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Canadian Rocker Gets Tattooed Whilst Skydiving -Barbara Pavone.

Fusing his band's motto - "Have a good time, all the time" - with his passion for ink, Canadian rocker Zeke Gait recently set a world record when he got tattooed whilst skydiving. Yes, you read correctly: the Surefire Machine guitarist jumped out of a plane flying at 11,000 feet and was inked by a fellow skydiver during freefall.

Asked about the stunt, Zeke grinned proudly and laughed, "Really, I did that?" and went on to explain that it was his passion, for both his band and tattoos, that persuaded him to take the jump: "I always thought tattooing was the most extreme and dedicated form of art so I thought, 'Why not push it one step further?'"

As for the logistics, all it took was a couple of attempts to build the perfect custom tattoo machine, and a few practice nins on some innocent fruit, and Zeke was up in the air at the Edmonton Skydive Center, ready to give the world an unforgettable show.

The result? His band's initials - SFM - are now permanently (if shakily) ingrained on his forearm and, if you ask me, Zeke can now also boast about having the world's quickest tattoo: the extravagant madness lasted all of fifteen seconds.

Skydiving Tattoo

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