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The following is a list of sources where tools and parts can be purchased. Many of the parts which should be replaced periodically can be bought locally and do NOT need to be bought from a tattoo supplier. Sometimes, the suppliers will sell these simple parts like screws or washers for a lot more than a hardware store or a fastener specialist would. The names of the suppliers we have mentioned, we use, not only for tools and parts but for ink and other tattoo supplies.


All screws can be purchased at any fastener specialist listed in the phone book. There are several online which can provide you with custom screws, plastic / nylon screws, washers & hex head screw caps in various colors. The specialized screw, washer and fastener section of the Home Depot carries many of the screws we recommend. If they do not, seek out a "screw and fastener" distributor in your area.


Most tools we use can be found at your local hardware stores, even Home Depot carries all these things- allen key sets, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, vice grips, dremmels and cutting discs, taps, dyes, files...Some items, like the hole punch may have to be specially ordered, be prepared, hole punches are not cheap!

Feeler Gauge Blades (12" lengths)

Precision Brand - www.precisionbrand.com - Precision brand feeler gauge blades are great. Most U.S. hardware stores will order precision brand feeler gauges. You can order directly online.

Starrett - www.starrett.co.uk - Starrett makes an excellent feeler gauge. Starrett is a British company their products are available in Canada also.

My Tool Store - www.mytoolstore.com - an online distributor of tools and KD feeler gauge sets.

Acklands Grainger - www.acklandsgrainger.com — this company has a large number of sister companies worldwide (even in Africa!), which distribute tools, feeler gauges, and industrial safety products. Their catalog is huge!

Eikon Device - www.eikondevice.com 1-800-427-8198 Eikon is not only a specialized "tattoo" supplier, but they also sell tools such as: hole punches, allen wrenches, hard shell machine carrying cases.

Silver Screws

D.H.D. Manufacturing - www.tattoolz.com 714-647-5582. We sell sterling silver screws in 6-32, 8-32 and 10-24.

King Pin Tattoo Supply - www.kingpintattoosupply.com Silver screws, pre-cut springs, Power supplies, general tattoo supplies, great service. Phone# - 888-2295675. When calling, Ask for Bill Smith, tell him we sent you. Mailing address -3349 118th Ave N., St. Petersburg, FL 33716 .


Radio Shack- Carries terminals, fuses, soldering irons, solder for electronics (not to be used for making needles; it's leaded). They no longer carry capacitors.

Any electronics dealer in your city will sell bags full of capacitors of all values, fuses of all values, heat shrink, screws, terminals, specialty washers, 1/4" jacks, rca jacks / rca adaptor kits, some sell foot switches, soldering irons...they even sell enough parts to build your own power supply!

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    Does radoshack carry tattoo machine coils?
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    Does radio shack sell coil for tattoo gun?
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