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Juan "Super" Arreguin

Monkey King Tattoo VancouverMonkey King Tattoo Vancouver

Juan Arreguin is one of Mexico's most recognized artists. He is has worked all over Mexico and the world. Look at this solid work. He is a specialist in every style of tattooing. No wonder they call him "Super". He can be found tattooing Merida,Yucatan, Mexico.

Tattoo Trans Mexico

Jeff Tam

Monkey King Tattoos

Jeff Tam works at his Vancouver studio (Monkey King Tattoo). His specialty is Japanese style tattooing. This world traveler understands that work of this size needs to be done precisely and solidly. His machines need to be well tuned for this application. Time is an important factor in the application of these pieces, not just to keep up with the appintment schedules but for the comfprt of the client. A well tuned machine will help to execute these pieces in a quick and less painfull manner.

Mark Lankin

Mark Lankin

Mark Lankin's tattooing style has been compared to that of a comic book artist. Because of his background in painting (skull below), he doesn't depend on heavy outlines to "make" his tattoos, the way most artists do. This amazing bio-mechanical piece shows the subtle grays which can be produced with a perfectly tuned machine. He is not limited or intimidated by any request because he is confident that his machines will do what he wants them to do.

Mike Drossos

Mike Drossos

Tattoo Explosion New School

Mike Drossos, or "Mike D" as he is more commonly known,can tattoo anything--from realism to new school...check out the plaid pattern on the tattoo on the left...look at the pencil's point on the tattoo on the right and the foamy apple juice...Amazing! Without a well tuned machine, this work would much more difficult, if not impossible! You can find Mike D at Outer Limits Tattoo in Orange California. This work speaks for itself.

Jory Helmes

Mike Drossos Tattoo

Jory Helmes is a Vancouver artist with a background in painting and animation. At 23 yrs old, and with a mere 3 years shop experience, the quality and clean-ness of the work he is putting out is amazing (spider). Most tattoo artists know that a solid grey (black-n-white mixture) is one of the hardest colors to put into the skin, look closely at the solidness of the different greys used to make this "brush stroke" drum kit. Jory knows that finely tuned machine will play a major role in injecting this pigment solidly into the skin.

Kody Cushman

Kody Tattoo Japanese Writing

Ask Kody Cushman to do any tattoo, and she'll say "yes", no job is too difficult for her, not only because she is a very talented artist but because her machines run the way they should. There is no room for second guessing when you are turning our work like this on a daily basis. Kody tattoos at Outer Limits Tattoo in Costa Mesa, California.

Ramón "Tigre" Perez

Tatuador Ramon Perez Tigre

Ramon Perez is onwner and operator of Taxco Tattoo, in Saltillo Mexico. He is aver-satile and innovative artist. His understanding of the tattoo machine has brought him to a level of interntional recognition. The evolution of his 16 years of tattooing,from hand pokes to home made machines to professional machines and NOW to the complete understanding of funcition and it's application to technique, has transformed him into a highly respected artist who is able to put hit artistic renditions onto the skin confidently.

Jeremy Riley

Jeremy Riley Tattoo

Jeremy Riley is a Vancouver tattoo artist who's visions are genius, his unique style of art is easily recognized anywhere. His talent, originality and innovations are brought to life, on skin, not just by ability, quality pigments and sharp needles but by perfectly tuned machines. Note the the smooth even greys, solid white and fine details which make up this piece. Color shading with a 3 needle liner to make the small eyes look realistic.

Pro Skateboarders TattoosGodoy Twins Tattoo

The Godoy twins are tattoo artists, machine manufacturers, recognized inventors, and ex-pro skateboarders. The twins' first major inspiration to get tattooed was a punk band called the Cockney Rejects. Their 1981 record entitled "the Power and the Glory" depicted the band on the back cover showing off their colorful tattoos...Starting to tattoo in Texas in 1985 (4 years later), at the beginning of their skateboarding career, maybe wasn't the best idea. This made it impossible to take on any formal full time apprenticeship and manage a skate career that depended on constant travel at the same time, so the only way to gain experience was to tattoo on the road. Already being artistic since childhood and doing t-shirt and skateboard art for companies such as : H-Street, O'neil, Pirate Surf, Killer Bees, G&S, Hobie, Iron Cross (their board company), was an advantage as it kept drawing skill in tune.

Skateboarding and tattooing did not go hand in hand in the mid 80's, like it does today, and because of the Godoy's rebel image, companies were wary of promoting the heavil-ly tattooed twins to an audience of day glo wearing, bleached hair, Vision street wear clothed youngsters and their parents who bought the kids the boards. Look at skateboarding now...this cross over is documented in the 2004 Bart Saric documentary "Skinned Alive"--citing the Godoys as the originators, and major influence of todays lifestyle crossover between skateboarding and tattooing.

Flash forward to today, the accomplishments speak for themselves--recognition for exclusively tattooing Julia Gnuse, the Guiness Book of World records most tattooed woman, t.v. appearances-"Guiness Prime time", "Mike and Matty show", "You Asked for it", "Ripley's Believe it or not"... "Pro Sieben Television" (Germany), "Fuera de Serie" (Latin America/Europe), KTLA Los Angeles...magazines-Tattoo, Skin Art, International tattoo, Flash, Pain Magazine, Crave, Tattoo Artist Magazine, Alternative Trends, Thrasher, Trans World Skateboarding, Rolling Stone...countless Australian Magazines, Tattoweir Magazine (Germany)...even tabloids like the National Examiner and the Globe!

Tattoo Machine MagicBowser Mk8Forward Coil Tattoo Machine

They are owners of DHD manufacturing, a company which manufactures their innovative tattoo machine designs and components.

They are recognized inventors with 2 U.S. patents under their belts for the "Quadrilateral Electromagnetic Coil" and the "Screw Tight Tube Vice Frame", both inventions appear on all DHD machines- the only machines in the world with 2 recognized U.S. and Canadian patents with international patent protection applied for.

Being bi-lingual, the twins also conduct seminars in English as well as Spanish, on machines--manintenance, tuning and manufacturing. And are available anytime for seminars. The yearly machines seminars in Mexico have inspired a movement of advancement, and understanding of how the tuned tattoo machine relates to the application of quality tattoos. Art and Steve also write a monthly column for "Tatuajes y Perforaciones", a Mexican based magazine with major distribution in Central / South America and Europe.

Steve tattoos in Orange County, California, at Kari Barba's Outer Limits and runs the manufacturing and distribution of DHD products.

Art owns Funhouse Tattooing in Vancouver, Canada and handles the Canadian distribution of DHD products. --John Rumberger 2005

John Clark Tattoo MachinesClark North Tattoo

Art tattooing Julia, 1997, Venice Beach. Steve tattooing Clark North (now from the t.v.

show Inked) in 2002, Orange County.

Art tattooing Julia, 1997, Venice Beach. Steve tattooing Clark North (now from the t.v.

show Inked) in 2002, Orange County.

Clark North

"I can confidently say that there are very few challenges left for me, as far as tattooing goes. I love doing every style but prefer realism. Besides the artist's natural ability, the way the machine runs is one of the most important factors in the completion of a good tattoo. The even injection of the pigment depends on the sharpness of the needles and the quality of the pigment but more so on how the machine is running. This understanding is something all artists should know." -- Steve Godoy

Steve Godoy TattooMark Mahoney Single Needle Black TattoosSteve Godoy Tattoos

"Realism is something we've wanted to master. Steve and I would talk about it since the beginning of our tattoo career, when our friends were getting realistic black and grey pieces from artists like Mark Mahoney or Mike Brown. Portraits and realism are considered some of the most difficult tattooing. Matching skintones is hard enough, doing fine lines with a single needle is no less difficult, but when your machines run the way they are supposed to, you eliminate most of the stress. This type of tattooing, for me is no longer stressful, I find it relaxing. Just knowing that my machines are tuned helps me to focus on the jobs I have to do." -- Art Godoy

Godoy Machines

A gallery of handmade machines, and other machines of interest...

Godoy Tattoo MachinesGodoy Tattoo Machines

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