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This month's cover model is Vikki whose tattoos reflect her life which is lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Here Vikki tells us about her journey through life from a small town in Cornwall to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

I grew up in a small Cornish town but. as pretty as it was. it felt like it was the end of the earth so I took the first train out of there when I was 16.1 moved to Nottingham where I lived for a while During this time I took my first vacation to California, which Is where my love of the Sates began Later on I went and stayed In Los Angeles for three months which was an amazing experience! When I came back to England. I lived in London and back in Cornwall for a little bit Now. numerous visits to the States later. I split my ome between the UK and the fabulous Las Vegas where I plan to move later in the year.

I've always liked the alternaove things in life, whether it be music... the louder, the dirtier the better! Movies... mindless blood and gore please! Fashion... white trash with a hint of rock and fifties pin-up. if you like. And. of course, tattoos. I got my first tattoo when I was about 17.1 didn't really know anything about tattoos, just that I wanted one.They just seemed so cool to me and growing up on a musical diet of bands like Motley Crue and Guns 'n' Roses it seemed the more the merrier! So I ended up just going to the tattoo shop in town where everyone seemed to go. I had a small Japanese symbol on the back of my right shoulder. I remember the guy pulling out an A4 piece of paper with about 12 symbols on it. It's laughable now by today's standards. I've since had it covered up but I remember feeling really proud of it at the lime. Even after I got my first tattoo. I never imagined having as many as I have now. I find that each new tattoo fuels my fire to get the next one!

My second tattoo was a tribal symbol on the bottom of my back, which my friend

My second tattoo was a tribal symbol on the bottom of my back, which my friend

Magic Symbols Tattoo

lovingly calls my tramp stamp! Not the most thought-through idea I've had. but I knew I wanted another and it was a popular choice at the time. It led me to having my Japanese symbol covered over as I didn't like the mix of the styles together.

My next big tattoo session was the swallows on the front of my hips and I love them to this day. Yes. the line work needs a touch up and they could probably do with a bit more colour but I had them done in my friend's living room in Hollywood, drinking vodka and chain smoking Lucky Strikes, with probably everyone including the take-out delivery guy peeking over to watch me squirm* They took four hours to complete and I was in agony. But I always remember good times when I look at them

After that, most of my work was done by one of my best fnends. Lucy Pryor at IN2U in London I had met Lucy a year or so previously throe» • a good friend of ours and I ended up sharing a flat with her and another gir: wt-.o worked at IN2U. This is where ryj tattoo education really started i loved Lucy's work the minute I saw it She's i jper talented and I was biown away by her portfolio.

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