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"This book is an invaluable resource for any tattoo aritst who considers himself professional, modern and self sufficcient. It is a definitive work which clarifies and demystifies the science of the tattoo machine. In time, the I'm sure that the information contained in this book will become an industry standard. Like the Godoys say, "There is no room for lies, magic or superstition when it comes to tattoo machines, this is science, you either know it or you don't." That's exactly what this book is about. The information contained in this book, in the right hands, can become an incredibly powerful tool!" --Casey Altorf-Tattoo artist, machine authority and builder, from Funhouse Tattoo, Vancouver Canada.

These machines are not the typical home made machines like the "jailhouse" rotary machines we all think of when we hear "home made". These are hand made machines. These are made from simple hardware store parts by sawing, grinding, drilling, and bending...It is our recommendation that all artists should build one of these "Frankenstein" machines. It increases awareness of specifications, measurements and materials, it also will help in the understanding of "compensation" (shimming, filing, redrilling, tapping) in order to make that machine run perfectly.

Descriptions of machines 1-7 ( p. 100-106)

1). This machine was made by Casey Altorf of Vancouver Canda. It's frame is made from a steel bracket used in the framing of houses.The construction of this machine was entirely based on bending. Because it is a steel frame, there is no need for a yoke.

2). This Machine was built by Steve Godoy, it was cut from a piece of angled aluminum, notice the tube vice is attached to a flat piece of steel which doubles as a yoke. The contact screw is copper, an excellent soft metal with excellent conductive properties. The tube vice is made from plumbing parts.

3). This machine was built by Art Godoy, also made from angled aluminum. This is a 3 part frame, note the screwed on spring saddle, and the screwed on base/tube vice support. The yoke is a flat piece of iron from a hobby shop. The binding posts are coupler nuts, drilled and tapped. This is a very simple and primitive tube vice system, it damges tubes...

4). Built by Steve Godoy, this machine is made from angled iron. This machine was designed to accommodate an extra set of 1" coils he had laying around the shop. Because it is an iron frame, there is no need for a yoke, the yoke you see in the picture is used as more of a "shim" so that normal sized needle bars can be used without any problem.

5).This is another of Steve's machines. This is also a steel frame, sawed filed and drilled. The top section of the tube vice was cut out to bring the tube vice closer to the front coil in order to shorten the distance from the spring saddle to the base of the armature bar nub. This machine was sold by it's original owner and was seen being used as a belt buckle...Jeremy Riley rescued it, cut off the welding (this can be seen in the photo) and rebuilt is still in use today.

6). This machine is yet another Steve Godoy creation. It was built as a request from a friend. It has an obvious offensive design, but it is genius at the same time, look at the perfect placement of the capacitor inside it's own "shelf'. Aesthetically, it's squared off rigid lines do have a unique appeal. Notice the steel frame attached to an aluminum base to house the tube vice.

7). This Machine is a real work of art. It was built by Chris Self as a gift to Steve Godoy. Every inch of it has artistic value...from the contact screw, to the armature bar nub, to the smooth welds right down to the "GODOY" stamped into the tube vice securing screw. Truly a funcional work of art.

The following machines are cast from aluminum or silicon bronze. Some are experimental designs of ours with patents pending, but all run in a manner unique to their designs and specifications.

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