Tattoo Concealing Master Review 

Do you have tattoos that you need to cover for an upcoming event or do you know someone who does, then you've come to the right place.

About Tattoo Concealing Master

Tattoo Concealing Master is a comprehensive online video course that you can practice along to, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your home. The course makes use of airbrushes.
The Basic level of the course is meant for people wanting to cover their own tattoos, and who have very little or no experience with airbrush makeup.
The Elite level is meant for makeup artists or aspiring makeup artists who want to get certified, in order to make a great income and enjoy a flexible work schedule covering tattoos professionally.
Tattoo Concealing Master is created by Tania Barbe (Founder, Bad Ink Be Gone) and Dorota Buczel (Airbrush Makeup Instructor) who have gone through the trial and error of the tattoo makeup world. In Tattoo Concealing Master, they show you the insider tips and the shortcuts…it’s up to you to decide if you want to take them.

Benefits Of Tattoo Concealing Master

Airbrush makeup which is used by Tattoo Concealing Master is the most durable, natural-looking and lightweight type of makeup for concealing tattoos. By making use of it you will get 100% rub proof, 100% waterproof tattoo coverage that lasts 2–3 days!
The airbrush makeup brands used and recommend here can only be removed with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based cleanser. This makeup will not even come off with soap, water, and scrubbing.
When you use the secrets in this Course you'll be able to: say goodbye to constant touch-ups! Throw away that greasy, heavy, “Halloween type” makeup! Feel free to swim or exercise without your tattoo concealer melting off your skin! Never be paranoid again about your makeup rubbing off on your clothes or on other people!
By making use of the principles in this course you will be able to open your own makeup business and generate income from helping people conceal their own tattoos. That is after you have gotten the certificate ( explained later ).
Applying the skills here you'll be able b to attend all those social gatherings you have missed due to your visible tattoos. Like those weddings engagement dinners etc. Also, you'll be able to attend those also those job interviews will be less problematic for you.

Nature Of Tattoo Concealing Master

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside these course bundles:

Tattoo Concealing Master – Modules 1–3 (Basic course)

Each of the 3 modules contains 3 video lessons, as well as accompanying Materials Lists, Airbrush Diagram and related PDFs.

Tattoo Concealing Master – Modules 1–4 (Elite course)

The Elite level course includes everything listed in the Basic course (see description above), as well as an extra module (Module 4), which gives in-depth training on equipment and product knowledge, color-correction and neutralization, and tattoo coverage for skin issues.

Both course bundles also contain 3 bonus gifts:

Bonus #1:
Quick Start Guide
This convenient one-page PDF shows you the needed materials, basic airbrush assembly, makeup application, setting with powder, and basic airbrush cleaning.

Bonus #2:
Tattoo Neutralization Color Chart
This user-friendly one-page PDF features a complementary color wheel to help determine which color-correctors can best neutralize certain tattoo colors. It also features two real-life tattoo images as practical examples of the complementary colors neutralization principle.

Bonus #3:
Facebook group membership
The Tattoo Concealing Master Facebook group is an exclusive online community where members can ask questions, post before and after pictures, and network with other people with unwanted tattoos and/or makeup artists. Because Tania and Dorota will be coaching and interacting one-on-one with group members, spots are limited, so act now to secure your membership!

You can take things a step further, and cover tattoos professionally! Join their Elite course and get certified!
In addition to having access to the in-depth video training of Module 4 (see description above), the Elite members will be sent a personalized Certificate of Completion if they obtain a passing grade of 80% on their Theoretical Test and Practical Test. The Theoretical Test consists of 20 multiple choice questions, and the Practical Test consists of 2 short videos that will need to be submitted so they can evaluate proper steps and airbrushing technique. They will work one-on-one with you until you master all the necessary skills!

The entire course consists of modules. So here is a breakdown of the Tattoo Concealing Master course curriculum:


Lesson 1: Preparing the skin

  • proper cleansing
  • neutral positioning

Lesson 2: Preparing your workspace

  •  Airbrush system assembly 
  • General workspace

Lesson 3: Doing a patch test

  • analyzing skin undertones
  • determining color ratios


Lesson 1: Neutralizing a black and grey tattoo

  • correcting greenish/bluish tones
  • proper misting distance and opacity

Lesson 2: Reintroducing the skin-colored pigments

  • mastering the rocking boat technique
  • proper misting distance
  • reintroducing texture
  • setting with powder
  • extending makeup longevity

Lesson 3: Concealing a color tattoo

  • understanding the complementary color wheel
  • color-correction of warm and cool tones
  • neutralizing outlines
  • color washing


Lesson 1: Cleaning your airbrush – Regular use

  • using the proper cleaners
  • partial airbrush disassembly/reassembly

Lesson 2: Airbrush maintenance

  • complete airbrush disassembly/reassembly
  • in-depth cleaning of airbrush components

Lesson 3: Removing the makeup from the skin

  • makeup remover options
  • alcohol-based vs. alcohol-free cleansers


Lesson 1: In-depth equipment and product knowledge

  • equipment options for on-location applications
  • switching between various airbrush makeup mediums
  • low-grade vs. high-grade alcohol-based makeup
  • hindering factors of makeup longevity

Lesson 2: In-depth color-correction and neutralization

pre-mixed color-correctors vs. primary color-correctors
mimicking freckles and bronzers

Lesson 3: Tattoo coverage for skin issues

  • concealing tattoos with scar tissue
  • concealing tattoos with skin discolorations (rosacea, tan lines, vitiligo, bruises, birthmarks, etc.)
  • concealing tattoos between laser tattoo removal sessions
  • concealing tattoos with body jewelry.


This program was fantastic because it’s really easy to use! And it is recommended for anyone who is either a professional, or who wants to learn on their own to conceal their tattoos on an everyday basis.
The secrets in this course will help you conceal all manner of tattoos, stretch marks, birthmarks etc.

Tattoo Concealing Master
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