Karen Capucilli

First, I'd like to thank Donald Richie for introducing me to the world of irezumi, and then Faubion Bowers for his all-encompassing knowledge of the world of Japan, past and present. I'm particularly grateful to Eelco Wolf, Barbara Hitchcock, and the Polaroid corporation for making the use of a remarkable camera possible. At Abbeville Press, I'd like to acknowledge the help of Mark Magowan, Walton Rawls, and Jim Wageman. Among the others who were of aid in seeing this project through are Alexandra Monroe of Japan Society, Karen and John Reuter, Elise Meyer, Frank and Julie Parvis, Charles Nafman, Lauren Shakely, Anne Zeman, Gamma One, the late Patrick Cunningham, Linda Lennon, Karen Capucilli, the late Steven Bernardi, and my sister Peggy Fellman in America.

In Japan I'm especially grateful to Yamamoto, Yamada, and Yamasaki at Photo Gallery International. And, of course, I could not have done the book without the full cooperation and aid of Mitsuaki Ohwada. At Japan Polaroid, I want to thank Tom Sato and Kanji Enbutsu. For the generous use of their studios, I'm grateful to Fushimi, Watanabe, and staff, especially Rosawa and Sato, and Sugiki and staff. Wayne Springer and Diane Hunt were very kind in helping with translations. And last but not least, I want to express my gratitude to all the tattoo masters and tattooed men and women who so patiently and faithfully worked with me, especially Satoh and Fukabori.

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