Victor Portugal

Victor Portugal

9. ramón by victor portugal (tenerife)

10. yurena by Javier rodríguez Itw (spain) 11. Jose by jorge riera (spain) 12. nazareno by xed lehead blue fire tattoo 13. sergio by gonzala stress tattoo (spain) 14. alex by jorge teran trimur tattoo (spain) 15. demetrio by wolf tattoo (spain) 16. ramon (colour arm) by david roque, caution tattoo (spain) (b/w arm) by victor portugal (tenerife)

Victor PortugalVictor Portugal Tattoo MachineVictor Portugal Tattoo MachineTattoo Americana Humanfly
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Olivier Glamort TattooHumanfly Tattoo

17. ugo by Olivier, glamort tattoo (Canada)

18. luuk by joako, human fly tattoo (spain)

19. albano by jondix, Itw (spain)

20. isobel varley the world's most tattooed senior citezen

Jondix Tattoo

68 Tool Tmoo Mtfxtm«

Alan Vitor Tatoo

68 Tool Tmoo Mtfxtm«

Alan Vitor Tatoo



ivww. myspace, corn/wizarciofinfc

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  • Rocco
    Where to get tattoo by victor portugal?
    8 years ago
  • donna
    How to build a victor portugal tattoo machine?
    4 years ago

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