Tattoo Spring Cutting Tools

Tin snips-used to cut springs.

Needle nose pliers- used to bend springs.

Vice grips-used to hold spring stock when using dremmel or hole punch. Allen wrench/ hex head set-metric or standard. Screw drivers-phillips and flat head.

Small jeweler's files-for the removal of burrs, carbon build up on the contact screw, removal of insulation from magnetic wire...

Large metal file- may be used to remove stock from coil post if necessary, smoothing sharp edges on freshly cut springs.

Drill and drill bits-necessary for drilling the pre -tapped holes. Vice- to hold any frame or part securely.

Taps- 8-32. 6-32. 10-24, use with accompanying drill bit to re-tap stripped holes. Dyes-8-32. 6-32. 10-24 used to re thread screws. Heat gun-for electrical heat shrink for insulating wires. Soldering iron-for soldering wire to tab terminals

Electrical solder / flux-tinning fluid, liquid flux is best. Electrical solder has a lower melting point and is ideal for the soldering of wires to flat tab terminals. Most contain lead, so don't make needles with electrical solder. Safety glasses-save your eyes!!

Dremmelâ„¢ tool-in valuable.used to cut, grind, drill...bore out holes. Dremmelâ„¢ bits-cutting discs-the thicker ones are recommended. Grinders, you will find endless bits with endless uses.

Feeler gauge set-used with a hole punch and you have an endless supply and variety of shims and or washers in a variety of thicknesses.

Feeler gauge stock-these come in foot lengths, good to stock ,019, .018, and .017. Hole punch (optional)-saves time and energy on spring cutting- used to punch clean holes for the dremmel cutting tool to cut into Hack saw-you never know when it may be needed.

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    How to punch holes in feeler gage?
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    What is the tools used tomake hole in tattoo spring?
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