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Dear Skin Deep,

Whilst recently travelling around the far East, 1 was luckily enough to be in Bangkok for the international tattoo convention. It was a convention over three days, with some of the world's top tattooist there, from over 20 countries. I was particularly pleased to see a tattooist from England working there. As a regular reader of yout magazine and a collector of tattoo's myself, it was great to see someone had gone to the effort and expense of travelling to the other side of the work! to fly the flag of British tattooing. On the Friday he was working on an awesome chest piece that impressed me so much I made a point of going back on the Sunday to watch the judging, to see how this would fare against some of the world's best tattooist. It was great to see his jubilation and reaction when he was announced as second in the category to Shige. It was a shame it didn't win, as Shige's piece was a full body suit not done at the convention. I'm writing this because people back home should be made aware of our tattooist's putting the effort in worldwide, I feel this guy deserves some recognition. Just to mention a few of the others that were there, Shige, Tim Hendricks, Chris Garvei, Mick from Zurich, Mike Ledger, Johnny Two Thumbs, Arjarn Moo and many, many more.

Jonah from Body shock" (Torpoint, Cornwall) with his customer did superbly to gain this award. It would be great if you could publish this email to show some support to the UK artists. Good effort Jonah! Via email. [email protected]

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