spirit paper without a stencil machine, just trace your design thru and get great stencils like the pros.

Skin Preparation and Pattern Placement

The upper back and shoulders are also simple. You want the client low so don't sit them on a stool, they will be too high for you to reach. If your chair has a low back then you are fine to just have them sit up straight in the tattoo chair. If the back is to high or the pattern to low then have them sit backwards in the chair. You can also lay them on there stomach but it might be harder for you to reach what you need to. You must take t-shirts off females can lower their low cut shirts as long as they are not in the way. If any bra straps are in the field of tattooing then have them drop the strap and remove their arm. If they lower it but they still have their arm in the strap they can pick their arm up and make the strap pull the machine causing extra lines. You don't want extra lines. For the back of the neck make sure to get all hair out of the way and shave properly. Once your tattoo is set up and you bring the client into the tattoo room you want to wash your hands, dry them,...

Chapter Seventeen Coloring

The actual process of coloring a tattoo is a relatively simple one if you always remember andapply a few key rules and regularly practice them The technique is the same for solid black tattooing as it is for solid coloring. Actually, black tatMing is a little easier as black ink seems more readily accepted by the skin than colored ink The motion is a circular one, and colorings tattoo is done in small circular steps alittleata time. If aconstant pace is maintained, a lot of area can be covered in a small amount of time. Each circle just barely overlapping the last circle until the areas are covered solid in just two sweeps. Never do an area more than once or twice over Just small constant, flowing circles covers an area smoothand efficiently, and always working off the tips of the needles, Don t press hard and don't stay in one area repeatedly criss crossing or try to color the skin in like with a crayon or pencil. This will turn the skin to hamburger and create a bad scab or...

History and Basic Information

The tattoo machine we all know and love today is nothing more than a modified version of the first electric engraver. In the US we first started seeing tattoos regularly on sailors that had been to distant lands. They brought them back as permanent souvenirs. In the 1800's and 1900's sailors navigated there voyages by the stars and constellations. The Nautical Star that you see on every teenager trying to fit in with the crowd is one of the oldest tattooed symbols. It symbolizes the North Star and means that the one adorning such a tattoo is looking for there way. Many military men are known to put this design on there trigger finger to help guide there shot in combat. her garage. They are called scratchers because that's what they do. They buy a tattoo kit from some hack company or online and pay ridicules prices while thinking they got a great deal or they buy from some online auction. There are only a few companies that sell to the public and they mark up prices so a hundred dollar...

Clients and Competition

Use flash as a tool for ideas. If you push flash you will never learn, you just get to be a copy machine and they get to see their tattoo twice a week on someone else. Be original, stretch your legs as an artist and do custom work. Never claim other artists work. If you think you're the only one who gets the magazines and has every page of cherry creek flash then you're kidding yourself. I have six guys a week come in and try to push old flash on me as their work. I make fun of them and usually send them packing. Remember the term is Artist not copyist. Another cool thing is use your computer when ever you can. A lot of paint programs have a new tool called a background eraser. You scan in an image, erase the background, and then take a picture of your client. Bring up the picture and copy paste the tattoo on their picture so you and the client can see what the tattoo will look like before a needle ever hits them. A lot of the time this will help you get an idea...

Rules for Mixing and Blending Colors

Any color can be blended with the color next to it on the rainbow Different color values of the same color can be blended also. In between the two colors will be a zone with the two colors being mixed together. This is where the two colon meet and blend. For example, let's color in a leaf. The outline for the leaf is done and it has black shading by the stem. The darkest color is done the black and black shading) and now some green must be added. It will go from black shading by the stem to a dark green, fading to a light green, and then a little vellow on the very edge- It's all right to color over shading as the black shading will show through. Wash out the machine and needles very good (prescribed elsewhere) and tattoo in the dark green around the shading, right over the shading and feather it ou toward the edge. Leave space for the other green Wash out the machine and tattoo in the light green. Color in slightly over the dark green and color in the leaf almost to the edges, maybe...

Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

Most importantly, the parlor should be clean and professional. Clean is always important when dealing with needles and blood. When walking into a tattoo parlor for the first time, don't be afraid to ask questions. Are the needles and other materials one-time use Will gloves be worn How long have the artists been tattooing Are they members of a professional organization Be sure that all of the needles are opened in front of you. This will ensure that they haven't been used 15 minutes before you for the person down the street.

Tak Through Each Of Your Current Tattoos Ano Teh Us Something About

And slirubbery around with a shed and a bike leaning on it Absolutely love it. On my back I've got 36 stars, started as 26, going from the top of my butt up to my shoulder, this was my second tattoo. There's a huge beautiful angel, next to that named Lenore, holding on to a rose. A treble clef is on the direct back of my neck. Behind my ear is a purple bow on one side and the other a diamond. My friend Coburn, back in Langley, who has his own studio called Black Widow Ink did tills one and the music notes on my leg. First two were done at Lady Luck, also in Langley where everyone was partial to, but I didn't find that these were done very well, I think the needle was too deep and there's a bit of scar tissue. Everything else was done by Aaron at Bodycraft in Nottingham, unfortunately he's just moved to Indiana, so won't be getting anything more until he comes back to visit Ireland, in the fail. He's definitely the man to do the rest of my work, really lucky that I

Here is an overview of some of the more popular styles of tattoos and tattooing

Biomechanical is a form of work showing humans meshed with machines. A common theme is the flesh being ripped away exposing the mechanical inner workings of an arm, for example. Artists such as H.R. Giger and Clive Barker inspire these works. 9. Fineline is a modern tattoo style, as tattoo machines have gotten better, and inks and technique have improved, more detail is being added to pieces. Common themes are portraits, animals, biomechanical, and any fine picture, even UPC code bars. 16. Prison tattoos served as a badge or a warning, it showed fearlessness, much like the warriors tattoos in early times. These tattoos are generally threatening featuring skulls, knife, women, or symbols representing crimes and death. Today's black and gray tattooing style stems from jailhouse tattooing. Generally these tattoos were black because black was the only ready color available. The black could be from pen ink, the carbon collected from a burning toothbrush, or metal debris. Most are crudely...

The Science of Tattoos

Early tattooing techniques seem quite barbaric by today's standards. South American tribes scratched or pricked at the skin and then smeared it with dye or dirt. The Inuit punctured the skin and passed a needle covered in soot through the open wounds. The Maoris pierced the skin with a tool used for cutting bone and then smeared ash and other dyes over the cuts. Today traditional Japanese tattoos are still created by manually puncturing the skin and wiping the wounds with dye. Fortunately, tattooing techniques have become much more sophisticated thanks to O'Reilly's electrically powered tattoo machine.

Assessing the Artists Practice

Watching the artist in action is also highly recommended, as everything that is used to apply the tattoo should be sterilized or disposable. For instance, the artist should not be dipping his needle into a large plastic jug of ink. The ink should be poured into a disposable container that is intended for use with just one customer. The tattooist should also use disposable sterile latex gloves. If he or she is using bare fingers then you are vulnerable to infection and disease. New sterile needles should also be used for every tattoo. Unfortunately, mandatory testing for hepatitis B is not required before an artist can pick up a needle. For ultimate safety, make sure that you are vaccinated before you receive a new tattoo.

Chapter Choosing A Tattoo Artist Reputation is Al

The scratcher is an untrained tattooist who may be artistically gifted but rarely bothers sterilizing his instruments. The scratcher may work out of a studio, but often works from his home, a basement or the back room of a bar. They may describe themselves as freelancer. A scratcher often purchases equipment through the Internet or email. The worst thing about a scratcher is their tendency to reuse needles which of course can lead to fatal diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS. Unfortunately we live in a day and age where tattooing could literally be the death of a customer if proper procedures are not strictly carried out. Needles and equipment must be properly sterilized, cross-contamination and strict sterilization techniques must be adhered to, or disease can spread as quickly. Blood-born pathogens do kill tattoo clients. If you think all that you need to get a tattoo is a needle and some ink think again

Ten Signs You Are in the Right Studio

The Tattoo Artist Uses New Sterile Needles New sterile needles are always removed from a pouch called an autoclave bag. The needles should not be removed from this pouch until your tattoo work is in progress. Each autoclave needle bag usually boasts a small label called a sterile confirmation label along with the name of the manufacturer. If you do not see this label on the bag or if your needles are sitting outside the bag, then the artist may be reusing materials. New needles are bright silver in color. If needles appear stained, brownish or dulled then stop the procedure. 6. The Tattoo Artist Disposes Needles In a Sharps Container Used needles, and anything else contaminated and not scheduled for autoclave sterilization should be placed in these containers and removed in a timely manner. Most states require a tattoo artist to have some kind of license before they can touch anyone with a needle. Check the laws in your state to make sure that you are dealing with a licensed...

Inspiration from the Heart

If you ask any tattoo artist, he or she will tell you that the best place to find a design is within your heart. However what is in your heart may not be the most practical design for you. Also it may be difficult to describe what is in your heart to the tattoo artist, who is after all, sitting there with a tattoo needle ready to brand you forever. It is highly recommended that you bring some kind of template or design with you before you visit the tattoo artist, as like a diamond, a tattoo is forever.


Armature Bar Tattoo

Machine frames are made out of cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each weighs differently and each has a different level of electrical conductivity which affects the strength of your machine. The weight of your machine will come from the frame so you need to decide what kind of machine you will be running. Cast iron frames are molten metal poured into a cast for the shape. Cast iron machines are made of one piece while machines that the side arm is attached with screws are called bolt on frames. Most machines frames are made from a piece of metal cut into shape then welded together and ground smooth. Cast frames can be made of any type of metal but the most common cast are iron. Cast frames are very heavy. Heavy machines can be good because they make really smooth lines. The weight of the machine help to hold it steady, but your hand will tire out really fast. So they are great for little tattoos or for a lining session, but for the long haul you may want...

Other Supplies

Speed Stick For Tattoo Stencil

During a tattoo you will be using a few other supplies. Green soap is the most common chemical of tattooing. If you hear someone talk about the smell of a tattoo, that's it. You can order green soap from any tattoo supply company but I have never found it in a medical supply store. Green soap is an anti-bacterial soap that comes in a gallon jug and is very concentrated. Go down to your local buy everything store , in the back of the health and beauty section you will find hand sized plastic spray bottles. You need five or six of these. Your green soap, bleach and water mix, rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, glycerin, and water should all be in these bottles. Make sure to label them properly with a magic marker. When you fill the green soap you want a mix of 25 green soap, and 75 percent water. Make sure to shake it well so it's properly mixed. All of the other chemicals need to be full concentration. Another thing that will be used a lot is the sheets of carbon copy paper you will use to...

Lining and Shading

Fruit And Vegetable Tattoos Pictures

Lining isn't as easy as you may think. You need to put a lot of time and consideration into lining. Lining is not a race. Usually the lining of a tattoo will take you longer than shading or coloring it. Now that your machine is set up you can attach the clip cord. It doesn't matter which way. Run the machine and check the tuning. You may have to do some last minute adjustments, but your machine should have been tuned before hand. While running the machine, check to see if the needle tip is jumping around. If it seems loose and not quite seated in the tip then stick another rubber band on the machine. They should be of equal distance apart between the back of the tube and your armature bar. If you put them too close then you will bend the needle bar. The rubber band might also cause the machine to run differently than expected. Once the needle, tube, and rubber band are in the machine test the stroke by touching your thumbnail to the grommet while the machine is in motion. If the...


WHEN YOU PICKED UP A IATIOO MACHINE FQR THE FIRST TIME, DID YOU FIND II EASY TO IATIOI I No not really, I was always creative when growing up, I always wanted to become a graphic designer. But I think I struggled to get a grip on using needles and ink as a medium 1 really did stress when outlining, but always felt comfortable with a magnum. IN AUSTRALIA THERE AREN'T MANY ARTISTS Coilventlon in Queenslaild wliere 1 too i out


Tattoo Bold Lining

The line in the pattern and make little slashes through it so it looks like a train track but with one rail. Use whatever works for you, but make sure it's clear and only use one method so you don't confuse yourself during a tattoo. Just in case you do confuse your self you want a picture of the tattoo with your set up so you can use it as a reference for all the points that are blood lined. Grey lining is the same method but you dip your machine in black and wash out almost all of the pigment leaving just a light grey line. The disadvantage of grey lining is when the shading of the tattoo is light you can still see the grey line after the tattoo heals. The only time I recommend grey line is if you are working on a client that just will not turn red. Just make sure it's as light grey as you can get. When you blood line you want to do this first, before any black ever hits the needle. If you use black and then wash it out the line will still be a little grey, so blood line first. Blood...

The Tattoo Setup

Tubes according to what needle grouping you will be using 7. Needles according to type of tattoo, sterilized and unopened 15. Tattoo machine power supply with clip cord and foot switch 16. Tattoo machine the you take a wooden tongue depressor (popsicle stick) and get a healthy but controllable glob of petroleum jelly on the end if it. We use a depressor because it's long so it's easy to get what you need from the jar and its sterile cause it's new and disposable. Use the depressor to apply the jelly to the paper plate you want to sculpt it in shape using the depressor. If you look at the small paper plate you will notice that there is a ring in the center. It stops just before the edge starts to rise up to make the lip and outside edge of the plate. You want to apply the jelly in shape to that inside ring leaving the center of the plate clean. The reason for this is so while you are tattooing and dip your pigment you have a place to set your hand. If you are dipping for pigment and...

Starting a Tattoo

Tattoo Machine Operation Guide

So you're staring at a pattern on the skin of your client with a full set up tattoo. Now what The first thing you will need to know is how to put together your machine. It's not hard. The first step is opening the tube you plan to use first. If you look at the tip of the tube you will notice an open spot on the tube itself. This is called a washout. It was designed so that past artist can work beside a sink while they work and simply run water through the washout to remove all the pigment so they can change colors. Now with so many cross contamination issue we stopped doing this but the tubes stayed the same. This is what the cups of water are for and why you need one for every color pigment. If you use one or two cups of water then your white will look pink if you wash out the red first. The side with the washout is the same side the needle comes out. The other end you need to put in your tube vice. Tighten it down just enough to hold it you will have to move it around later. The...

Mike Rubendal Tattoo

Meehows Top Tattoos

As a young teenager, I started creating tattoos on my own skin, building my machines out of old toys, which allowed me to create a machine that was very similar to a rotary machine. The tattoo culture in Poland at the time wasn't very popular at all and we were looked down upon constantly. I never had My time in Colchester was a big step for me, I had chance to start work with equipment that I had never seen before I didn't realise how important it was to try out other machines and styles and during this time I had the chance to meet other artists that I had only ever seen in tattoo magazines before. It was like one of my dreams had come true. 1 am extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to work there. I got the chance to get many different perspectives 3 FOR ME, I HAP CHANGE TO START WORK WITH EQUIPMENT THAT I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE I DIDN'T REALISE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO TRY OUT OTHER MACHINES AND STYLES.

Tattoo Sterilization

What the hell do I do now Well it's your job to make sure that everything is safe. Rubbing alcohol will not kill Hepatitis or HIV. The only thing alcohol will kill is bacteria, not viruses. Rubbing alcohol is not the answer. There are a few chemical solutions you can buy from a tattoo supply company. They all have different names but they are called germicidal solutions. Usually these chemicals are pretty expensive as well. About all of them come in one gallon jugs and are concentrated. To get them to work right you have to measure just right and then when you spray them on, they have to sit for up to twenty minutes to be affective. This sounds like a lot of crap to me. The best and the cheapest thing you can use is good, old fashioned bleach and water. Bleach and water are good for surfaces. Never use them on skin and never try to sterilize needles, only surfaces. You can use bleach and water to clean a tattoo machine, but you have to clean the bleach back off because it causes...

D M Thomas

The irezumi's skin, which has borne the tiery pain of the needles, becomes cool, reptilian. The images of dragons, jagged lightning flashes, fish scales, and the ripplings of the moving body that a photograph cannot capture, increase the effect of a defensive barrier. Do the irezumi defend themselves against their emotions Against the technology, consumerism, and conformism of modern Japan The commuter in his business suit, who is secretly wearing feminine underclothes, may be an irezumi. Secrecy. Separateness. The mirror. Recognition of an artist's work can assume macabre, practical overtones in the case of the Japanese tattoo masters it can help to identify a murder victim. Under the painted skull of Horikin is a mind more alive with signals than all the microcomputers of Sony and under all of those signals lies the unconscious. Compared with that cosmic design, that tattoo imprinted by living, all his years of art are less than one touch of his needle. Yet to an extent, at least he...

Bob Done

Lynn Akura

I spent about a year just observing, as well as setting up and breaking down work stations, scrubbing tubes, sweeping iloors, cleaning the toilet. Finally I was allowed to pick up a machine and 1 started tattooing. 1 am only doing small pieces. I don't want to am before I can walk. I watch everyone here working as much as I can. I like to learn something every single day.

Liner or Shader

Need to put a grommet on the armature nipple. Black is the best color because you can see it best as it moves. Barely loosen your set screw. Make sure it's still tight enough so that you have to use a little bit of pressure to turn the contact screw. If it's too loose then when you turn on the machine the contact screw will unscrew its self and you'll have to start over every time you let go of it. Now, hold the machine sideways so your looking at the coils and the armature bar is standing straight up and down. You want your power supply to be about three volts and apply more as needed. Turn on the machine. If it doesn't move then make sure you contact screw is touching the front spring. If it doesn't move then turn up your power supply slowly till it starts. If it still doesn't move then check your machine assembly, something is wrong. If you hold the machine so you can clearly see the grommet moving you may notice and oscillation in the movement. This means that you machine will be...


Hooked Tattoo Needle Eye Loop

In this Age of many diseases and viruses, many that kill and some incurable, proper sterilization is a serious concern. It also ought to be a priority with yourself that under no circumstances do you ever use non-sterile equipment All needles, tubes, bars and inks should be sterilized To sterilize equipment before using, first put new needle bars and tubes in an ultrasonic cleaner. A chemical cleaner can be used in the ultrasonic cleaner. This helps get all the flux off of needles and works wonders in getting ink out of tubes. A tube can be scrubbed by hand for live minutes, but when they're put in an ultrasonic, the ink willjust boil right out of it. You may be able to get by without an ultrasonic in the beginning, but ifyou're planning on doing a lot of tattoos, you're going to want one before too long. Purchase one with a removable basket They also impress the Health Department and are well worth the money spent When placing equipment in the ultrasonic cleaner, be careful not to...

Mag Use Tattoing

A mag is a tattoo needle with two rows, one on top of the other. They're stacked as you would stack soda cans laying on there side, four on the bottom and three on top for a seven mag. The two rows are spread apart more than a round so the pigment dispersal is a little smoother. It would be like comparing a fine point pen to a magic marker. The little detailed stuff is for the pen while the magic marker is for larger jobs. The mags are made by soldering your needles in a row and laid out flat. Solder at the back, next use a single edge razor blade to weave the needles. One on top, one on bottom, then one on top, ect. Then with the razor in place another layer of solder is applied to hold this configuration. A stacked mag is where they lay four down and solder them, then lay three down and solder those. Then they solder the two layers together. This would be to make a seven mag stacked. Because they are closer together they are smaller, so a nine mag stacked will fit in a seven mag...

Tattoo Ikons Perth

Dragon Tattoo Sleeve

Listening to the thundering sounds of ocean waves crashing towards the beach as a long haired figure effortlessly rides that perfect wave, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were waUhing the opening scenes of Point Break . But listen more closely and recognise that ever satisfying buzz of a tattoo machine, and you'll soon realise its not Bodhi or johnny Utah, it's in fact Shakey Pete Entirely self-taught (Laughing) Wtiich is the worst way I spent like, six months in my basement learning how to build needles, then going to tattooists and asking them what they thought, and then just getting told off and going back, then doing some drawing, eventually, like, tattooing myself and everything, showing them, getting thrown out again, tattooing a few friends, which was a pretty long way of doing it. It probably takes twice as long going down the self-taught route half and only saw each other's work when it was time to put the painting together. Needless to say, the two are perfect compliments...

Modern Tattoos

Primitive Tattoos

In the 1970s, artists trained in traditional fine art disciplines began to embrace tattooing and brought innovative imagery and drawing techniques to the industry. Advances in electric needle guns and pigments provided them with new ranges of color, delicacy of detail and artistic possibilities. The physical nature of many local tattooing establishments also changed as increasing numbers of operators adopted equipment and procedures resembling those of medical clinics -- particularly in areas where tattooing is regulated by government health regulations.


Trinity Savage Lauderdale Bartender

Needle Art Convention When Carly Dawson and Mark Bones first met, she thought he was a real a** he thought she was a lesbian. So much for impressions We got off to an awkward but eventually all our initial misconceptions straightened out and here we are Carly That's right this happy couple now owns Bones' Resurrection in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Bones mans the tattoo machines. By the time you read this, they will have exchanged I do's at the Little White Chapel in Vegas.

Pattern Application

Pen, throw it away when you are done. A pen will soak up bacteria and disease just as much as anything, if it's felt tip then even faster. Be careful what kind of pen you use. Some artist like using felt markers or ball point pens. If the tattoo is lighter sometimes they can show through and many types of pens can be toxic and cause an allergic reaction. They make special kinds of pens for this called a skin scribe or surgical scrip. The ink they use is the same thing the carbon in the pattern will be made from. These scribes get expensive compared to the price of a ball point, but again you can only use them once. When doing custom work or adding to an existing tattoo you never want to use black. If you use black you will not be able to tell which is tattoo and which is pen. I recommend a light color like purple, red, or green. Free hand work does not mean take up the machine and go. When someone says free hand tattoo that means the artist drew the pattern on the skin without a...


Best Needles For Black And Grey Shading

Assuming the preparation or the skin has just been finished and the area of the design is lightly coated with carbolated vaseline (see Chapter on Sterile TVchniiiues first), just the design and not too much beyond it, so the hand won't slip around and the bridges will he more stable. Thefirst real step is to fill the reservoir of the machine tip with black tattoo ink. T. do this properly the machine should not be running and lightly dip the tip into an ink cap holding black ink. Careful pains must he taken not to touch any surface r the cap with the needle tip. The end of the tube will 1111 up. This supply of ink does nol last very long and must be frequently dipped back into the cap for a refill Run the machine over a paper tissue to test the ink now. ir ihe machine spurts and spils oul ink. stop it for an adjustment. (Check Chapter on Machine Setting). Usually adjustment of the bands will correct the problem. Always tattoo either forward or sideways with the machine. Outlines and...

Frame Alterations

Winder Coils Tattoo

Tension is achieved by the rear spring. Remove needle bar and holding machine in left hand by the tube, depress armature bar with left thumb and ease it upwards until contacts meet. There should be enough tension so you c&n see the front spring rise a little more when contacts meet and you release your thumb - then you've got it right. You can buy a gauge from a tattoo supply house to duplicate this same tension when you replace the rear spring. When coils are set where you want them, add a drop of liquid thread to the machine screws the last time you turn them in. This will assure a secure and tight fit This can also be done with the two screws that hold the posts. If you choose to wind your own coils, use 24 insulated magnet wire and a hand turned coil winder. Use a point file to keep points clean. Listen very carefully to the buzz of your machine. You might have to turn the contract screw in or out just a little until you get that right sound, it should sound real smooth. Listen...

Clan Markings

In the Americas, native tribes used simple pricking to tattoo their bodies or faces. In California some native groups injected color into the scratches. Some northern tribes living in and around the Arctic Circle (mostly Inuit) made punctures with a needle and ran a thread coated with soot through the skin. The South Pacific community would tap pigment into the pricked skin using a small rake-like instrument.

Setting Tubes

Difficult Pictures Color

This chapter requires some careful study since it covers a simple but important process. This process is putting needle bars in tubes and adjusting the tube, bar and machine for proper tattooing- This will become second nature after awhile. Never, ever rush this process because if you're not paying close attention to what you are doing, the needie tips are going to get all damaged. You are going to have to do this every time the tubes and needles are sterilized and the machine has to be put back together. If business is good and proper sterilization is done, you could be assembling machines several times a day. Tubesand needles should be sterilized the first thing in the morning, assembled and wrapped in clean tissue until needed later in the day. Since this process is done for every tattoo (sterilization, assembling the tubes, needles and machines), it is easy to see how a person would rush this process, especially if people are waiting. (In this day and age, you have art obligation...


Sterlelave Autoctave - Fnr sterile dressings and equipment. This is a must. Wayne Dri-Ciave - Tkble top. Sterilizer pouches to check sterilizing. Ultrasonic Cleaner - Cleans all residue from tubes, needles, etc. Ultrasonic Solution - For use with Ultrasonic Cleaner. Ultrasonic Tray and Machine Holder -Submersible trav lohold tools in while in the Ultrasonic Cleaner. Machine Rack - To hold machines while not in use. Contains test tubes for machines. Benz-AII - A germicidal solution thatis non-rusting. This does not sterilize, hut keeps sterile equipment clean. Tor use In machine test tubes. Tattoo Machines - At least three are needed, later building up to as many as ten. Some are exclusively for shading, others just for lining. Put your personal marks on each machine so as to always put liner tubes on lining machines and shader tubes on shading machines. Tattoo Parts - An assortment of parts for any repairs. Tubes - Extra tubes for machine, stainless steel. Needle Bars - Liners and...

Skydiving Tattoo

Skydiving Tattoo

Fusing his band's motto - Have a good time, all the time - with his passion for ink, Canadian rocker Zeke Gait recently set a world record when he got tattooed whilst skydiving. Yes, you read correctly the Surefire Machine guitarist jumped out of a plane flying at 11,000 feet and was inked by a fellow skydiver during freefall. As for the logistics, all it took was a couple of attempts to build the perfect custom tattoo machine, and a few practice nins on some innocent fruit, and Zeke was up in the air at the Edmonton Skydive Center, ready to give the world an unforgettable show.

The Stencil

Solid Core Door Section

The ways we are going to cover are among the most popular and it is a personal choice on the tattooist's part to see which ones work the best for him. The most commonly used methods aredrawingon the duplicating carbon, the use of hectograph ink, acetate stencils, the latest stencil creating machines and the simple skin type marker.

Innocence Lost

1 just thought Id get in touch and let you see the awesome piece of work that I've just had done by Dan Henk from Austin, Texas, who came over as a special guest invited to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Wine hours of pain under the needle was well worth it in the end, BUT the major complaint I had was that as Dan didn't get finished until 8pm and he hadn't entered for the Best Tattoo oi the Day as he wasn't sure it would be finished in time. Despite my efforts to talk to the judges and say that Dan was a featured guest artist from America they wouldn't let me enter, which seemed to also piss Dan off as in the States you can enter right up until the judging begins. As all the other tattoo artists commented on his work saying that it should have been a sure winner that day, I wanted to get in touch to give Dan the recognition he deserves for this piece of work, and also hear your views on it. Many thanks Andi Hodgetts (Wakefield) Therefore I suggest maybe having a poll of readers to...

Chapter Nine Skin

Stretch Marks Turned Into Tattoos

One of the rruyor bonuses that you have working with skin is in its elasticity. It stretches a lot. In order to perform any kind of precise work and to get the ink in correctly, the skin must be taut. It's important that the skin be stretched tightly like a drum so the needles don't bounce, or get hung up in theskin. If the skin isn't very tight, your lines will go from too strong to too weak. If it is too strong, you have gone way too deep and a big fat line with knots in it may occur and scar tissue will usually result. If the skin isn't stretched tight, it will be difficult to get the color to go in the skin. The needles will bounce off the skin instead of penetrating it. It may look like the ink is getting in all right, but it could be an illusion and be getting in on only the very top layer of epidermis. Keep the area you have just finished clean so you can see how solid the color is. Use a magnifying glass, if necessary, and stretch the skin while you are examining it. Give your...

Daniel Lee Hough Jr

Explosion Tattoo

to perfect my work, that's the way it has to be. It's not a job - it's a lifestyle, it's my entire life. I draw as much as I possibly can, every free moment I have, my sketch-book is out - Mosher tells me as we're driving to Grand Rapids, 40 min. North of Kalamazoo. Soon I'll be launching my own rotary machine, in collaboration with Workhorse Irons. Workhorse Irons in Grand Rapids are currently working on the proto-type. I'm also working on

Dipping into the ink

A scale and a small mixer will greatly aid in getting a good ink consistency. Place the appropriate amount of ink in a disposable cup. In the cup mix the ink with a sterile stirring stick to ensure consistency. Dip your running gun into the ink well and let the ink fill the reservoir of your needle tube tip your now ready to apply some ink. Or just place the end of your tube in the ink well and do not run your gun this will ensure you don't fishhook your needles by bouncing them off your plastic ink cup. First we will cover using pre-made needles soldered onto bars. IF the needles have not been sterilized yet, do so before use, refer to sterilization. Remove the sterile tube and needle combination. Slightly bend the needle with the low point of the bend on the opposite side of the soldered needles. Bend the needle bar about a three-inch distance from the eye to the end so you have a very slight bow. The bend should not be more than 1 8 of an inch to 1 4 of an inch from a straight...


As the buz 2 of machines slowly died off with only a couple of hardcore tattooists working away finishing off pieces, the presentations of awards was all that was left before the mass pack up and a few cheeky drinks to top off a hard days work. This year's Peterlee show for me was a really good way to kick off my tattoo year, with a lot of tattoo fans and newbie's alike enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the show and credit must be given to Eddie, Trudy and their team for providing a well organised and well run convention, I like this show and in the short time I have worked for Skin Deep, it keeps getting better and better. Roll on the 9th Peterlee Tattoo Arts Festival


How the hell do they do that Some portraits can be the size of a quarter, and show tons of detail some can be a image from a photograph that looks like a photograph in the skin. In all cases the tattoo artist has mastered his instrument. This is one of the most advanced stages of tattooing done with mainly a single needle, or small groupings. The tattoo is art, shading is crucial, placement is crucial, and most importantly knowing what will age gracefully and what wont. Skin is only so forgiving, over time blending of the ink will occur, so the amount of detail in a small area has to take this into account

Drawing the Outline

The area to be tattooed will be covered in a light layer of ointment. This ointment cleans the skin, seals the transfer in place and allows the needle to move more smoothly over the skin. As with dentist drills, the sound of a tattooing machine is much worse than the discomfort of it. If you are truly bothered by buzzing sounds it is suggested that you put on a pair of stereo headphones and listen to some music to block the noise out and calm yourself. The tattoo artist will insert the appropriate needles in the tattooing machine. Usually the artist will use a thicker needle to follow the outline of the transfer in black. Depending on the size or detail involved in the design the tattoos will periodically stop the machine and clean your skin with a cotton swab to remove any seeping blood.

Contact Tuning

Tattoo Shading Techniques

If you are going along and allofa sudden your machine quits, first check to see if it is your machine or your power pack- TV) do this, try your other machine to see if it will work if it is your machine and you can t fix it on the spot, you can always iut your needle bar and tube on your other machine and reset the point gap as a last resort to finish the tattoo. If your machine won't run at. all, it is either a short or an open in your circuit. First check to make sure your points are clean. If there issomething caught between them, it will break the circuit. Hold the armature bar down with your thumb to open the contact and blow hard on the points. If thisdoesn'lclean them, trypulllngasmall strip of paper through the points while they are closed. If this doesn't work, try pulling a strip of emery cloth through them, grit side up, then grit side down. Then blow to get any grit out. if this works, you will probably want to reaitjust the point setting slightly to get it buzzing just...

Preparing the Canvas

The tattooist will then put on plastic latex gloves and take some time to pour inks from big jugs into small disposable cups called ink caps. He or she will then remove sterilized needles from a sealed autoclave bag and ready other materials to be used for the procedure such as Vaseline and ointments

San Se

Sexy Convention Goers

Friday also featured contests for the best Tribal and American tattoos as well as the reoccurring Best of Day contest, the winner of which received a trophy made out of a working tattoo machine from Lucky Supply and a horseshoe. Friday night was capped off with 2 great rock-shows at San Jose night-dubs. Conventions goers had their choice as Skate Rock legends The Drunk Injuns were headlining at The VooDoo Lounge while The Blank Club hosted Osaka's favourite pop punkers Shonen Knife.