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Photos Lake Geneva Sweden

I. view across lake geneva

2. pontus, alternative art (sweden)

3. kevain, artrateum (on the road)

4. nate beavers, I-45 ink (usa) 5. jef, boucherie moderne (belgium) 6. the convention hall 7. stage show by satomi

Nate Beavers

25 Tool Tutoo Mifairr

Although it is only in its second year, the Evian Tattoo Convention, staged in Franci against the idyllic backdrop of Lake Geneva, is already drawing fans from ail over Europe. In 2008 organiser Dats.who is a studio owner and tattoo journal.stand his team once again invited artists from around the world who stunned visitors with their incredible work.

The first Evian show was a huge success, with thousands of tattoo fans enjoying a colourful weekend in a beautiful location. It was a triumph that was hard to top in 2008 but hard work and skilful organisation made it happen all over again. Dats has an incredible knack for persuading great artists to choose to work at his convention.This a valuable gift, given the plethora of events on the tattoo scene. Not only did Dats present a spectacular line-up but the entrance fee for the public was a very reasonable 10 Euros for both days!

The biggest draw was probably a group of extraordinarily young and talented artists iron the USA. Rising star Nick Baxter, who has just opened a studio in Ausun.Texas with Jeff Ensminger. certainly felt welcome at the Evian show. Both artists tattooed several masterpieces during the weekend which left some of the experts present gasping for breath! Their tattoos seem to perfectly saturate the skin, while doing as little damage to it as possible. Nick as well as Jeff took several trophies in the competitions.The trophies, by the way. weren't just cheap cups, but unique (and pricey) tattoo machines, crafted by masters like Aaron Cain or Karl Marc, as well as valuable tattoo books. Adrian Dominic and Nate Beavers were two more artists making waves this weekend. Working next to artists from Japan. Malaysia. China and Tahiti, was master of Chicano fineline tattooing. Boog, who has been travelling extensively recently. He worked in a particularly varied corner of the airy hall, which featured - among others - old school talent Joey Ortega from Texas, tattooing opposite Sergio Villagran (Belfort Tattoo Family). A few of Britain's finest could be found thore:The ever-sweet Jo Harrison of Modern Body Art did some great tattoos, while Endre Szabo of Tattoo End (London) showed what he is able to do with colour. Gerry Carnelly of Octopus Tattoo (Derby) worked downstairs in the main hall, doing a collaborative piece - a pair of white and black roses on a visitor's hands -with Jeremy Justice from Seattle (Muthafucknjustice Tattoo).

Upstairs the artists were grouped togedier in the galleries which framed the main floor On one side. Dimitri HK worked back-to-back with Lea Nahon, Karl Marc and Roberto of Art Corpus (Paris) whose artistic work is getting more and more attcmon. He showed a masterful surreal bodysuit on a stunningly beautiful French girl as well as an unusual sleeve tattoo that skillfully incorporated some cover-up work. It is no secret that the Belgian tattoo scene has great artistic vision and this was again proven by tattoos from Jd and Kostek of Boucherie Moderne (Brussels) as well as newcomers Loïc of Needles' Sid« or Alex Wuillot (Liège, Belgium). If you were looking for some great old or new school tattoos, t/ie place to be was the large booth that Unde AHan shared Electric Pick (Conspiracy Inc.. Copenhagen). Igl of Stichtag (Graz. Austria) in ; American talent Jesse Smith, who specialises in tattoos that are clearly inspired b. ¿raffia art.

Aside from the tattooing, there was plenty on oner at the convention: Satomi's highly erotic bondage show was one highlight as wis the expertly hosted auction on Sunday

25 Tool Tutoo Mifairr

night. Dats had no problem selling a number of paintings by renowned artists, raising more 1500 Euros for a cancer charity.

Numerous guests and tattooists took the opportunity to extend their stay in the beautiful French Alps. Lots of cheap accommodation in Evian and the proximity to attractive tourist destinations, such as the Mont Blanc area. mai<c a holiday there very tempting. Several tattooists also used the ferry across Lake Geneva to pay a visit to Filip Leu's studio in Lausanne. Loretta Leu actually briefly visited the convention on Saturday, while Filip w3S busy working in his street shop.

A very French phenomenon at conventions is that Sundays are always the busiest day. At Evian. after a relatively quiet, relaxing Saturday, the aisles were crammed on the second day. with about 4.000 visitors coming through the doors. Unsurprisingly, die Evian convention will be extended to three days in 2009. Keep an eye on Total Tattoo for all the details!

Lae Nahon TattooBerit UhlhornBerit Uhlhorn
Tool Txtoo Mijptin» I 29
Tattoo Loretta

8. uncle allan, conspiracy inc (denmark) 9. mr biz, body seasons authentik (france) 10, II & 12. robert hernandez vittamin tattoo (spain) 13. julian, clockwork needle (france) 14 & IS. dimitri hk, dimitri tatouages


16. satoru koizuml, one shot tattoo (japan)

Tattoo DimitriBerit UhlhornBerit Uhlhorn
30 ToolTutooMafume
Stichtag Igl

Tool Ttttoo hUjjim«

Berit Uhlhorn

17. tommy lee & nate beavers collaboration

18. Vincent, bizarroid (france) 19. florence amblard (france)

20. mikael de poissy mikael tatouage (france) 21 & 24. berit uhlhorn, tatau obscur

32 fcol Tutoo Mipxine

Octopus Tatouage FranceBerit UhlhornBerit UhlhornBerit Uhlhorn

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