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1. marc by virginal tattoo (germany)

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Tattoo fans have had to cope without the much-loved Barcelona Tattoo Convention for three long years now so the long-awaited follow-up to the Catalan expo was bound to be a success. Also in Spain, the Madrid convention has been off the map for a few years too. This has left people wondering what happened to stop two of the most successful shows, not only in Spain but in the whole of Europe, in their tracks. Unsurprisingly, it has very little to do with tattoos and a lot to do with new legislation and local bureaucracy.

Essentially, the organisers were presented with a practical problem: how do you set up a three-day event where every single booth has to be equipped with running water (taps, basin, the lot) and surrounded by a glass screen? The plumbing provided the biggest headache, as most of the booths at previous Barcelona shows only had basic sanitary provisions, with any washing and sterilizing taking place elsewhere on the premises. After years of wrangling and trying to sort the problems out. a venue was eventually found which provided both the requisite plumbing and glass dividers, without making the artists feel like monkeys at the zoo. I know that a lot of tattoo shows have glass walls but it can be a little claustrophobic for the artists if they are working in a particularly small space.

To remedy all the issues, the new and revamped Barcelona Tattoo Convention was held in a convention centre on the outskirts of the city.The new venue is not as convenicndy located as the ones used in previous years but this won't really be an issue as there arc excellent public transport links on its doorstep, with both mainline trains and the underground stopping nearby.There are also lots of places to eat. drink and shop, should you want to take a breather from the convention for a little while. Another big difference is the

Tattoo Germany

1. marc by virginal tattoo (germany)

2. expo venue


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