issue 53

Inspirational tattoos from around the world Artists are in the UK unless stated otherwise

. chris black, electric expressions (usa)

2. steve byrne, in name and blood

3. ray johnson, immortal ink

4. jj, blood brothers

5. tutti, self sacrifice

6. miss nlco, all style tattoo (germany)

Steve Byrne Tattoo
70 I Tool Tatioo Mapnoc

Submitting your work:

We accept transparencies, prints from negatives or digital pictures on a CD (they must be at least 300 dpi in resolution). We cannot accept black & white pictures, negatives, print-outs from digital files or photos by Please note we cannot return your photos. Send submissions to:

Gallery, Total Tattoo Magazine, PO Box 10038, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO 10 7WL, UK

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