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and slirubbery around with a shed and a bike leaning on it! Absolutely love it. On my back I've got 36 stars, started as 26, going from the top of my butt up to my shoulder, this was my second tattoo. There's a huge beautiful angel, next to that named Lenore, holding on to a rose. A treble clef is on the direct back of my neck. Behind my ear is a purple bow on one side and the other a diamond. My friend Coburn, back in Langley, who has his own studio called Black Widow Ink did tills one and the music notes on my leg. First two were done at Lady Luck, also in Langley where everyone was partial to, but I didn't find that these were done very well, I think the needle was too deep and there's a bit of scar tissue. Everything else was done by Aaron at Bodycraft in Nottingham, unfortunately he's just moved to Indiana, so won't be getting anything more until he comes back to visit Ireland, in the fail. He's definitely the man to do the rest of my work, really lucky that I

it, sort of just feeling managed to find him by fluke when I wanted a few more stars added to what I already had and worked from there!


I grew up in Langley, BC, Canada, which is on the outskirts of Vancouver on the West Coast. It's an all right place until you hit liigh school age and then realise there's nothing to do. Quite like most cities. As a child I had a few attempts at sport-like activities such as figure skating, swimming and diving lessons and I started taking piano lessons.

This is going to be a long answer! I'll work my way up from the foot. On my right foot I've got a peach, which is my nickname from when I was 14. On the left foot, which is the most recent one, there's a locked treasure chest with a skull and some bones lying around it in sand. Above that I've got a ghost ship. To the left of that is a piece of sheet music going down my calf. On the back of the other ieg, and one of my only colour tattoos, is a heart with some when did you iNiTiAiiY become j i0ve the artistic mer of my sister's punk friends who had a few tattoos. They were all pretty rad people, so I'd have to say that was what sparked my initial interest.

My first tattoo was eagerly anticipated, and I got it a few days after my 18th

Norwegian flowers going through it, which I found when travelling to where my grandfather was raised. Upper thighs I've got a raven on the right and a dove holding some purple flowers on the left. On my hipbone I've got the fantasy/reality one and then the same tiling flipped over saying reality/fantasy on the other side. Going up either side the rib cage reading downwards is lyrics by The Doors, "When the music's over" and "Angels Dance & Angels Die." The backs of my lower forearms are two of the artist Banksy's balloon girls, one on each side. Upper arm is a haunted house scene with the whole gateway, complete with an owl in trees with hidden faces in by a full moon. On the inside of that is an epitaph styled headstone covered in ivy which reads, "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end" Lyrics from One Love by Bob Marley. It's not in a religious context I just like how it can be interpreted in several ways. The other half sleeve is a windmill scene, kind of like you'd find on a plate that says Holland on the bottom. Just like a sketch out of an art book, a bridge with reflection in water

Only really the fact that I'm quite keen on taking Aaron's input on what he thinks would suit the sort of style that we've got going on. Usually I just make a suggestion and he adds his own personal touch to it, such as a little pirate on the ship reaching for a bird, or a cat on the pathway to the haunted house. Also the fact tliat damn near aE of it is just blacks and shading. Adds to the authenticity of it.

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