Mitsuaki Ohwada

Grey Wash Tattoo Method



Mitsuaki Ohwada

GRAY DRAGON A detail of the dragon motif showing Western influence. In the cartoon style of manga (comic book) influence, Horiyoshi III has catered his genius to youthful tastes and given the traditional dragon a furry skin, a snout in the upper left-hand corner, fangs at the back of the jaw in the center, flamelike appendages and downward-pointing horns. The dragon and its background compose the yin-yang elements of opposites resolved and wholeness or oneness reinforced.

Mitsuaki Ohwada

The two group portraits show some of my favorite and most loyal models, and include the front and back of Mitsuaki Ohwada—Horikin. Here the men assumed more formal and traditional irezumi poses for the camera.

Mitsuaki Ohwada Tattoo

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