Tattoo Machines In The Shape Of A Harley Motor

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8 & 9). These machines are cast from Silicon bronze. These frames are done in a lost wax style of casting, that means that they were originally carved from jewelers wax. The weight of the was is no indication of how heavy the cast metal frame will be. These machines, fully assembled weight in at about a pound! Think about that...imagine lining for hours with one of these. The aluminum versions weigh in at half the weight!

10). This is an aluminum frame, it is from the first run of machines we built with our patented square coil assemblies. The idea that we should fool around with the magnetic field of the coil by increasing the contact surface was the inspiration for the development of the square coils, this is also the first run of our tube vice system.

11). These V-Twin Coils were inspired by a Harley Motor. Note that when the square coil is tilted on an angle, the surface becomes a rectangle, this simple formula increased the surface area of the magnet...combined with 6 layers of AWG21 wire...this machine is a monster super sensitive, it runs at "0" on the power supply dial.

12). This design was an experiment in the shape of the contact area of the tops of the coils. We decided to move the magnetic field around the round armature bar. This particular armature bar had a bit of weight to it so a thicker rear spring was used, it was a .019, but slimmed down a bit. These coils were very costly to manufacture. Though the patents are pending on this design, production of these may not see the light of day. Watch for other manufacturers to make coils with larger tops...

Tattoo Machine Spring Tension Gauge

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