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Christchurch. Dorset

_ Piercing Jewellery

Fuil range of Dermal Anchors Discount / on Volume Deals

New Products - Stars and Playing Cards J Silicon Plugs

/ Wide Range of Plugs and Tunnels 1 Tragus and Upper Ear Jewellery

Diseount Volume Deals on Piercing Jewellery

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Strictly TRAD EONL, o & Piercing Aftercare Black Cat Hemp Co

Medical Supplies and Hygiene Products

Medical Clamps & Dermal Anchor Tools

Medical Gloves 70% Isopropanol Rubbing Alcohol Sterile Dermal Punches and Piercing Needles Trigene, Rapidex, plus many more brands.

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Ä^[email protected]

Tel: 01202 57 33 33 Fax: 01202 83 55 55

«i next day delivery on full A§ Product range

TDS body jewellery


• High quality body jewellery

• Fast and helpful service

• Full range of piercing jewellery

• Massive variety of stretching jewellery (up to 50mm!)

• Widest range of sizes and innovative new body jewellery

Our full range can be ordered at our website:

¡[email protected] t: +44 (0)141 576 5250 f: +44 (0)141 576 5275

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