The Judges

Hannah Aitchison -Tattoo Artist

Hannah has spent her career producing drop-dead gorgeous tattoos in a variety of styles and has added her unique talents to TV series LA ink. Hannah's tattoo work has a certain femininity about it and she loves to tattoo colour pinups and comic book references. Tattooing talent must run in the Aitchison family, as Hannah's brother is also an internationally known tattooist, Guy,

IT Neil

I Dalleywatei R S -Editorof I Skin Deep

Bfck- Having been

^^LfmH editor of Skin tM Deep, tlie UK's best selling tattoo magazine for the past six years, Neil gets to see the best tattoos that the world has- to offer, often meeting and interviewing these incredibly talented artists to see just wlrat makes them tick.

■ Dan Gold I -Graffiti I and Tattoo I Artist

1 Graffiti artist I and tattooist extraordinaire, Dan Gold has recently made the move from the bright lights of London to settle in his new studio; 13 Ink in the heart of party land, Liverpool. Dan is renowned for his bright, vibrant tattoo work as seen on the London Ink series and in countless magazines worldwide.


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