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Brighton is a very creative town. W hat is it like to work as a tattooist here?

We have a very well-informed clientele here. I would say 90% of our customers really know their tattoos! There are also some other great studios here which makes for healthy competition.

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Adrian Willard TattooAdrian Willard

O future and a lot of lascring Shone will 1 be kept busy for years to come! 1 will only tattoo someone's hands or neck if they hav e lots of other coverage and know what effect tattoos can have on your life. The boundaries of w hat is acceptable arc changing but tattoos can still limit your job options and gc: you turned away from pubs.

VVIiilt stvie of tattooing really lights your fire?

I love old style, traditional work but I try to give it my own slant. I'd love to get into doing Japanese style work but it is so complex. I may start doing some Japanese paintings and take it from there.

How do your designs come to fruition? Do you collaborate with your customers?

I like people to come to me with their own ideas. If they say 'Do what you like" I may draw something thai they aren't into. It's much better if they give me a starling point. If someone feels they don't know what the) want, it's up to the tattooist to ask the right questions to find out what they want. My ideal customer will give me the initial idea and then let me run with it and give it a bit of originality. For instance. I have a customer I am tattooing tomorrow who wanted an owl.

There are a lot of owls being done at the moment 1 don't really know why these trends happen! so I've decided to do it with a woman's head and some other unusual bits and bobs.

You have to be very single-minded to succeed in tattooing. It takes over your whole life Surfing and skateboarding used to be my passions but they had to take a back seat for my tattooing. I only surf now w hen I take a bit of time off in Indonesia each year. If you arc afraid of hard w ork, tattooing is no! for you. It becomes all you think about, all you talk about, all you spend your money on... but it is a great way to earn a living.

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