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Padlock Tattoo

I started off by having lictic pieces, a star on the underneath of one arm. a diamond underneath the other, and then I progressed onto the bigger piece I have on my right arm. Lucy knows what I like. I told her I wanted hearts and roses and just rolled with what she came up with. Over the next few months, it all came together really well with the roses, buds, hearts and a horse shoe. My favourite part of the whole piece is the litde rosebud on the front of my shoulder.

Lucy also came up with a heart-shaped padlock that I have on the inside of my wrist. I'm a romantic at heart and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve which has lead to bad choices in the past.This tattoo is a reminder to occasionally think with my head instead of my heart! On my birthday last year. Lucy and I celebrated the occasion by having matching cupcakes on the back of our necks, done by JJ at Blood Brothers Tattoo Studio.They're the cutest things ever and commemorate a good friendship as well as my birthday.

The last tattoos I had were done In Vegas by Riley Baxter at Dirk Vermin's Pussykat Tattoo. I had my parents' initials on each of my wrists It was something I wanted as I've always had a great relationship with them and. even though I don't see them as often as I'd like, they made me into the person I am today. I'm really pleased with the tattoos They're so dainty and pretty.

I'm planning to have my forearm worked on next. I can't wait to have a full sleeve And I have many more ideas of what I want after that. Next time I am in Vegas I'm hoping to be tattooed by a friend of mine. Cloen Rock One at Last Chance Tattoo. His work is amazing.

I don't get many negative reactions to my tattoos. Occasionally I get the odd comment, but it really doesn't bother me. When I worked in a bar a little while ago a guy asked me why I do this to myself My quick-thinking friend quipped that it won't kill me and asked why he was drinking pints of beer at 11 o'clock in the morning! Ha ha! (Love you for that. Erin). I was once turned down for a job on a cruise ship for having too many tattoos though. I wouldn't have minded but the ones I had were easily covered. Some of my family have had mixed reactions to them but. at the end of the day. they know tattoos are part of who I am, My parents were secretly quite proud when I showed them their initials on my wrists. My dad even gushed...

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To be honest. I don't really know much about the tattoo scene in America. From what I can see it's a little more accepted than it is in the UK and maybe a little bit more commercial. In Vegas there's Mario Barth's shop. Starlight Tattoo, inside The Mandalay Bay and Carey Hart's shop. Hart and Huntington .Inside The Palms Casino. Vince Neil Ink is right on Las Vegas Boulevard and there's also i club near The Strip called The Ice House that hosts Inked Fridays every week. Cheesy or not? You decide. At the end of the day I like what I like and I look forward to getting tattooed out there by some great artists in the very near future

Carey Hart Tattoo Shop Vegas

Held at

Peterlee Leisure


Sunday ¿9th March 200

Doors open 12 noon - 11pm

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