Tattoo Machine Expanded View

Screws- all screws below should be stocked in 8-32, 10-24...if your machine uses 6-32 screws, stock those as well. Always have larger ones on hand along with taps and dyes in case a 6-32 threaded hole becomes stripped in which case a larger hole can be drilled and re-tapped to accommodate a 8-32 screw.

The same goes for upgrading an 8-32 threading to a 10-24 threading. Also, these can be bought for cosmetic reasons-there are stainless button head screws, black zinc finishes.brass. A variety of lengths should be bought—1/2", 1/4", 3/4", 1"-(for swing gate machines, or split collet tube vice systems). Screw and fastener specialty stores carry an amazing variety of screw styles available in different materials and finishes. Home Depot has specialized sections with small screws, fasteners, washers, nylon or plastic screws and washers. Screw typesAllen screws-Button head-Phillips head / flat head-

Nylon screws-used as securing screw and thread protector for contact screw. Wing nut or Thumb screws-

O-rings-used for increasing tension, smoothing vibration and pieces can be used for contact screw thread protection. These come in different diameters and thicknesses, have a variety of them handy.

Rubber bands- to keep needle bar on assembled machine from wiggling while in use. Needle bars-used to check position of armature bar in relation to the tube vice hole from front and side view.

Tattoo Machine Components Exploded View

Washers and Terminals

Steel washers- buy #6 for 6-32 screws, #8 for 8-32 screws, #10 for 10-24 screws. Nylon or neoprene washers (flat)- used between frame and terminal as insulators or as shims.

Nylon t-washers-used to block contact between binding post securing screws and machine frame.

Tab terminals-used to solder to capacitor wires when attaching capacitor separately from coil wires. Buy these in #8

Solderless ring terminals- terminals which require only a pinch from needle nose pliers to secure wire ends to the receiving end. Buy these in #8. NOT to be confused with the terminals with an open "u" shaped end.


Heat shrink- to insulate wire, terminals, capacitor.shrink wrap coils. Capacitors- different measurements of capacitance. Some may work better for different functions and on different machine frame specs. Always buy "Axial" Capacitors. Coupler nuts-these can be made into binding posts just by drilling and tapping a hole for the contact screw. -These coupler nuts are commonly used as such on mass produced machines, and work well but understand that this is a cheap item which is being sold too expensively at tattoo suppliers, and can easily be made into a functioning binding post by you.

Brasso™-made by some asso.used to polish components and frames (only if they are not finished by powder coating, or zinc finishes). WD 40™- will remove adhesive from surfaces.

Trans pore tape- used as a muffler, between the armature bar and the front coil. Electrical tape / insulating tape- used as a last resort or if you are too lazy to heat shrink.easily seen electrical tape cheapens the look of any machine, use it if you need to insulate in an emergency situation.

1000 grit sand paper- use to remove carbon build up, or use a small flat jeweler's file. This can be found in the paint or finishing department of any hardware store. Fuses- for power supply.

A .10 cent coupler nut can be turned into a binding post.

Tattoo Supply Spring Tension Guage

A .10 cent coupler nut can be turned into a binding post.

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