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IT: Your work is highly respected in the industry and many artists have your work on them. Whose work do you find inspiring?

RH: Well, I am bad with names, but when I travel to conventions I am constantly discovering artists whose work is incredible and that's always nice.

TT: A lot of excellent artists arc under the radar because unless they go to a convention or get their work published in a magazine the wider public does not know who they are or what they do.

RH: There arc a lot of excellent artists in Eastern Europe. A lot of new names are beginning to come out of Poland and the Czech Republic and tlicii work is really impressive.

TT: Tattooing is very trendy and very present in everyday media. Has your clientele changed over the years because of this?

RH: You definitely get more girls and their tattoos are bigger and more visible: necks, chest, sleeves. The age of clients is getting younger too.

TT: Do you think some people rush into getting a lot of tattoo coverage? «.

RI1: Well, look at me: I still have a sleeve which is almost empty and I am nearly 40! 1 would like to get some work on it. Deciding which artists is difficult. There arc artists I love like Shigc. Guy Aitchison. Aaron Cain. Filip. but then I travel and work a lot so it's hard to find the time...

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RH: I try not to overbook myself too much. I travel a lot. I do tattoo conventions and having a fully booked diary a year in advance docs not interest me. It's stressful to work that way and you just don't know what might happen.

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