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3 & 4. monica by junior ink (poland) S. beautiful barcclona 6. monica by junior ink (poland) 7. bcnoit by marc riedmann (germany) 8. daniel by mauro gentile (argentina)
Black And Grey Tattoo Shading Techniques

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Marc Riedmann

O absence of smoking on the premises. It may be because the venue is much bigger or perhaps smokers were going outside to have a ciggio. but the air inside the convention seemed a lot cleaner and fresher than in previous years.

So. what can I tell you about the show itself? Many international artists were pleased to be back in Barcelona.The show was scheduled for the week following the London Tattoo Convention which ensured that quite a few big international names were in Europe and could participate in both events.There was obviously a large Spanish contingent too. All the artists were working in one huge room. Among the international names at work were Bad Bones (Portugal). Black and Gold (Japan). Dimitri Tatouagc and the Belfort Tattoo Family (France). Pittan Tattoo Family (Italy). Xed LeHead. (England). Shad (Belgium).Tahio Tatau. Jack Ribeiro (France). Liorcifer (USA). Mystery Touch (Austria), Jo Harrison (England). Milosch (Czech Republic). Mana Tahiti Tatau (Polynesia). Miguel Ramos (Peru). Junior Ink (Poland) as well as several Spanish studios like LTW. Trimur, Robert Hernandez's Vittamin Tattoo. Laura Juan. Moo. Tattoo Lucio and many, many more.

I can't really find fault with the new version of this popular show, but if I had to suggest a change it would be with the entertainment and the tattoo contest: both of them started quite late in the day. even on the Sunday, and many visitors missed them They were both great fun to watch, so perhaps moving them forward to a little earlier might make for an even more enjoyable day for both audience and tattoo artists.

All in all, this was a great welcome back to a popular and well-attended show. Let's hope Madrid now follows suit!

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